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									                               BICESTER U3A
                              University of the Third Age
                             Registered charity no. 1094759

     Newsletter 45                                                 February 2012


Happy New Year to you all! I think we are in for an interesting year, as we are expecting
many new members after the publicity we got in the Bicester Review for our move. Despite
the write-up which did not bear much resemblance to what I had said, any publicity is good
publicity and my telephone has been ringing with enquiries since.

It was really heartening to see so many members at the AGM and to hear so many favourable
reactions to the move. It was quite a challenge for us to hold the AGM at an entirely new
location as there were so many things that we had not properly tried out but there were no
major hiccups. After many promptings, there were a lot of entries for the Photographic
competition on the subject of “flowers” and extreme modesty prevents me from
congratulating the winner! What is significant is that an ordinary holiday photo was chosen,
which shows that everyone can “have a go” and next year we will allow more time for people
to vote. The subject of next year’s competition is “The Diamond Jubilee in Bicester”, so there
is plenty of time to get out and about with a camera for your particular angle on the theme.
As usual, the quiz was enjoyed by all and many thanks to Beryl for another head-scratching
challenge. Well done also to Diana who coped amazingly with the teas, which was not easy
with a new kitchen layout and different equipment to get used to.

One thing that we do need to look at is parking. Could I ask everyone to leave some spaces
free for those with mobility problems – i.e. in the area beyond the entrance to the hall, nearest
the playing field? When you are parking, please make sure you park close up to the next car,
so that there are no gaps, to make best use of the space we have.

Another thing to note is that once the meeting has started, at about 2.30pm, we will be
locking the front door to prevent intruders. If you arrive late, just ring the door bell and
someone will come and let you in.

One last plea. Please could you try and dig out your name badges for the next meeting. If I
still have trouble remembering names, how do think it will be for all these new members?

Below is a copy of my opening at the AGM for those who were unable to attend.         Christine.

                             Chairman's Report from AGM
I am delighted to see such a good turnout at our new venue and hope it bodes well for the
future. At the end of my first year as Chairman, I want to say a big “thank you” to the
committee for all their help and support. I am not used to chairing meetings and they have
been extremely tolerant while I have been learning the ropes. I would like to say a particular

“thank you” to Maurice Weir who is stepping down as Programme Secretary after four years.
He also did the liaison with Tony Baldry’s office for the visit to the Palace of Westminster,
which was the highlight of our 25th Anniversary year. Thank you, Maurice, for everything.
Incidentally, no-one mentioned it was our anniversary year when I was taken into a dark
corner and “persuaded” to stand last year. It was only as I was leaving after the meeting that
a member asked what plans there were for the anniversary and by then it was too late - I was
committed! It’s lucky I don’t bear grudges.

The other people that I particularly want to thank are the unsung heroes of every U3A in the
country. By this, I mean the Group Leaders, or as some might prefer to be called, Group Co-
ordinators, as what they really do is make things happen. Most of them are here today and I
want to apologize for not having made contact with all of them since I became Chairman.
My excuse is that the anniversary events took up a lot of the committee’s time last year, but
we want to make amends in the future. The groups are the unique feature of U3A and we
want to be able to offer more in the future and support the existing ones in any way we can.
If we get an increased membership, this will produce its own problems, with groups perhaps
getting too large but whatever we do, we must ensure that any new members find enough to
interest them. I particularly want to thank Chris and Christine Neville, who are moving to
Weston-Super-Mare very soon. Over the years, Chris has led the Short walks, Sketching,
Photography and latterly the Art Appreciation group and Christine has run groups in French
and Stitchcraft, and helped set up the Spanish group. As if that wasn’t enough, Christine ran
the raffle for many years and Chris was Vice-Chairman and on the committee a few years
ago. Together, they are an outstanding example of people giving their time to engage other
people with their interests, which is what U3A is all about. They will be sorely missed and I
shall be presenting them with a token of our thanks at the end of the formal part of this

Looking back over the year - what have we achieved?

Probably the most important thing is the move here. Peggy and I spent the summer looking
at all possible options and grabbed this one when it emerged late in the day. I hope it will
work well for us.

Thanks to Denise, the website is now up and running and we hope it’s being used by
members, as she tries to keep it as up to date as possible. Several new contacts have come as
a result of seeing the site and we publicise it wherever we can. We introduced a better
system for looking after visitors and new members by using sticky bright green labels for
their first visit and a yellow label for a few months after that to make it clear to others that
they were new and needed to be made to feel welcome. With the increase in numbers that we
expect our move into Bicester to bring, I hope this will continue to work well as it is so
important to create a welcoming atmosphere. We continued to hold coffee mornings for new
members, the last two being held at the Littlebury Hotel.

