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					                       Adopt an Alpaca

                    WHY would you want to
                       “Adopt an Alpaca”?
          Maybe you have just met some Alpacas and fell in love!
                  (Which isn’t difficult once you’ve met them!!)

Maybe you have always wanted to own Alpacas, don’t have anywhere to keep
them, the knowledge, or the time to look after on full-time at the moment.
Do you need an idea for an Unusual, Unique and Special
                   Gift? Do you need inspiration?

Are you looking for a special gift for someone who has it all, and don’t know
   what to get them, would you like something different to give them?

          Maybe we have the answer is “ADOPT AN ALPACA”

    When you “Adopt one of Cotswold Vale Alpacas” you will receive an
           Adoption certificate and photo of your adopted Alpaca
            Be able to come and visit your Alpaca during the year
               Get a chance to name one of our new born cria.
   You will also receive a sample of their fleece to keep and 10% discount
            on any item purchase from our range of alpaca products.

                   All for only £50 for a years adoption.
                            (less than £1 a week)

   If you would like to find out more, speak to Ginnie on 07702488118
                   or email: