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									 “News and Views That Are Out Of This World”                                                                        Spring 2010
                                                                                                                    Vol. 10 No. 3

Board of Directors                 Powers Fasteners:
      Chairman                     Strategies to Grow in a Down Economy
            Robert A. Borrhello
        Triangle Fastener Corp.
                 Cleveland, OH

                     Ron Foltz
   Cornerstone Tool & Fastener
               Tallahassee, FL

                Larry Johnson
   Northbrook Contractor Supply
                Northbrook, IL        Distributors are dealing with the current
                 847-272-1290      economic downturn: Nationally, the non-
                                   residential market for construction dropped
      Director                     21.8% in 2009, and in 2010 the market forecast is
                 Mike Walburn      another 13% drop. Residential construction is at
            Builders Equipment     the lowest level since September 11, 2001.
                   Decatur, GA        Sphere 1 Distributors face the reality of reduced opportunities daily. Many manufacturers
                 404-289-0456      respond to these challenges with typical knee-jerk reactions that, at best, achieve only short-term
                                   savings, including layoffs, closing or downsizing warehouses and reducing product offerings
                                      Powers Fasteners is an exception to this “think small” approach. Even with the recession
                    Nevan Little   restricting growth, and recovery taking longer than expected, Powers has made it Priority No.1
   Little Hardware Company, Inc.
                                   to increase customer satisfaction. Its approach includes adding salespeople, engineers, more
                   Charlotte, NC
                   704-333-3133    training seminars, more product approvals that are now mandated by changes in the building
                                   codes, plus an aggressive list of innovative products.
      Director                        “We have carefully studied our service model, interviewed distributors and increased all
                Jerry Ferguson     aspects of the Powers experience to create positives from a weakened market, and gain impressive
      Railway Distributing, Inc.   market share from competitors, such as Hilti,” says Lenny Colasuonno, Vice President of Sales
                Campbell, CA       and Marketing. “It is important not to lose sight of who we compete with at the jobsite level; it
                 408-866-9266      is our focus for 2010 and beyond.”
                                     Here are a few of the things we continue to do to support our Sphere 1 distributors:
      Director                       Warehouses – 25 Full stocking locations, strategically placed to deliver within 24 hours—
                 George Morgan     with local people, local service and a 98% fill rate.
                    Kentec, Inc.
                                      Field Sales – Commitment to skilled salespeople, including two recent additions; Jeff Hatchett
                  Snellville, GA
                  770-985-1907     in Alabama, and Matt Henderson in Dallas, Texas.
                                     Products – Continue our comprehensive line of code-complaint anchors, such as the Power-
      Director                     Stud+ SD1 and Tapper+ – products that meet or exceed the criteria of the new building codes.
                Rodney Steier        Innovations – Smart Drop-in+, SD4 and SD6 wedge anchors and the Atomic-Undercut anchor,
            Duo-Fast Northeast     designed to be best-in-category products.
             East Hartford, CT
                860-289-6861          Code approvals – Powers Fasteners has more code-compliant products and ICC-ES reports
                                   than Hilti.
                                                                                                             Continued on back cover
                                                           WELCOME NEW SPHERE 1 MEMBERS