In June, we experimented with a Cream Tea Quiz, which was in addition to the normal
monthly meeting, and it was both well attended and delicious! This year we are trying a
special quiz for the August meeting. As it is a time that many people are on holiday or are
looking after grandchildren speakers sometimes get a smaller audience. In September, it was
the main event of the year. Fifty three people went to London by coach for our visit to the
Palace of Westminster. We were split into three groups for an excellent guided tour of the
building, followed by a swish afternoon tea on the Terrace overlooking the river which was

hosted by Tony Baldry MP. It was a memorable day and even the weather was great. Then
last month, we had a very successful Christmas Lunch at the Littlebury. Not only was it
extremely well attended with 48 participants, but the food and service were both excellent. It
also featured the Chairman’s Verse Competition - a new initiative - with the eleven entries
being read out while we were drinking coffee and then voted on. The winner was not at the
lunch and so I will be presenting her with her prize later. All the entries are up on the display
board if you would like to see them.
It’s been a busy year, and I am looking forward to the challenges to come - but just hope that
there are not too many!

Have you signed up for U3A Signposts yet?
The issues contain some useful and interesting articles as well as links to sites giving, among
other things, clever camera tricks and warnings about Premium Rate Telephone numbers.
Have a look. It’s free and very worthwhile.

NEWS from the GROUPS

Joining a group? Please contact the Group co-ordinator for the latest information.

HISTORY                                                                       Sheila Maclean

           Our Group has lost one member (Christopher) but nevertheless continues to grow.
           This helps to encourage discussion (or argument?) after the presentation. Our
           February subject will be the History of the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) with a
            bit of Shackleton "thrown in". The meeting on this occasion will be held at 72
Fair Close and presented by Ray Thomas.

GERMAN CONVERSATION                                                               Dora Potter

             There have been few activities since before Christmas but we did manage an
            impromptu get together just before Christmas with mince pies, etc. We have
            started a new Reader of short stories which is more up to date than the earlier one
as the author only died in the 20th century.
We are also learning quite a lot about the lifestyle of typical German families

FRENCH CONVERSATION                                                             Adrienne Lee

            The French Group, which Chris set up and led for ten years, was quite shocked to
            hear she was moving out of the area. We presented her with some gifts in token
            of our appreciation and wish her every happiness in Weston-Super-Mare. The
            group is advanced enough now to be reading Zola's La Curee, which deals with
the time the old Paris was being ripped apart to create the smart new boulevards we see
today. We also use word games to improve our command of French. The group will continue
meeting as before and the next meeting will be on Tuesday 21st February at Beryl's in
Stratton Audley After that it will continue every 1st and 3rd Tuesday from 10 to 12 at

SPANISH CONVERSATION                                                          Adrienne Lee

             We are finishing the last chapter of Pasos which is a revision chapter. The
             problem with language groups that only meet twice a month is that you learn
             something but then don't really get enough time to practise it. Still, we make
             good progress and enjoy our morning, which is the main thing. We are currently
             also reading a short story by Ricardo Palma, a famous Peruvian writer. We use
Berlitz vocabulary and grammar study cards to end the class with, as they really challenge us.
We are sorry to have lost Chris, a keen group member who was instrumental in setting up the
group, to Weston-Super-Mare. Mucha suerte, Chris!
Anyone who has a reasonably good working knowledge of Spanish is welcome to join the
group on the second and fourth Wednesdays from 10-11.30.

PHOTOGRAPHY                                                                  Maurice Weir

             Maurice has now agreed to be available for any advice required on photography.

           Remember the subject for the 2012 photography Competition is “The Queen’s
Diamond Jubilee Celebrations in Bicester’. It might be a good idea to start recording all the
changes that have started to happen in Bicester too. There are plenty of reasons to get those
cameras dusted down and snapping away this year.

PLAY READING                                                                    Jill Wilson

                The first choice for 2012 was Noel Coward's comedy Hay Fever which, by
           coincidence, is being given another major revival in the West End soon as the
           first Coward play in the renamed Noel Coward theatre in St Martin's Lane
(formerly the Albery and earlier the New theatre).
Coward wrote the play in three weeks after visiting the American theatrical Barrymore
family and finding they ignored their guests.

