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									The World’s Leading Archive Migration Enabler
Available from archiving and
migration specialist Optrium,
TransVault™ Migrator is a
software application that
enables fast and secure
movement of legacy email
records between different
archive services.                                                         TransVault Migrator: Unparalleled scalability,
Whether your move is the result of a                                      flexibility and auditing for your archive migration.
company restructuring, or an upgrade
to a new archive service, either on-
premise or in ‘the cloud’, TransVault               Key Benefits
Migrator securely transports your
                                                  • Zero impact on users - even in       • Eases movement of users’ data
legacy archive data into the new
                                                    24 x 7 environments.                   between archives (e.g. to support
environment, ensuring it remains                                                           re-locations).
seamlessly accessible - both for                  • Fast, direct migrations between
end users and for compliance and                    many different archive platforms.    • Reduces storage costs by
                                                                                           consolidating data & enabling
eDiscovery purposes.                              • Optional conversion of legacy          selective migrations.
                                                    shortcuts to work seamlessly
TransVault Migrator delivers superior               with the new system.                 • Enables organizations to take
                                                                                           advantage of newer, more
performance and fidelity, together with           • Complete auditing of each              capable archive technologies.
full auditing. It also offers unique user           individual item migrated
productivity features such as converting            ensuring chain-of-custody.           • Protects against technology
legacy shortcuts to ensure a seamless             • Filtering of items dependent
experience in the new archive.                      on advanced criteria.                • Ensures ability to meet
                                                                                           compliance needs.
                                                  • Automatically re-writes addresses
                                                    where needed to support inter-       • Available through a global
     I don’t think we could                         domain migrations.                     network of specialist archive
                                                                                           & migration partners.
     have possibly met our                        • Enables rationalization of
     client’s data migration                        different archive technologies
                                                    into a single environment.
     goals without the help
     of TransVault
For more details and supported TransVault platforms contact Optrium | North America: 902.485.5668 | Europe: +44 (0) 3333 404433 | | | +33 1 55 17 35 00 | 171, avenue Georges Clémenceau - 92000 Nanterre - France
Reduces Migration Costs                                                               Email Platform Migrations & Upgrades
The expense, time and risk associated with manually extracting data                   Used as part of an ‘archive first’ strategy, TransVault Migrator aids
from legacy archives can make migration prohibitive, leaving you with                 migrations between email systems by enabling the bulk of static
islands of data and escalating maintenance bills.                                     archived data to be moved prior to the live mailbox.
TransVault Migrator quickly and securely moves your email records to                  For example, you can used Migrator to help with moves from an on-
a new archive service, while freeing up your old archive servers and                  premise to hosted email service (e.g. Office 365) or with migration
storage.                                                                              between IBM Lotus Notes and Microsoft Exchange and vice versa, in
You can also take advantage of TransVault’s advanced filtering capability             which case Migrator converts Lotus Notes email into Exchange format,
to streamline your new archive by migrating only the data you need.                   unlocks encrypted Notes emails, converts address books, and so on.
                                                                                      Email addresses can be re-written to reflect changes in domains
Fast, High-Fidelity Migration                                                         or addressing conventions (e.g. following an acquisition), ensuring
Depending on your environment and target archive,TransVault                           migrated emails can be successfully replied to.
Migrator’s high performance engine can migrate extremely high                         TransVault Migrator also eases ugrades within the same archive
volumes of data at a time, ensuring nothing is lost in the process.                   platform, enabling archives to be re-architected and upgraded e.g. from
Each individual item is tracked, and if the migration of any item fails,              32 to 64-bit servers without impacting user access.
Migrator automatically re-tries. You can also migrate while your legacy
system is still archiving, relying on Migrator to detect and move any                 Supports Multiple Environments
newly added data.                                                                     Migrator connectors are available to support migration within and
Reports detailing exactly how much data has been moved and any                        between the following archives, formats and storage platforms:
failures (usually due to corruptions in the archive) are also available.                     • Microsoft Exchange (including Exchange 2010 Personal Archives)
                                                                                             • Microsoft Office 365
Advanced Shortcut Management                                                                 • Symantec Enterprise Vault for Exchange & Notes
The unique Mailbox Services Engine (MSE) converts legacy shortcuts                           • Symantec Enterprise
to work seamlessly with the new environment. This process goes un-
                                                                                             • Autonomy Message Manager (formerly CA Message Manager)
noticed by end users. The MSE can also:
                                                                                             • Autonomy ZANTAZ Digital Safe
    • Ensure shortcuts are put into the correct folders post-migration.
