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									                                                  5 Cars We Love
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There is no doubt that many people have a definite love for cars. It is a mega industry
that has evolved from simply a love for driving and working on cars and expanded into
entertainment and just about anything else you can think of. There are TV shows,
movies, and books about cars, there are car toys, car related clothing and merchandise
and just about everything in between.

With that being said, people have a love and passion for cars that often borders on
obsession. We all have that guy in our neighbor that treats his car as if it were his baby.
He is outside washing and polishing it every chance he gets. He only buys the best of the
best for his vehicle and won’t let anyone else drive it, let alone allow you to get too
close to the car. You can see the pride and joy on his face as he drives it down the

The truth is there are a number of vehicles that all car lovers feel that way about. This is
why certain cars sell better, get more attention, and simply have a look that we all love
and enjoy.

The following are 5 cars that everyone seems to love, no matter where you are from:
   1. The Mini Cooper: Since this car came to market, it seems like everyone just loves
        it. It’s hard to find many people who don’t have good things to say about it. It is a
        small car with a unique design, and it is much faster than it looks. Plus, it didn’t
        hurt that it was featured in the Italian Job, giving it great exposure.
2. The Volkswagen Beetle: This is another one of those cars that everyone seems
   to love. Similar to the Mini Cooper, it has a unique design and it definitely stands
   out when you see it driving down the road. When it was originally redesigned in
   the 90’s people just went crazy for it and they just started popping up

3. The Honda Civic: The Civic has to be one of the most popular cars of all time
   simply because of the fact that it seems like everyone we know has had one at
   one time or another. They are a mainstay on the top sales lists for cars in its class
   and Honda always finds a way to re-invent the vehicle for the next generation of
4. The Ford Mustang: This car has simply stood the test of time. Every time we
   hear that Ford will introduce a re-design people cannot wait to see what it looks
   like. The epitome of muscle cars, this car is just as cool as it was when it was first
   introduced to consumers decades ago.

5. Toyota Corolla: Just like with the Civic, it seems like everyone has owned once of
   these cars. People love it because it is very reliable, is affordable, and the overall
   look of the car continues to improve year over year.

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