Hay fever is about a theatrical family of four, mother a recently retired actress, a novelist
father and their son and daughter. Unknown to everyone else each member of the family has
invited a guest down from London for the weekend at their Berkshire home. After a fraught
two days the guests escape while the family is quarrelling over the breakfast table
                                                                            Peter Barrington

MUSIC APPRECIATION                                                           Doreen Shirley

            The Concert that some of us attended on the 16th October last year was
            excellent. It was held in the afternoon at St. Edburg’s Church and included
            Butterworth: Banks of Green Willow, Brahms: Violin Concerto Op. 77 and
Brahms: Serenade No.1 in D major.

At our fortnightly meetings we began with: English Ayres and Madrigals by John Downland,
Orlando Gibbon, John Wilbye & Thomas Morley. Next we were treated to a DVD of “Face

the Music” with Joseph Cooper, Robin Ray, Richard Baker, Joyce Grenfell and Bernard
Levin. A Quiz followed the exciting DVD. A quieter week followed with Mozart - Horn
Quintet, Oboe Quartet and the Clarinet Quintet. The next subject was Water Music. We
enjoyed Handel’s Water Music, Finzi’s A Severn Rhapsody, Offenbach’s Barcarolle,
Schubert’s Kie Forelle, Delius’s Summer Night on the River and Bridge’s The Sea. For our
last meeting before Christmas, we enjoyed another DVD of modern ballet: Elite
Syncopations by Scott Joplin, The Judas Tree by Brian Elias and Concerto by Shostakovich.

Did You Know?
Annoyed at people falling asleep during his concerts, Composer Joseph Haydn wrote the
Surprise Symphony, which is mostly slow, quiet and soothing, but has sudden loud bits to
catch sleepy nap-takers unawares.

JAZZ APPRECIATION                                                                Ian White

                     November saw the Jazzers descend on Wini and Antony's home in
                     Oxford, where we were treated to an afternoon of Heart and Soul music
                     selected by Wini. Her groovy choices included Rodgers and Hart, Cole
Porter, Duke Ellington, Stan Getz and Artie Shaw. A great afternoon.

In December we met at Weston on the Green for an afternoon of Desert Island Discs. Sixteen
members selected their castaway choices which included Chris Barber, Alec Welsh, Dave
Brubeck and Blossom Dearie. Home Farm was really rocking!!

Starting the New Year, the writer continued his journey through the jazz alphabet with the
letter L. Tracks included performances by John Lewis, George Lewis and Humphrey

Future Dates:-
Wednesday March 21 Wini & Antony, presenters at Oxford.
Wednesday April 18 Ian White, presenter at Weston on the Green.
Wednesday May 16 Janet Marshall, presenter at Blackthorn.

ART APPRECIATION                                                                 Joy Saville

            We have slightly revamped our Art Appreciation group with the departure of
            Chris Neville – thanks for all your work over the years it is much

            We will now be holding monthly meetings (instead of bi-monthly) at the same
place and time – Bucknell Village Hall , 2-4pm, 2nd Thursday in the month.

We have formed a small committee to work out what we hope will be an interesting
programme of talks and presentations for you all. We are also hoping to get more ‘Audience
Participation’ with comments after each presentation, hopefully create a ‘lively discussion’.
We shall be visiting museums, galleries etc. when something comes along which is of
interest to the group. Please make suggestions if you know of an event we may be interested
in. More details of visits will be on the events page on the website and at each meeting.

You don’t have to know much about ‘art and artists’ to join us. The idea is that you learn as
you go along and find out what you like (or don’t like) and perhaps pass along your
knowledge to others.

March 8th - 'Sir Edwin Landseer' - Ian White
April 12th - DVD - 'Making Masterpieces - by Neil Macgregor from the National Gallery -
Part 1' + 2 ten minute talks by members


Thursday 1st March 2.30 at the Museum of Modern Art , Oxford. Meet in the foyer.
The Exhibition is 'Graham Sutherland - an Unfinished World' and is free.
After seeing the Exhibition, we shall regroup for a visit to a cafe and discuss what we have

Did you know?
Vincent Van Gogh, one of the world’s most valued painters, sold only one painting in his
entire life – to his brother, who owned an art gallery. The painting was called “Red Vineyard
at Arles”.
Pablo Picasso left 13,500 paintings, 100,000 prints and engravings, 34,000 book illustrations
and 300 works of sculpture and ceramics.