      Carol                 CEO and
                                                                                             North State
 Shackelford                President                                                      Supply Co., Inc.
  President’s Message                                                            Homer City, PA• 724-479-8123
  Dear Sphere 1 Membership,
                                                                                          Contact: Scott Bandi
  Final preparation for our May
2010 gathering at the Omni Resort in •
Orlando is underway.
  Our Meeting Theme this year is
“Champions Gate – Focusing on the
  Some upcoming highlights…
                                                                              The Tool Nut
    Tuesday, May 4, 2010
      • Optional Golf Outing                              Yorktown Heights, NY • 916-621-0200
    Wednesday, May 5, 2010
                                                                 Contact: Bob Ackerman
      • Member-Only                              •
      Luncheon & Meeting
      • Evening Party –                                             SPHERE 1 MEMBER NEWS
       Outdoor Poolside Event
                                                                                  To Love a Child Inc. is a non-profit organization dedi-
    Thursday, May 6, 2010                                                         cated to helping children around the world. In the after-
      • Preferred Supplier Meeting                                                math of the earthquake in Haiti they partnered with the
      • Tabletop Appointments                                                     Orphanage of Good Faith in Port-au-Prince Haiti and the
      • Member-Only Meeting                                                       Transfiguration Church of Hantlamouhaie. Their goal
                                                                                  was to move children from the orphanage to a safer loca-
      • Dinner Party & Awards            tion. Among the many items they needed for the children were construction supplies. Carol
                                         Mills, Branch Manager for the A.H. Harris Albany location, contacted Cindy Schmehl, Execu-
    Friday, May 7, 2010
                                         tive Director of To Love A Child, and asked how Harris could help. The Harris Albany office
       • Tabletop Appointments           provided tarps, pliers and tie wire for the volunteers to build a safe shelter for the children in the
       continue until 12:00pm            country. According to Carl Merena, the project’s coordinator, the children “are so traumatized
  Past Core and Non-Core Suppliers       by the damage and death they would not go into any remaining building even if it appeared to
of the Year, Powers Fasteners and        be sound. Without the donation of A.H. Harris we would not have been able to produce a safe
ROLAIR will also present at our          shelter for the children.”
member-only meeting.
   Our Board of Directors has            The illustration on the right shows Kinnunen Sales new
been hard at work on behalf of our       video sign. The hi-resolution LED sign measures 8’4 x 4’4
membership. We recently wrapped          and will display color still images as well as videos. An
our strategic planning and preferred     average of 44,000 vehicles per day pass by the intersection
supplier advisory session. Details       where the sign is to be installed. “ I am excited about the
will be shared with all annual meeting   opportunities that this type of advertising will bring to
attendees next month.                    our stores and we are excited to showcase the products
                                         supplied by our Sphere 1 Partners”, said Greg Hughes,
   Economic conditions continue to be
                                         VP Operations.
a challenge for many of our members
and preferred suppliers. Our meeting
is timely and will allow everyone the                                Brinker Brown is celebrating
opportunity to enjoy the company of                                  their 25th year. Southwest Flor-
old and new friends, network, and plan                               ida’s oldest and largest distribu-
for the better days.                                                 tor was founded in 1985. Brinker
                                                                     Brown has built a reputation for
  Travel safe and see you in Florida!                                problem solving with exceptional
                                                                     customer service. “No Problems.
Carol Shackelford                                                    Just Solutions.”
                                                                     For more information visit the website at

    SASCO Fasteners held a “Lenox-Cut Something” counter day
    on Jan 28th. Lenox Rep. Frank Wakayama came to Medford,
    tools in hand ready to cut anything that customers had brought.
    Demonstrating T-2 recip saw blades, carbide tipped circular
    saw blades, Vari-Bits, metal cutting snips and various other Le-
               nox accessories, Frank answered customers questions
               and showed new cutting methods. The promo, tied in
               with a 2 month “Lenox only” sales flyer, resulted in
               a 22% increase in Lenox sales for SASCO Fasten-
               ers. According to SASCO President, Steve Dunham
               “My association with Frank and Lenox has been a
               long one, and it has only benefitted more with my
               association with Sphere 1. Any promo that gets that
               much sales increase in these times I’m all for. Thanks
               to Frank and Lenox for their help and continued as-

                        Sphere 1 member, Southwest Fastener
                        will be featured in an upcoming issue of
                        Contractor Supply magazine. Tom Ham-
  Southwest Fastener    mel, VP and Editorial Director of Di-
  owners Ken Lubbering, rect Business Media recently visited the
  Mike Birkhold, Terry  Southwest Fastener facility in Phoenix to
  Moore with Carol      conduct interviews for the future cover
  Shackelford (top)     story.
  Rick Belanger, Will   Southwest Fastener is located at 242 E.
  Call Manager (left)
                        University Dr., Phoenix, AZ, and may be
                        reached at 800-350-8265, 602-272-2658,

                               Fisher Tools new 15,000 square foot
                               facility (left), Pat Conley inside the
                               Fisher showroom (top right)

         Fisher Tools services the commercial industry in the
         Greater Phoenix area with a large and varied inventory
         consisting of thousands of items from over 400 manu-
         facturers and vendors. Fisher’s is located at 1990 E 3rd
         St., Tempe, AZ and may be reached at 800-390-4063,

