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Bio-Link Summer Fellows Forum Guests
Welcome to the Clark Kerr Campus at UC Berkeley! We hope to provide you
with all the information you will need to connect successfully to the Internet
during your stay with us. Please make sure to follow the directions indicated
below prior to your arrival in order to minimize any issues that may arise. Have
a great conference!

In-Room Connections

Equipment you will need for wired Internet connection from your sleeping

      Your own laptop or desktop equipped with an Ethernet card.
      Your own Ethernet cable that is at least 10-feet long.
      The login and password provided in “Registering Your Computer” (see
      Make sure to register your computer prior to arrival at UC Berkeley.
      In addition to registering your Ethernet card address, your computer must
       (1) meet the campus-wide Minimum Security Standards and (2) be
       configured to receive an IP address automatically.

Registering Your Computer

Here are the steps you need to take to register your computer to gain Internet
access. Every computer has a unique Ethernet card address that must be
registered prior to arrival at UC Berkeley.

      Go online and select
       “Conference Guest.” Enter the login and password (case sensitive) and
       then press “Continue”.

       Pandacon Login: biolink2012
       Password: fellows2012

      Type in your name, email, phone number (optional), and Ethernet card
       address (i.e., MAC address (do NOT use colons), physical address,
       adapter address, or Ethernet address). For instructions on finding the
       Ethernet card address, please visit
Wireless Connections

      At the Clark Kerr Campus, wireless Internet connection is only
       available in the Great Hall Dining Room, Academic Services
       (Computer) Center in (Building 1) and the Conference Center
       (Building 14).
      A login and password is required to access the wireless network (same as
       for sleeping room).
      Any computer connecting to the wireless network is also required to
       comply with the computer security requirements.


      Residential Computing will provide limited technical support, by
       appointment, not to exceed 30 minutes, consisting only of the following:
       retrieval of the Ethernet card address, enabling of anti-virus and firewall
       software, and configuring the computer to DHCP.
      Additional technical assistance will cost $50/hr (1 hour minimum) and will
       require an approval from your conference organizers, Elaine Johnson or
       Lisa Huffman.
      Please contact for more information.

Meeting Room Connections

Internet Access in Meeting Rooms for Workshop Presenters

Bio-Link has arranged for wired and wireless Internet access in the Building 14
Meeting Rooms. However, all Workshop Presenters who need to use
Internet as part of their presentation MUST also complete the Registration
Process (above) and be registered on their network.

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