COMPUTER PROGRAMMING                                                           Maurice Weir
                As no interest has been shown in continuing with this group it will close for
                the time being. However, Maurice is happy to begin a group on Digital
                 Photography which will include some computer work so if you think you
                might be interested please contact him direct on the number above.

CANASTA                                                                       Doreen Shirley

      We are about to lose another member of our group due to them leaving the area, so
      we still have places available in the group if anybody would like to join us. No
     previous knowledge of the game is required as I will teach them on a one to one basis.
We meet at 2pm every Wednesday afternoon except the 3rd Wednesday of the month.

BRIDGE                                                                       Sheila Maclean

              We had two tables this week, albeit at two venues, and as usual thoroughly
              enjoyed our evening. There is often discussion about the various hands so we
              can learn as we go and, as we are at different levels in our play, a certain
amount of tolerance is needed!

BRIDGE FOR BEGINNERS                                                      Denise Thornton

The group are continuing to make steady progress and our weekly Tuesday meetings are
enjoyed by everyone. As we have now uncovered the joys of overcalling, the group is now
meeting on Fridays as well to play and practise.

SHORT WALKS                                                                  Val McCarthy

           In abeyance until the weather improves.

GARDEN VISITS                                                                 Peggy Penfold

                In November and January we met to watch DVD’s that were borrowed from
                the Resource Centre and this has proved to be successful. We have enjoyed
                Treasure Gardens of England, Eight More Secret gardens of England,
                Alnwick Garden in Northumberland and learnt how to create a Cottage
Garden with the head gardener at Wisley – not quite what we were expecting! The highlight
was watching the planning and creation of the gardens at Alnwick and if we are not at a
meeting in the summer we will be on a trip heading north.

       In February we are planning a return visit to Evenley Wood Gardens which were a
mass of snowdrops and early spring flowers last year.

       There will be a meeting to plan this year’s programme on Wednesday, 14th March at
10.30 a.m. Please come along with some ideas for gardens to visit during this summer and

ARTS AND CRAFTS                                                                   Joy Saville

Looking for something new to do or to perhaps re-kindle an old interest? Why not join us at
our Arts and Crafts meetings. We have had a few meetings so far and we are all enjoying
ourselves being ‘creative’. You can do what the group are doing – macramé next meeting –
or just come along and do your own thing and enjoy the company ,a ‘natter’ and a cup of tea.
That old ‘project’ that you never got round to finishing – now is the time to bring it out and
give it another go. Perhaps you got stuck and need new ideas – one of us might just inspire
you. Anyway, whatever your interests are do come along. We shall be very pleased to see

Next meeting should be on Monday 5th March 2-4pm St Edburg’s Church Rooms (Upper
room). Please check with me and then, hopefully, every other Monday afternoon.

CHASE THE LADY                                                                Ann Thomas

          A big thank you to all of you who came to Chase The Lady, we did have some fun.
          Unfortunately, I have had to end this group because of people's other

commitments, illness or injury. Thinking of you Gillian and Pat and I'm sure I join everyone
in wishing you both a speedy recovery.

SUNDAY LUNCHES                                                              Sandie Stevenson

          4th March: Fox and Hounds at Ardley
          1st April: The Chequers Weston on the Green
          6th May:   The Rose and Crown Charlton

Group Leaders please remember to notify the Editor and Secretary of any permanent changes
in meeting times, dates or places so that these can be included in the newsletter and on the
membership cards.

Some people have not yet requested a regular free copy of Sources (which is sent with
 their magazine from Head office). This month’s is about music and gardening. These
booklets are very interesting and worth hanging on to as they contain details of sources
                                    of information

   Can all group co-ordinators PLEASE make contact with the editor on or before 30th
   April 2012 with a small item for the NEWSLETTER indicating what their group is / has
   been doing and, if possible, what is planned so that anyone interested has some idea what
   they might be joining.

   Remember that our next newsletter will be available in the week before the May meeting.


For those of you not at the meeting or who want a closer look the Annual Accounts
sheet is reproduced below.

Below is a copy of the winning verse from our Christmas competition.

                                  To the Young                    by Catherine Evans.

                    Don’t be fooled by our heads of thinning grey hair
                    For what knowledge and skills lie hidden in there!
                           Of medicine, music, history and art,
                      Not to mention unspoken affairs of the heart.
                         So forgive and forget our apparent ease
                         In losing again those glasses and keys.
                        But join hands with us as we joyfully say,
                             Three Cheers for those at U3A!