                                                                                             • Autonomy ZANTAZ EAS for Exchange & Notes
    • Not move data where shortcuts have been deleted.
                                                                                             • Autonomy NearPoint (formerly Iron Mountain/Mimosa NearPoint)
    • Control the amount of shortcuts created to avoid mailbox overload.                    • EMC EmailXtender for Exchange & Notes
No other migration route offers as much flexibility.                                         • EMC SourceOne for Exchange & Notes
                                                                                             • HP RISS for Exchange, Notes & SMTP
Enhanced Compliance                                                                          • HP IAP
Some organizations have a legislative requirement to retain data - and
                                                                                             • IXOS-eCONserver (Open Text)
ensure its integrity - for years, even decades.
                                                                                             • Ilumin Assentor
Migrator protects from obsolescence, enabling organizations to
                                                                                             • Quest Archive Manager
decommission legacy archives safe in the knowledge that their data is
in a future-proof, readily accessible format.                                                • Metalogix Archive Manager (formerly Exchange@PAM)
                                                                                             • Unify/Daegis Central Archive (formerly AXS-One) for Notes
It maintains a complete audit of all data transfers and generates detailed
reports to ensure chain-of-custody for each individual item migrated.                        • Hosted archives including Mimecast, LiveOffice & Proofpoint
                                                                                             • PST, EML, MSG & NSF files
                                                                                      New connectors are being added all the time or can be commissioned.
                                                                                      Check supported platforms and exact version numbers with your
 Challenge The TransVault Migrator Service                                            partner or with TransVault Software.

 User impact     • users keep working as their data is migrated                      Buying TransVault Migrator
                 • shortcuts converted to work with new archive service
                                                                                      For more information contact Optrium:
 IT overheads    • eliminates complexity of maintaining multiple archive solutions
 Data fidelity   • proven email format fidelity & logging
                 • preserves contents of mailboxes, journals & public folders*
 Migration time • bulk migrations can be carried out non-stop at any time            t: +33 1 55 17 35 00
                • multi-threaded architecture supports extremely fast                f: +33 1 47 29 84 81
                   processing rates
                                                                                      171, avenue Georges Clémenceau - 92000 Nanterre - France
 Costs           • allows legacy archives to be safely decommissioned,
                    releasing licence, hardware & maintenance overheads
                 • streamlines the migration process, saving considerable
                    manpower costs
 Change          • preserves data following acquisitions, relocations etc
                 • fast move to new service without loss of data or accessibility
                                                                                      Symantec Enterprise Vault is a trademark of Symantec Corporation. Autonomy ZANTAZ EAS, Autonomy
 Compliance      • preserves integrity of historic data & protects against
                                                                                      Message Manager and Autonomy NearPoint are registered trademarks of Autonomy Inc, an HP Company. HP
                    obsolescence                                                      IAP and HP RISS are registered trademarks of HP, HP is a registered trademark of Hewlett-Packard Company.
                 • full audit trail of all migrations ensuring chain-of-custody      EMC EmailXtender, EMC SourceOne and EMC Centera are trademarks of EMC Corporation. IXOS is copyright
                 • ensures all items are quickly & reliably searchable in            of OpenText Corporation. Professional Archive Manager: Exchange Edition is a trademark of Metalogix
                    one environment                                                   Software. Quest Archive Manager is a trademark of Quest Software Inc. Unify and AXS-One are trademarks
                                                                                      of Unify Corporation Inc. (now a Daegis company). Microsoft Exchange, Exchange 2010, BPOS and Office 365
                                                                                      are all registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. Lotus Notes and Lotus Domino are copyrights of IBM
                   *Please call for supported public folder platforms                 Corporation. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
For more details and supported TransVault platforms contact Optrium | | +33 1 55 17 35 00 | 171, avenue Georges Clémenceau - 92000 Nanterre - France

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