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					The Receivable support solution™
The Receivable support solution™

  The support system to help you     The Receivable Support Solution™ is a complete pro-

  achieve better results from your   gram that is customized for your specific needs.We realize

  accounts receivables.              the many difficulties encountered in the collections process

                                     and understand how important incoming cash flow is to

                                     any business.We also understand the value of having an

                                     efficient operational system that focuses on results.

                                     Our experts will perform a complete analysis of your cur-

                                     rent collections procedures and develop strategies to

                                     improve the performance of your receivables. Brennan &

                                     Clark also offers the necessary follow-up support to keep

                                     your team educated and to measure the effectiveness of

                                     The Receivable Support Solution™. Our services are

                                     100% guaranteed.We will not ask for fees to be paid

                                     until you are completely satisfied.

                                     Let Brennan & Clark show you how we can help your busi-

                                     ness with The Receivable Support Solution™.
Receivable Support Solution™ Components

Needs Assessment       A Brennan & Clark team member will collect
                       all of your current internal procedures for               assessment
                       our review.This includes a complete                                                      DTA
                       review of all documents used in the                               Communications, L.L.C.
                       receivables process as well as inter-                             “…my initial reaction was to
                       views of key personnel involved in                                  not want any changes, but
                       your collections process.This will help                          believe me, I really appreciate
                       identify additional procedures that will                            that you convinced me this
                       greatly enhance your current collec-                                    would simplify my life.”
                       tion program. We will make a com-
                       plete assessment of the current health of your operations and procedures

Analysis of Current    A comprehensive review of the collected material is conducted.We will identify any
Operational            options available that may improve your current situation. Our full written report will
Procedures             provide you with our recommendations for enhancing your receivables program.

Consultation           Our team will make a detailed presentation of the written report.The focus of the
                       report is to identify the problem areas in your system and to show you where
                       improvements can be made.With your feedback we can customize our recommenda-
                       tions to perfectly suit the needs of your organization.

Team Evaluation        Brennan & Clark will evaluate your staff members to identify the key personnel who
and Goal Setting.      will need to be involved in implementing and developing the The Receivable
                       Support Solution™. Our team will work together with your personnel to evaluate
                       and set up a test system.This test system will identify gains and returns realized by
                       the implementation of the Plan.We will establish goals and the methods to be used
                       for monitoring improved performance as you achieve these goals.
The Receivable Support Solution™ Components

Workshops and
                       A customized training program will be
                       developed with the focus on immedi-                                 training
Training Programs      ately                                                                                  TY, Inc.

                       enhancing the skills and performance                              “Your training programs have

                       of your collections personnel. Our                                  provided our collectors with

                       facilitator will conduct one day work-                                    enhanced negotiating

                       shops to train your people how to                                      skills...each collector has

                       effectively understand and imple-                                           expressed improved

                       ment the new system.You can                                              performance...they are

                       choose from many options for class-                               energized and taking control.”

                       es and workshops that will create a training plan that is

Continuing             Our team will conduct half-day or full-day follow-up training workshops that focus on
Education              reinforcing learned skills, and/or training of previously absent or missing personnel.
                       We will develop and implement a review program for the The Receivable
                       Support Solution™.

Review and             Our review measures the operation                                   Lawson Products, Inc.
Assessment             and effectiveness of your new receiv-                               “After studying the fees we
                       ables system. A complete audit and                                        would have paid with
                       analysis of the system is made.We                                   traditional collection agency
                       will compare actual performance to                                 placement, we are extremely
                       the goals set when implementing the                               delighted with the savings we

                       system and make any adjustments                                                   are realizing.”
                       needed to properly achieve them.
                       Our team measures all improvements and
                       makes adjustments to the areas that still
                       need improvement.There is no further charge for these adjustments.
The Receivable Support Solution™ Components

                         A comprehensive review of your internal
                         procedures is made.This assessment                                          goals
                         includes identifying new areas for                                               Caterpillar
                         improvement. As you achieve better                                “All of my contact with your
                         success with your receivables opera-                              office was met with friendly,
                         tions, we can help you set and reach                                  professional and prompt
                         even higher goals that you may have                             responses. Needless to say, the
                         thought impossible or impractical                                   record breaking recoveries
                         before. Our team understands the                                    were greatly appreciated.”
                         impact of change on your opera-
                         tions and how positive improvements can lead to even
                         more opportunities for success. Brennan and Clark is here to help you identify, create
                         and implement the The Receivable Support Solution™ that is right for you.

                  • If you are not completely satisfied, we will refund our fee
                  • Members of the agency section of the Commercial Law League
                  • With staff knowledge amounting to over 50 years of experience,
                    we are confident that we can do our work to your satisfaction.

                               721 East Madison Street, Suite 200 Villa Park, IL 60181

                                         www. brennanclark. com