Renoir Special Valentine: a woman for lunch rowers

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					Renoir Special Valentine: a woman for lunch rowers

Not far from the White House that was once a private home, is the most
beautiful in the world of Renoir, Luncheon of the rowers. It is an oasis
of romance in the mighty city, known for harsh reality the government,
not a celebration of life and love, the Impressionist painter.

As this is a masterpiece to be the center of Washington? We can lend to
one person, Duncan Phillips, who was an art museum and its collection is
one of the gems of the capital, bringing pleasure to dozens of visitors
long after his death in 1966. Phillips bought Dinner of the rowers in
Paris in 1923 for $ 125,000 (it is considered a small fortune at the
time). Imagine the reaction of his wife Marjorie Duncan, herself an
artist, when he made a purchase from a family of Paul Durand-Ruel, early
promoter of the Impressionists.

Phillips Collection has done extensive research on the painting,
especially the actors who are just friends Renoir and his colleagues have
a meal together on a glorious afternoon in the restaurant Fournaise,
along the Seine. They are a diverse collection including artist,
collector, journalist, poet, and several actresses, and even the owner of
a restaurant.

But one of the stars of this special collection is Renoir's future wife,
Aline Charigot. In 1880, when Renoir began Dinner of the rowers, it was
almost 40 years old and previously experienced love. A few years before
that, his mistress and model Margo tragically died of smallpox.

Aline was only in her early twenties, when Renoir so lovingly portrayed
her, and he is likely to have hit a beautiful young seamstress from
Paris. In the picture, it catches the viewer's eye, absorbed in playing
with the dog. Is she about to kiss her, and looking frightened pet?

In fact, the artist made sense, as sometimes happens, that Alina was to
be the center of his life? For soon it will be decorated with Renoir's
other works of art celebrating his favorite subject, love of life, in
works such as dancing in the country and by the sea. Fans will get
married in 1890 and have three children, Pierre, Jean (later known
director), and Claude.

Renoir and Aline in the end was forced to move to the south of France
because of his chronic rheumatoid arthritis. For almost twenty years,
Alina took care of her sick husband, who finally had to be confined to a
wheelchair. Sometimes Renoir could hardly hold his brush to paint because
of the intense pain.

However, it was Alina who died Renoir. For in 1915, shortly after a visit
to her son, Jean, who was seriously wounded in the First World War, she
died of heart failure. In his biography of his father, his mother Jean is
credited with saving him from death, intervening when his leg had to be
According to Jean, his mother "against transactions with such energy that
the military doctor at the hospital gave up the idea. He was replaced by
Professor Laroyenne, a specialist who treated gangrene with an
interesting system circulates distilled water through my leg. He did not
hide from my mother I would not have survived the amputation. Once my
mother saw that I was out of danger, she returned to Kan and died. "

So in the end, careless of Alina Dinner of the boatmen, the heroine dies.

To view the timeless paintings by Renoir, Google Day Valentine's Day:
Lunch Renoir of the rowers and Valentine's Day Through the eyes of the
artist: a woman over dinner Renoir of the rowers.

Jean Renoir quote from his book, Renoir: My father.

Joan Hart, executive director of Museum One, Inc, a non-profit outreach
service in Washington, DC, making arts in the community. She is the
author of the artist's eye: Learning to live creatively, as a book, which
allows readers to develop their inner creativity and apply it to a
personal cycle of everyday life. For more information, visit

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