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									Grand Rapids MI Appliance Repair Service Technician has Tips for Making a Wise Choice

Appliance repair versus buying a new one…when is time to replace home appliances?

Grand Rapids, Michigan – Grand Rapids MI Appliance Repair service technicians with E.D. Miller
Appliance Service Inc. take pride in providing an honest service to their customers. Owner, Mike
DeYoung credits his growing business success to exceeding customer expectations by providing
quality service with the highest integrity.

According to Mike, appliance repair makes sense whenever possible, to eliminate excessive trash
build-up in landfills and avoid the hassle of shopping for new appliances.

Appliance repair by a reputable service provider saves consumers time and money by getting
things in working order as quickly as possible. When a customer asks Millers appliance repair
technicians if their appliance is worth repairing, they will offer an honest opinion.

Here are some of the items Mike considers when helping a customer decide if they should buy a
new appliance or have appliance repair service performed:

• Physical Condition: Is the appliance is good physical shape, free of rust and corrosion?
• Mechanical Condition: Has the appliance been running smoothly without issues?
• Cost of Appliance Repair: Is the price of appliance repair more than 60% of the price of a new
• Life Expectance: Will the cost of appliance repair extend the life of the appliance 2-4 years?

Millers home appliance repair technicians are not out to take a customer's money by forcing a
repair. They are happy to help their customers make the right decision. If an appliance is not
worth fixing, they will advise their customer to purchase a new one.

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About E.D. Miller Appliance Service Inc.:
Mike and Teri DeYoung now own and operate E.D. Miller Appliance Service Inc. Since 1953, Miller's
trained technicians have provided appliance repair. Types of repair include: washer repair, dryer
repair, oven repair, range repair, cooktop repair, refrigerator repair, wine storage unit repair,
freezer repair, ice maker repair, and dishwasher repair. Miller Appliance Service serves the greater
Grand Rapids and Kent county areas.

Contact Information:
Mike DeYoung
E.D. Miller Appliance Service Inc.
4464 Bonanza Dr N.E
Grand Rapids, Michigan 48525
Phone: 616-363-0102

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