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									3   Textile Fabrics
                                             3.3.3 Warp Knitted Fabrics (2)
3.3 Knitted Fabrics

     Multiple Guide Bar Fabrics
For most warp knitted fabrics, the basic lapping structures are used in combination. This means that more than one warp sheet
and guide bar must be used.
Warp knitted fabrics have only a limited range of applications in apparel fabrics. The most important are: leisure and swimwear,
foundation and lingerie, extensible linings, laces, ribbons and trimmings.
In household textiles, warp knits are used for curtains, bed clothing and furnishings. The widest use of warp knits is in technical

                                                                                          Locknit (charmeuse) is a combination
                                                                                          of tricot and 2×1 plain stitches. On one
                                                                                          side the fabric displays distinct wales of
                                                                                          small face loops; the other side shows
                                                                                          the zigzag formation of the underlaps.
                                                                                          It is made from filament yarns which give
                                                                                          the characteristic lustre. Applications:
                                                                                          linings, interlinings, lingerie (Figures 1,
                                                                                          2, 3).

                                                                     1: Locknit,
                                                                                            Warp Knitted Terry
                                                                                          This is made with an extra warp sheet
                                                                                          of pile yarns which are caused to form
                                                                                          loops, bound into a ground fabric.
                                                                                          Applications include furnishings and
                                                                                          bed sheets (Figure 4).

                                                                                            Warp Knitted Plush, Velour
2: Locknit, face                              3: Locknit, back                            In this case, the pile loops are cut to
                                                                                          give a fleecy or velvet-like surface.
                                                                                          Applications include beach, leisure and
                                                                                          sportswear, ladies outerwear (Figure 5).

                                                                                            Raschel Net
                                                                                          Nowadays, net fabric is almost always
                                                                                          made on raschel machines. It is a com-
                                                                                          bination of pillar and tricot stitches.
                                                                                          Raschel net is most popular in bridal
                                                                                          wear (Figure 6).

4: Warp knitted terry                         5: Warp knitted plush, velour

                                                                                            Raschel Lace
                                                                                          Raschel lace fabrics are often made on
                                                                                          a base of net fabric with a pattern
                                                                                          formed from inlay yarns. They are used
                                                                                          for foundation and lingerie, bridal and
                                                                                          formal wear, and as trimmings (Figure 7).

6: Raschel net                                7: Raschel lace


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