It was lovely to see so many people at the AGM, including members who didn’t feel able to
join us in Wendlebury and also lots of prospective new members who were able to come now
we are in Bicester again.

We extend a warm welcome to
Robert Clark, Roy and Catherine Evans, Celia Manderson and Esme Nicholson whose taster
sessions last year persuaded them to become members. We hope they’ll feel at home with us
and find lots to interest them as well as making new friends.

It would be extremely helpful if ALL members would remember to wear their name
badges at meetings. It will make it easier to mix and make the newcomers feel at home
more quickly.


If you know of someone who is sick PLEASE let one of the committee know so that we can
arrange for a card to be sent or perhaps make a visit.


Connie Douglas. Those of you who get the weekly Bicester Ad will perhaps have read after
Christmas that Connie died in early January just a few days after her 100 th birthday.
However, perhaps you will not know that for some years she was a keen member of the
Poetry group when it was led by Gwilym Scourfield. Due to her age and inability to travel
much she didn’t often come to our monthly meetings but rarely missed a Poetry group
meeting. Our sympathy is extended to her family who will surely miss such a bright and
entertaining lady.

Would group leaders please make themselves responsible for ascertaining which of their group
members receive the newsletter by e-mail and for collecting those newsletters for any other
member not present at the general meeting. Thank you.

If anyone has internet access and would like to receive future editions of the Newsletter by e-
mail please contact the editor (by e-mail). It would also be useful to compile a list of
members’ e-mail addresses. If you have an e-mail address perhaps you could also let the
secretary have it.
This will be for committee use only and not for general publication.



It is always nice to be able to offer a selection of prizes at our monthly raffle but to do this
totally from funds each month would defeat the object which is to raise those funds. If you
have any unwanted presents or items you think might be suitable for prizes, Janet Marshall or
Odette Buckle would be very happy to receive these each month at the raffle table.

                                         TEA ROTA

3rd February         Ted Bailey
                     Rennie Buxton           As you can see we need three more
                     Lesley Jones
                                             volunteers to allow us to provide tea at
22nd March           Marion Jackson
                     Beryl Burn              the next three meetings. Please add
                     Jean Franklin           your name to Diana’s Tea Rota and put
22nd April                                   the date in your diary.

Chairman                    Christine Cox
Vice chairman               Andy Gordon                  WELCOMERS:
Secretary                   Peggy Penfold                Mary Warren
Programme Secretary         Ray Thomas                   Joy Saville
Treasurer                   Sandie Stevenson             Jackie Bennet
Newsletter                  Beryl Burn                   Jean Hart.
                                                         Marion Jackson.
Refreshments                Diana Airey
                                                         Carole Weir
Web Site                    Denise Thornton              Maurice Weir
Group Liaison               To be confirmed              Jo Warren
Welcomer Liaison            Denise Thornton


 Feb 23rd    A Bridge to Whiskey – Travels in Co. Antrim                Maurice Weir
 Mar 22nd    Fair Trade                                                 Miranda St John Nicolle
 Apr 26th    A History of St Edburg’s Church                            David Buxton
 May 24th    Grotesques and Gargoyles.                                  Brian Lowe

                              "LEND AN EAR "QUIZ ANSWERS
   1. Spear. 2. Clear. 3. Arrears. 4. Swear. 5. Heart. 6. Ear-splitting. 7. Earnest. 8. Mrs. O’Leary.
   8. Weary. 10. Earthenware. 11. Forbearance. 12. Yearling. 13. Fearful. 14. Dearth. 15. Robert
   Peary. 16. Rearrange. 17. Spearmint. 18. Bearing. 19. Shear. 20. Endearing.

                                 WORTH PASSING ON.
A cheaper way to phone and avoid those annoying and pricey 0870 (hanging on the line at
your expense) calls. This site provides alternative land line numbers for the organization you
are trying to contact!
Use the link below.
Website is called - SAY NO TO 0870

                                       Thames Valley Network
                                       2012 Conference

                                  INTERACTIVE U3A?
               Saturday 16 June 2012 at John Mason School,
                    Wootton Road, Abingdon OX14 1JB

                This Conference seeks to explore the opinions of U3A
                         members on current topical issues

          The Riverside Revealed Exhibition (from Wellington College) will be on
                               display throughout the day

The programme will be:
  9.15    Doors open

  9.30    Registration, coffee/tea and chance to view ‘Riverside Revealed’ Exhibition

 10:30    Introduction and Welcome

 10.40    Address by Alex McMinn, Founder Chairman of Aughton & Ormskirk U3A

 11.45    Start of Discussion Groups as detailed below

 12:45    LUNCH

 13.45    Reports from Discussion Groups

 14.15    Address by Beth Butler, Vice Chairman of Third Age Trust

 15:15    End of Conference, followed by tea/coffee and chance to view Exhibition

 16:15    Doors close

Discussion Groups
1.     The Media – friend or foe?
2      Climate Change – myth or reality?
3.     Speed Limits – costs and benefits?
4.     Modern Technology – for or against?
5.     Shopping – in town or out of town?