                                             Louisville Ladder Inc. is a fully integrated
                                             leader within the climbing industry in product
                                             innovation, which paired with the highest com-
                                             mitment to quality, has earned them the recog-
                                             nition of the Pro’s for over 60 years. Louisville
                                             offers a comprehensive line of aluminum, fi-
     berglass, and steel climbing products. Features such as DaBoot™, ProTop™, and
     QuickLatch® have made their products widely preferred in the marketplace. With
     Distribution Centers strategically located throughout the US and Canada Louisville is
     committed to an excellent customer experience. For more infor-
     mation visit
     Brad Gellis, Director of Industrial Sales for Louisville Ladder
     Inc, is the primary contact for Sphere 1 members. Brad has over
     22 years of sales experience in the STAFDA, industrial, and
     commercial construction industries, more than 19 years of that
     time involved with ladders and associated climbing products. He
     has a business office in Lake Forest, IL and may be reached at
     847-582-1616 or                          Brad Gellis

                        PREFERRED SUPPLIER NEWS

                                                           Aervoe Industries, Inc. an-
                                                           nounces the expansion of their
                                                           Gardnerville, NV location with a
                                                           new state-of-the-art 60,000 sq. ft.
warehouse to handle the expansion of the Aervoe/Athena safety products line, which includes
LED Flares, Collapsible Safety Cones, and Emergency lighting Products. Please visit the web-
site –

                            Igloo participated in “Heat Illness Prevention in Agriculture” training
                            seminars in Fresno California on March 30th. The Cal-OSHA spon-
                            sored event trained growers, Farm Labor Contractors and supervisors
                            about their responsibilities under California’s Heat Illness Prevention
                            Standard and the consequences of not protecting outdoor workers from
                            the heat. The legislation will have specific requirements for employers
                            that use labor in high heat environments. Mark Semlow, Igloo com-
mercial sales manager, announced that Igloo has been working collaboratively with Cal/OSHA
to print heat stress guidelines directly on the coolers that are commonly used by farm employees.
Each time somebody gets a drink of water, they will be reminded of the heat stress protocols. He
said the coolers would go into production on April 1. Visit the website at

                                          Werner Co., has appointed Jeff
                                          Campbell as Vice President of
                                          Professional Sales. In this position
Campbell will be responsible for leading the sales effort in the core
professional channel, leveraging both the Werner and Green Bull brands.
He will also serve as a key contributor to the Werner long-term sales/
initiatives planning process. “Jeff brings over 18 years of extensive sales and
marketing experience with well-known national brands in the industrial and
professional markets to the Werner sales organization. His background in          Jeff Campbell
sales strategy development and his relationships with key professional distribution organizations,
like STAFDA, will be a great asset to our strategic growth plans in the professional and industrial
climbing products market,” said Ed Gericke, For more information about Werner Co., please
                                             PREFERRED SUPPLIER NEWS

           ERICO International Inc. has dedicated a team to grow Sphere 1 member’s fastener sales. This team consists of seasoned sales
           professionals, dedicated Customer Service person and a Commercial Services support professional. ERICO’s commitment to
           new product innovation will generate several new product launches this year. CADDY’s complete line of Mechanical fasteners
           are available to all Sphere 1 members, making it one stop shopping for the mechanical and plumbing contractors. For CADDY
           Electrical Fasteners, contact your local Electrical Rep Agent. To learn more about CADDY Mechanical Fasteners, visit our website
           at or contact: Joe Rauscher, Customer Service Rep, 440-542-3847,; Nonna Bagdasary-
                                   an, Commercial Services - Mechanical, 440-528-3973,; Patrick Kantz, Key
                                   Account Manager-West, 918-382-0321,; Tom Bergfeld, National Accounts Manager-
                                   East , 618-406-4435, and Buying Group Contact : Carrie Schwabacher, National
                                   Sales Manager, 972-442-9170,

                                                        FallTech wishes to introduce three new em-
                                                        ployees. Cory Schurian joined the product de-
                                                        velopment group as Sr. Product Line Manager.
                                                        He has 18 years of experience in the sports
                                                        footwear and apparel industries, the last 10 in Brand Development focus through R&D
                                                        and Advanced Global Sourcing. Vince Garcia joined the engineering team as Product
                                                        Development Engineer. He has a degree in materials engineering, and more than 10
                                                        years engineering experience in the consumer electronics and sports equipment fields.
Cory Schurian      Vince Garcia         Joe Nolan       Regional Sales Manager for the northeast, Joe Nolan, works with Sphere 1 members
                                                        from Maine to Virginia. He has nearly 30 years experience in fall protection sales.

