Vapor Nation Has Added New Oil Vaporizers to their Website

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					Vapor Nation Has Added New Oil Vaporizers to their Website

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 The O-PHOS Portable Vaporizer is a premier oil vaporizer. It's small enough to fit inside your
 pocket or purse and easy to use.

 Vapor Nation is focused on providing customers with the highest quality and most advanced oil
 vaporizers that are available today. VaporNation carries various types of oil and concentrate
 vaporizers that are all brand new in today's market.

Online PR News – 12-February-2013 Oil vaporizers are the best vaporizer s to be used with medicinal
oils, essential oils, and herbal concentrates.

Here are the newest Oil vaporizer additions at
• Vaporite Buddy Pen Oil Vaporizer
• Pulsar Stylus Oil Vaporizer
• O-Phos Oil Vaporizer
• 710Pen Mini Oil Vaporizer

Back in the mid-1990’s, vaporizers were constructed in a very simple fashion and operated with the basics of
vaporization in mind, however they were mostly desktop units, and they were not very portable. Oil
Vaporizers in 2013 though, have a new look and feel, and these vapes are very close to that of an electronic
cigarette or vaporizer pen. Oil vaporizer pens are very discrete vaporizers that are as small as a pen, and
they are extremely portable vaporizers that fit into your pocket.

All oil vaporizers have an automatic temperature controlled heating system which reaches temperatures as
high as 300 degrees Fahrenheit; however the temperature may be less depending on how aggressively the
user inhales. The oil cartridge vaporizers do not produce any combustion such as carbon monoxide, tar,
tobacco, or other carcinogenic elements while inhaled. Also, the cartridges inside the oil vaporizers are all
natural and do not include any fillers or buffers.

With oil vaporizers there is virtually no smoke produced, since the act of vaporization does not burn your
oils, but instead produces a light and airy water vapor with a very slight aroma that is then released into the
Oil Vaporizers permit the user to enjoy their favorite oils, waxes or concentrates without any harmful
byproducts of combustion.

Most of these wax vaporizers utilize a battery and a cartridge/tank system that may be replaced or
changed at any time. These units are easy to operate and generally have a one button activation system
that makes them surprisingly easy to control.
As with all convection vaporizers, a small element of conduction is present in most oil vaporizers, but some
oil vaporizers are true convection vaporizers. Furthermore, they are all handheld portable vaporizers, which
are perfect for the vaporizer enthusiast on the go! All oil vaporizers are devices that were created for
vaporizing specialty oils such as herbal oils, herbal concentrates, and e-juice oil for a variety of different
therapeutic effects.

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