There will be no fee for the day. Tea/coffee will be available all day. A buffet lunch is available for
£6.50 per head. Ample parking including disabled spaces.
Places will be limited and priority will be given to members of TVN U3As. Members of U3As not
affiliated to the TVN may attend, subject to availability, for a fee of £5.00.
Further information can be obtained from : Brian Wood, 239 Radley Road, Abingdon, Oxon OX14
3SQ Tel. 01235 520769 e-mail:


      1. Candles burn more slowly and evenly with minimum wax drippings if they
          are placed in the freezer for an hour before using them.
      2. Author Charles Dickens wrote (and slept) facing north, aligning himself with
          the poles of the earth.
      3. More than 45000 pieces of plastic debris float on every square mile of ocean.
      4. It takes about 550 peanuts to make a 12oz. jar of creamy peanut butter,
      5. A female kangaroo is called a Flyer and a male is called a boomer.
      6. A pregnant goldfish is called a ‘twit’
      7. A group of tigers is known as ‘an ambush’.
      8. A group of cobras is a ‘quiver’.
      9. A pint of water will hold about four million grains of sand.
      10. Every person has a unique tongue print.
      11. The English Channel gets a foot wider each year.
      12. A piece of meteorite from Mars about the size of a pea once sold for £4, 583.
          That is over a thousand times its weight in gold.
      13. More than 75% of all the countries in the world are north of the equator.
      14. Oak trees do not have acorns until they reach fifty years of age.
      15. The first car number plates were introduced in Paris in 1893.

Press Date
       Any items for inclusion in the May newsletter must reach me by 30th April 2012

E-mail to:

                                    Use the Land Quiz
                   Each clue is for an answer containing the word LAND.
                   e.g. Where Alice had her adventure – WONDERLAND

  No                               Question                               Answer

   1      Home of the shamrock

   2      Strainer used in the kitchen.

   3      Plain, mild, undistinguished

4    A coiled sausage

5    False or harmful statements

6    A trek from coast to coast.

7    Notorious French penal colony off South American coast.

8    Bodily organ secreting blood components.

9    World famous Californian amusement park

10   Flattery, coaxing, persuasion.

11   One of the World War 1 battlegrounds.

12   Overwhelming election victory.

13   Painting of the countryside

14   Stealthy, furtive, secretive

15   To whom you pay rent.

16   Welsh Anthem

17   A wreath of flowers.

18   Don Juan was one, Casanova was another.

19   Peter Pan’s home

20   Former US immigration centre in New York Harbour

                                     Thames Valley Network
                                      Conference 2012

                                Interactive U3A?
                   Saturday 16th June 2012 at John Mason School
                        Wootton Road, Abingdon, OX14 1JB

                             APPLICATION FORM

Full Name/s:


Telephone Number:                      Email address:

U3A attended:
First preference Discussion Group         [   ]                        (For use of        [       ]
Second preference Discussion Group [          ]                        second applicant       [       ]
Third preference Discussion Group         [   ]                         only              [       ]

There is no fee for the conference.There will be coffee/tea available throughout the day. A
buffet lunch is available at £6.50 per head. The money for lunch must be paid in advance.

Members of U3As which have not affiliated to the Thames Valley Network are welcome for a
fee of £5, payable in advance.

In the event of the Conference being oversubscribed, priority will be given to U3A Members
from affiliated U3As on a first come first served basis.

I/We would like lunch at a cost of £6.50 per head. YES/NO       I need disabled access

I enclose a cheque for £................ (made payable to U3A Thames Valley Network)
Signed :
  Please return completed forms by the closing date 5th May 2012 by post or e-mail to :
   Brian Wood, 239 Radley Road, Abingdon, Oxon, OX14 3SQ Tel : 01235 520769
                     email :
       Please enclose a stamped addressed envelope or include an email address.


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