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									Corporate Sponsorship Guidelines
For sponsorship consideration, programs should be relevant to one of the following areas: promoting safe and vital
communities; tolerance, diversity and inclusion; and economic empowerment.
Proposal Requirements
The Allstate Corporation receives many more requests for financial support than it is able to sponsor. Therefore, we
have established requirements that must be met in order to qualify for sponsorship. Organizations interested in
Allstate sponsorship should first consult the focus areas and information guidelines.
Sponsorship requests must contain the following information:
      Organization’s name, street address (not post office box), phone number and name of a contact person
          familiar with the details of the proposal.
      A summary (two–page maximum) of an organization’s project or program.
      The amount requested for the sponsorship.
      The venue’s date and timetable for implementation.
      Brief description of how the proposed program relates to the current Allstate focus areas.
      Opportunities in public relations, advertising, marketing or media that this sponsorship will provide
          including, but not limited to, host performances, awards, promotions, logo/product placement, and pre- and
          post-event advertisement.
      A list of participating organizations, attendees and current sponsors.
      Levels of sponsorships available at the event.
      Organization/event target audience and the number of people that will be impacted.
      Organization’s tax identification number.
Download the Allstate 2002 Corporate Sponsorship Request Form.
General Exclusions
We do not support:
      Dinners (political or otherwise)
      Requests from individuals
      Political contributions
Please submit your proposal to:
Attn: Corporate Sponsorships
Corporate Relations
2775 Sanders Road, Suite F4
Northbrook, Illinois 60062-6127
(847) 402-3094
Regional Locations

Joseph McCormick
Field Corporate Relations Manager
12150 E. Monument Drive
Suite 500
Fairfax, VA 22033
(703) 385-6600

Allstate Foundation
Funding Guidelines
Focus Areas
The Allstate Foundation will issue program grants to nonprofit organizations that are related to tolerance, diversity
and inclusion; safe and vital communities; and economic empowerment.

The Foundation has developed focus areas to target contributions that align with the Allstate Corporation's goals. All
Foundation funding requirements apply.
    A. Tolerance, Inclusion and Diversity
    Promoting tolerance, inclusion and diversity means recognizing and valuing people of
    varied backgrounds, including ethnicity, gender, physical challenges, age and lifestyle.
    Programs should focus on:

            Teaching Tolerance to Youth

            Alleviating Discrimination

            Reducing Hate Crimes

    B. Safe and Vital Communities
    To foster safe and vital communities where people want to live, work and raise their
    families. It's economically strong, crime-free, and residents feel secure in their homes.
    Residents feel a sense of belonging and commitment.
    Programs should focus on:

            Catastrophe Response & Mitigation

            School Anti-Violence

            Revitalization of Communities

    C. Economic Empowerment
    Economic empowerment means enabling individuals and families to attain economic
    self-reliance and achieve financial security.
    Programs should focus on:

            Financial and Insurance Education

            Economic Literacy

            Entrepreneurial/Small Business Skill Development Initiatives for Women
The Allstate Foundation receives many more requests than it is able to support. Therefore, we have established
certain requirements that must be met to qualify for funding.
Organizations should first consult the list of general exclusions, which follows, to make certain the request fits
within the guidelines. Each proposal must contain a summary of an organization’s project or program need. The
amount requested must be stated. A grant given by the Foundation in any one year does not ensure future funding. If
renewed funding is desired, organizations should submit a proposal each year that includes a program evaluation
Proposals should contain the following information:
    Organization name, street address (not post office box), phone number and the name of a
    contact person familiar with the details of the proposal
    Timetable for project implementation
    Brief description of how the proposed program or project relates to the current focus
    areas of The Allstate Foundation
    Brief statement of the history, purpose and goals of the organization, the constituents it
    serves, its geographic service area, use of volunteers and general accomplishments to date
    Copy of the organization's operating budget for the past year, indicating percentages used
    for program, administrative, fundraising and general expenses
    Budget for the project for which support is requested, including sources of financial
    support and grants committed or pending
    Audited financial statement from the previous year
    Copy of the organization's most recent annual report
    Copy of the organization's nonprofit status exemption letter from the Internal Revenue
    Service as a 501(c)(3) designation
    List of the organization's officers and board members and their affiliations
    Background statement on the executive director and key staff to be involved in the
    proposed project
A list of other donors, including support from the United Way or similar federated funds
To further clarify the review process these limitations prohibit support to:
     fundraising events, sponsorships
     individuals
     capital and endowment campaigns
     equipment purchase unless part of a community outreach program
     athletic events
     memorial grants
     athletic teams, bands and choirs
     organizations that advocate religious beliefs or restrict participation on the basis of religion
     groups or organizations that will re-grant the Foundation’s gift to other organizations or individuals
     scouting groups
     private secondary schools
     requests to support travel
     grant requests for production of audio, film or video
     multi-year pledge requests
     non-domestic causes
Since The Allstate Foundation receives funding requests far in excess of its budget, worthy causes must often be
declined, even when the request falls into one of the current focus areas. This does not in any way reflect on the
value of the organization involved or on its programs, but rather is a result of limited resources.

The Foundation has no annual deadlines for submission. Proposals may be submitted throughout the year. The
Foundation's fiscal year is the same as the calendar year.
Site visits or interviews will be scheduled only if the Foundation staff requires additional information about a
proposal it has received for consideration.
The Foundation does not send written notification of receipt of proposals.
Written notification of preliminary turn down will normally be sent within 30 days of receipt of the proposal.
Copies of these guidelines may be obtained by writing to The Allstate Foundation's home office or the local
Foundation regional office for your area.

For More Information
For questions or comments, please write to:
Executive Director
The Allstate Foundation
2775 Sanders Road
Suite F4
Northbrook, IL 60062-6127
or e-mail us at:

Other Foundation Programs
Helping Hands Grant
The Allstate Foundation offers a Helping Hands grant program to employees of Allstate Insurance Company and
affiliated companies, exclusive agents and exclusive financial specialists. Applicants who volunteer their services to
a charitable, social service or humanitarian group in the community can benefit the organization with a monetary
gift through this program.
Scholarship Program
The Allstate Foundation provides a scholarship program designed exclusively for dependent children of full-time
and regular part-time employees of the Allstate Insurance Company and affiliated companies, exclusive agents and
exclusive financial specialists. The objective of this program is to assist parents with post-secondary education cost,
while at the same time recognizing and rewarding students' achievements.

Regional Locations and General Information
National Organizations
Nonprofit groups that serve multiple regions of the United States or have a proposal that is national in scope, should
submit their proposals directly to The Allstate Foundation’s home office:
Executive Director
The Allstate Foundation
2775 Sanders Road, Suite F4
Northbrook, IL 60062-6127
Field Office Grant Committees
The Allstate Foundation delegates decision making to Field Office Grant Committees throughout the country, which
meet regularly to review requests. Eligible nonprofit organizations serving the cities, states or regions listed below
should submit their requests directly to these offices.
The Allstate Foundation
California Region
10901 Gold Center Drive
Suite 400
Rancho Cordova, CA 95670-6047
Telephone: 916-859-8805
Serving: California
The Allstate Foundation
Capital Region
12150 E Monument Drive
Suite 500
Fairfax, VA 22033
Telephone: 703-385-6600
Serving: Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia
New Light Leadership Coalition, Inc.
204 East Joppa Road #602
Baltimore, MD 21286
Tamara M. Hunter
(410) 494-1044

Amount requested for the sponsorship: $5,000
The venue’s date and timetable for implementation: Baltimore Convention Center

                                          Timetable for Implementation
January 2002 - October, 2002                              Conference Planning & Marketing
November 8 - 10, 2002                                     4th Annual Youth & College Leadership Summit
                                                              Conference attendees are divided into teams
                                                              Each team is assigned a project advisor
                                                              Teams will attend leadership training
                                                              Teams will draft plans for youth-led projects
                                                              Teams will present their plans at the
                                                              conclusion of the conference
November 10, 2002 - May 31, 2002                          Follow-up and implementation of Youth-Led
                                                          Projects & Post-Conference Initiatives
                                                              Project advisors will meet with teams at least
                                                              once per month to assist with implementation
                                                              of projects
                                                              Teams will evaluate the effectiveness of their
                                                              project plans

Brief description of how the proposed program relates to the current Allstate focus areas.

Opportunities in public relations, advertising, marketing or media that this sponsorship will provide including, but
not limited to, host performances, awards, promotions, logo/product placement, and pre- and post-event

A list of participating organizations, attendees and current sponsors.
Student Leader Magazine
Prudential Securities, Inc.
SGI Federal
National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE)
Young People in Action International
All Africa Students Union
State Farm Insurance

Participating Institutions:
Adelphi University                       Davenport University                    North Central College
Anne Arundel Community College           Drexel University                       National Society for Black Engineers
Arizona State University                 Hume-Fogg Academic                      North Idaho College
Auburn University                        Johns Hopkins University                The Pennsylvania State University
Bennett College                          Kent State University                   The Pennsylvania State University
Bluefield State College                  Lake Forest College                     Prairie View A & M University
Chatham College                          Monmouth University                     Quad County Urban League
Community College of Southern            Morgan State University                 Roosevelt Senior High School
Nevada                                   Mount Holyoke College                   Santa Fe Community College
Southeastern Louisian University       University of Maryland College Park     Winston-Salem State University
Towson University                      University of Southern Maine            Wheeling Jesuit University
Tuskegee University                    University of Zambia
University of Alabama in Huntsville    Virginia Commonwealth University

Levels of sponsorships available at the event.
Organization/event target audience and the number of people that will be impacted.
Organization’s tax identification number.