                    Surface Shields, Inc. is pleased to announce the appointment of Mark Arnold as a Sales Representative. Mark will be
                    managing the flooring program along with providing support of national accounts and related product specific responsibili-
                    ties. Mark has extensive background in the pressure sensitive film industry and has worked as a Business Development
                    Manager for six years and as an Area Regional Sales Manager for eight years. He may be reached at 708-226-9810, mar-
           For more information on Surface Shields products, history, sales contacts and current news,
                    call 800-913-5667 or visit Surface Shields at
                        PREFERRED SUPPLIER NEWS

Hitachi Power Tools has announced changes in its
management structure. Joe Leffler, joel@hitachi-, was appointed to Vice President of
Sales overseeing the independent channel, home centers
and the outdoor power equipment businesses. Joe has
been with Hitachi since 1994 and offers extensive           Joe Leffler       Jason Trucchi
knowledge of the industry. Jason Trucchi, jasont@, was appointed to Director
of Sales -Independent Channel. Jason has been with
Hitachi for over 13 years. He is the new Sphere 1 primary
contact. Tim Hawkins, timh@hhitachi-powertools.
com, has been appointed to Director of Sales - Outdoor
Power Equipment for both the Hitachi and Tanaka
brands. Tim has been with Hitachi for over 12 years.
                                                           Tim Hawkins        Chanda Tacto
Chanda Tacto,,
was appointed to Director of Sales – Fasteners. Chanda has been with Hitachi for 11 years. For
more information phone 800-706-7337 or visit

                    Intercorp has announced the appointment of David Harlan as Director
                    of Marketing. David will be responsible for creating and implementing
                    Intercorp’s marketing strategy for their flagship brand, Strong-Point.
                    David has 15 years of
                    marketing experience
                    and has a proven
                    record of building brand awareness and market share within highly
                    competitive markets. He may be reached at 714-385-5757 ex 110 or
  David Harlan

                                    Voltec Industries is pleased to announce the appointment
                                    of Christy Associates and Christy Distribution Center
                                    as Voltec’s Manufacturer’s Representative and Stocking
                                    Warehouse for the State of Florida effective February 1,
2010. For more than twenty years, Christy Associates has provided superior sales support, cus-
tomer service and training and has facilitated immediate product availability via their ware-
house. Voltec product will be stocked at Christy Distribution Center and will be part of their
Combo Pallet Program. Christy Associates can be reached at 2412 Lynx Lane, Orlando, FL
32804, 407-896-1800, 407-895-0046 Fax,

                     Joanne Bialas of International Fasteners,
                     Inc. became the President of The Southeastern
                     Fastener Association at the 35th Annual Asso-
                     ciation Meeting in Orlando, FL in March, 2010.
                     Joanne hopes to help lead the Association in opening up it’s membership
                     to include more Tool and Fastener suppliers as well as traditional Fastener
  Joanne Bialas      International Fasteners has opened a fourth location, 20 Roberts Lane, Col-
                     lingdale, PA 19023. Roy Castell, the onsite contact, may be reached at 877-
233-1244 (toll free), 610-616-5977, 484-494-6444 (fax).

                                       Coilhose Pneumatics announces the return of Rich
                                       Ricci to the Coilhose team, as Marketing Director. He
                                       will provide leadership to the Marketing Department,
                                       work closely with Sales in developing accounts, and
                                       combine efforts with Engineering in product develop-
ment. Rich brings with him over 20 years of Marketing and Sales experience in the fluid power
industry. His background includes 10 years working with Coilhose, as well as experience with
Rectus and Parker Hannifin in similar roles.
                        PREFERRED SUPPLIER NEWS

Makita Power Tools is pleased to announce that Theresa
Westphal, National Account Manager, will be the new pri-
mary contact for Sphere 1. Theresa has over 29 years of
experience in the industry and will be working closely with
the sales force to help to grow sales with Sphere 1 members. Theresa may be reached at 909-
210-3176 cell or via email at

                     Marshalltown is excited to announce the acquisition of Cleform Tool
                     Corp. Cleform, a manufacturer of construction tools since 1902, adds
                     several new lines of tools and equipment to the Marshalltown line. All
                     Cleform manufacturing processes will be moved to Marshalltown’s Fay-
                     etteville, AR facility. Products will ship from the automated distribution
                     center in Fayetteville.
Please contact Marshalltown customer service at 800-888-0127 with questions.