Other Success Measures: 2001 Post-Conference Initiatives
Expansion of Youth Leadership Development Program - NLLC will facilitate leadership
development training programs for organizations across the country. The Programming
Chair position was added to the NLLC Executive Board to facilitate this new training
initiative. NLLC will also train other young people and youth workers to facilitate the YLDP
program for their organizations. To date, NLLC has trained 5 young people to teach the
Youth Leadership Development Program and 100 additional youth in leadership skills
through other training programs. We plan to reach our goal of training 500 youth by
December 31, 2002.
Youth Leadership Development Workbook - The Youth Leadership Development Workbook
was first offered at the 2001 conference and will be sold on the NLLC website a This workbook is a guide for emerging young leaders to develop their
leadership skills year-round.
Establishment of NLLC Leadership Councils - NLLC members will spearhead national
initiatives of the Coalition through the formation of NLLC Leadership Councils and
organizational participation in leadership development and awareness activities. NLLC plans
to establish 10 leadership councils this year at schools around the country with an emphasis
on the Maryland area.
Partnerships Between NLLC & Other Organizations - Partnerships with the following
organizations will be further discussed, developed, and implemented in 2002.
    All-Africa Students Union in Ghana * LaTashia Satterfield, NLLC Financial Officer, met
    with the leadership of the All Africa Students Union (AASU) on January 21, 2002 in Accra,
    Ghana. It was a very productive meeting, out of which plans emerged for a series of
    leadership workshops in June of this year. LaTashia will return to Ghana to train African
    youth in leadership skills.
    NAACP Youth & College Division * NLLC President Farajii R. Muhammad met with the
    NAACP Youth & College Division Director in December of 2001 and the NAACP National
    Youth Council Coordinator in March of 2002. As a result, NLLC will be providing
    leadership training for over 500 young people at the organization's regional conferences
    and will be sponsoring youth from the region to attend the 2002 Summit.
    Urban Youth Corps in Baltimore, Maryland * NLLC will facilitate leadership training for
    the Urban Youth Corps 2002 youth program. The program trains approximately 30
    young people in leadership development, life skills, and job skills.
    Urban Leadership Institute in Baltimore, Maryland * NLLC will present a leadership
    training workshop at ULI's 2002 youth conference that will reach 30 - 40 young people.
    ULI will also work with NLLC to promote both conferences.
    Quad County Urban League in Illinois * NLLC Communications Officer Charles Britt
    visited Chicago to meet with the Youth Director of the organization. There will be further
    planning meetings to form a solid partnership.
Event Name: NLLC 4th Annual Youth & College Leadership Summit
Dates: Friday, November 8 - Sunday, November 10, 2002
Location: Baltimore Convention Center in Baltimore, Maryland USA
Event Purpose:
  To train young people in leadership skills to equip them to become community activists
  To plan year-round post-conference initiatives and youth-led community service projects
  To increase awareness of the importance of positive youth leadership development
Target Audience: Youth ages 16 - 25 and adults in the youth development and education
Event Promotion: Local and national
Number of Participants: 300 at the event, and over 500 through the implementation of
post-conference initiatives
Market Scope: 65% local and regional, 35% national and international
Summit Goals & Objectives:
  To serve 300 youth during the three-day conference with a greater understanding of
  leadership and valuable resources to aid in the development of these skills.
    To select youth from each of the participating institutions to become involved in year-
    round community activities and participate in future training sessions.
    To form a post-summit action plan for attending youth leaders to take a back to their
    schools, cities, and organizations. Each youth team will be assigned an advisor to help
    them implement their community service projects throughout the year.
Past Sponsors & Partners:
  State Farm Insurance                       Howard University Entrepreneurial Society
                                              Black Entertainment Television (BET)
  Prudential
                                              Million Youth Movement
  Staples
                                              National Council of Negro Women
                                              Young People in Action International
  Maryland State Election Board
                                              Nation of Islam Student Association
  Urban Leadership Institute
                            National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship
Over the past three years, we have accomplished the following:
 Increased conference attendance by 200%
 Maintained a constant of no less than 500 hits per week for our website
 Successfully recruited over 500 members nationwide and globally as a result of youth
   conferences, community activities, interactive website, and email network to participate
   in year-round leadership development activities
 98% of attendees gave the event an overall evaluation of 5 out of 5, meaning the event
   ran smoothly, staff were friendly, they learned about leadership, and would recommend
   the program to others
From our previous conferences, we have made a positive impact on young people. Our
network of youth leaders has grown internationally, and through post-conference meetings,
planning sessions, and events, we have made progress in the movement for youth
leadership development. NLLC's 4th Annual Youth & College Leadership Summit will be an
important step in continuing our efforts. Young leaders will now be called to play a more
active role in the planning and implementation of community activities.
The ultimate goal of the Youth & College Leadership Summit is to reach no less than 300
young people and have them walk away with valuable information, resources, and a new
understanding and commitment to leadership. At the conclusion of the conference, we plan
to have attendees enact post-conference initiatives and leadership projects in their
communities. As a result of last year's conference, young people have started planning
community events around the country and we are continuing to advise them on their
It is the goal of NLLC to ensure that this Summit is not just a three-day event, but a kick-off
for future events, the initiation of meaningful and substantive programs, and a wake up call
to all of those who have ignored the needs and concerns of the youth. In years to come
NLLC plans to expand the event by increasing attendance by 25% and providing more
resources for attendees.

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