                             Ben Johansen has been appointed President
                             and CEO of Senco Brands, Inc. He has nearly
                             30 years of broad-based, executive-level expe-
                             rience, spanning multiple industrial businesses
and distribution channels. “I’m thrilled to join the team at Senco Brands,
Inc., a company steeped in a long tradition of serving its customers with the
highest quality fastening solutions, supported by constant innovation and
new product development,” stated Ben. For more information about Senco
visit                                                             Ben Johansen

                                Matt Henderson has joined
                                the Powers Fasteners field
                                sales force in Dallas, TX.
                                Matt will work with Branch
Manager Kyle Thuenemann out of a new 10,000 square-foot
warehouse. Henderson brings solid field and sales experience
to this growing market. Jeff Hatchett fills a new position
as Sales Manager in the newly created Alabama branch.
Jeff brings extensive field experience with distribution Matt Henderson         Jeff Hatchett
and jobsite selling. For more information visit

                                     Sean Cassidy is VP Sales–Commercial Team for New-
                                     ell Rubbermaid. Sean has 16 years of experience in the
                                     industry. He joined Newell Rubbermaid 7 years ago and
                                     has held multiple roles in sales and marketing within
                                     construction tools and accessories and the industrial
                                     products groups. Scott Anderson is the National Sales
                                     Manager, Commercial Sales. He has over 10 years of in-
                                     dustry experience and will be the new Sphere 1 primary
   Sean Cassidy     Scott Anderson
                                     contact for Lenox, Irwin, and Rubbermaid Commer-
cial. He may be reached at 704-728-9632 (cell) or via email

                             Milwaukee Electric Tool is com-
                             pleting a second wave of investment
                             in its Greenwood, MS facility. The
                             investment includes capacity ex-
                             pansion and technology upgrades
                             for Sawzall® reciprocating blade and hole saw manufacturing.
As a result of this expansion, Milwaukee will be creating new jobs. Milwaukee is a leading
producer of reciprocating saw blades and hole saws in North America. For more information
                        PREFERRED SUPPLIER NEWS

                           Brighton Best International is proud to announce the expansion of
                           their facilities. Eight new regional locations, each with over 100,000
                           sq. ft. of space, will service local customers and the remaining 11
                           smaller branch locations. The website has also been expanded. Avail-
                           able 24/7, the web allows distributors to utilize
                           BBI’s one million plus square feet of warehouse
                           space as their own, without any hold-time on the
                           phone. It is completely transparent for inventory
                           quantities and pricing and has other benefits such
                           as finding material certifications and the ability to
check order status and track shipments. BBI has over 60,000 sku’s. The
addition of stainless steel fasteners along with expanded product lines, will
increase your rebate dollars.                                                     Randy Nelson
BBI is pleased to announce two new appointments. Randy Nelson is Vice
President-Global Supply Chain and Logistics Management. Randy has 27
years of experience in Supply Chain, Procurement and Global Sourcing. He
also brings 17 years of fastener knowledge and experience. Randy is based
out of Cleveland, Ohio. He may be reached at 440-238-1350, rnelson@ Harlan Joelson is Regional Manager, Southeastern
Division. Harlan brings with him over 21 years of fastener knowledge &
background. Harlan, based out of the Atlanta, Georgia Regional Facility,
may be reached at 678-459-3700,                         Harlan Joelson

Wright Tool has announced the opening of new warehouses in
Ontario and British Columbia in Canada, and Los Angeles and
Dallas in the U.S., providing customers with even faster, more
cost-effective shipments. Canadian customers will benefit with
additional time and cost savings since shipments no longer need
to clear customs and customhouse brokerage fees can be avoided. The new warehouses help
to support Wright Tool’s 98/36 delivery standard of having 98 percent of a customer’s order
fulfilled within 36 hours or less. The new warehouses also support the company’s quality process
known as “Perfecting Performance.” Please visit the web site at

                                Calendar of Events
                             Sphere 1 2010 Annual
                                “Champions Gate –
                              Focusing on the Future”
                                  May 4-7, 2010
                        Omni Championsgate Resort • Orlando FL
            Tuesday, May 4, 2010                          Thursday, May 6, 2010
            • Optional Golf Outing                      • Preferred Supplier Meeting
         Wednesday, May 5, 2010                              • General Session
                                                     Individual Tabletop Appointments
     • Member-Only Luncheon & Meeting
                                                             • Member Meeting
   • Evening Party – Outdoor Poolside Event
      Cocktails – Food – Music – Karaoke                  • Dinner Party & Awards
                                                            Friday, May 7, 2010
                                                             • General Session
                                                          continues until 12:00 pm
                      PREFERRED SUPPLIER NEWS
STI–Specified Technologies Inc., has moved to 210
Evans Way Somerville, NJ 08876 . The phone and
fax numbers remain the same 908-526-8000, fax 908-
526-9623. Please contact our customer service department if you have any questions. Toll
Free: 800-992-1180, e-mail: or visit the website at www.

                    Elco announces the completion of their in house Stalgard coating line.
                    This environmentally friendly coating line is free of chromates and sili-
                    cates and any process that could induce hydrogen embrittlement, prevent-
                    ing head popping and other structural failures. Stalgard will continue
                    to be offered in blue, white, silver, grey, and bronze with the ability to
                    produce any color imaginable.

                TREK Center News New Courses:
                      SPHERE 1 UNIVERSITY UPDATE
               • 822 Member Employees taking courses
                         • 6,680 Enrollments
          • 1,595 Hours of Training Completed • 38 Courses

                           International Fasteners
                           Fastener Basics: Screws
            Introduction to Simpson Strong-Tie Quick Drive
                    Auto-feed screw driving systems
                    Introduction to cracked concrete
                     Grade Lasers–How to use and sell

                                 COMING SOON

     1/2 Inch 18 Volt Cordless XRP Hammerdrill / Drill Drivers
           DWS535 - 7 1/4 Inch Worm Drive Circular Saw
                      Rock Carbide Drill Bits
                Course covering Handi-Brand ™products

                   Members please visit the TREK Center at
        for more training information.
Powers Fasteners        Continued from front cover

   Training – Continue to provide critical information to our Distributors and Building Code
  Seminars – Increase our specification rates to create demand at the distributor level to move
product off a distributor’s shelf and onto the jobsite.
   “Increasing a distributor’s profit, by creating repeatable opportunities, is how we help our
distributors gain market share,” says company President Jeff Powers. “Our customers are making
code listed anchors and adhesives the benchmark for their contractors. Powers Distributors
are growing anchor business in 2010, based on Powers’ commitment to engineering, quality
products and comprehensive support. Other suppliers have multiple product tiers, code listed
and non-code listed, creating confusion and unnecessary expense.
“It is our goal, as partners, to provide all you need to grow your business, even in a down
economy. Now is the time to invest together in the future, and Powers Fasteners is confident we
will all prosper,” Powers concludes.

                                                                      All participants received
                                                                      a special inspectors’ clip-
                                                                      board and pocket slide
                                                                      chart from Powers to
   Powers sharing knowledge with building code officials and          assist them in identifying
   engineers...                                                       ICC-ES evaluation num-
   Building codes in Florida, as in most states, have changed         bers and the appropriate
   significantly in recent years and that’s why Powers Fasteners’     code-compliant anchors
   Jack Zenor had no trouble holding the attention of these build-    mandated by recent IBC
   ing code officials from Southern Florida. As part of its regular   changes.
   schedule of training programs, Zenor represented Powers at
   the Brinker-Brown distributorship in Ft. Myers where he out-
   lined ways to insure that code-compliant anchors mandated by
   recent IBC changes are properly specified and put into place.

For more information, call 800-524-3244; or write to Powers Fasteners Inc., 2 Powers Lane,
Brewster, NY 10509, or visit Powers’ website at

                                   Sphere 1 Directory
  For more information on Sphere 1 please contact us or check out our website at
       Sphere 1 National Office • 2121 Palomar Airport Road, Suite 170, Carlsbad, CA 92011

        President/CEO                      Vice President                 Cooperative Services
       Carol Shackelford                    Mike Bentley                     Melinda Tobey
         714-777-6724                       760-804-0430                      760-804-0430     

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