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Basilica Parish of Sacred Hearts of Jesus _ Mary - The Basilica


									Basilica Parish of Sacred Hearts of Jesus & Mary
                       168 Hill Street, Southampton, New York 11968

                                       Pastoral Staff:
                               Rev. Michael A. Vetrano, Pastor
                            In Residence: Rev. Msgr. William J. Gill
                                     John Moran, Deacon
                      Sr. Mary Assunta Boyle, RSM, Religious Education
                     Suzanne Marchisella, Parish & Cemetery Secretary
                             Mary Ann Tupper, Human Resources
                                 Jo Ann Morse, Music Director
                               Jack Hanlon, Liturgy Coordinator
                    Sr. Barbara McKenna, RSM, Bereavement Coordinator
  Your parish staff welcomes the opportunity to serve you. A priest will always be available for emergency
  sick calls. Many requests for service and information can be met during the daytime when the office is fully
  staffed. We suggest making appointments with the priest, deacon or other member of the parish staff since
  they might be engaged in other pastoral activities.
              WE CELEBRATE EUCHARIST                                     Parish Office Telephone: 631-283-0097
                          Mass Schedule
                            Weekends:                                              Fax: 631-283-3836
             First Saturday of the month: 8:15 AM
                       Saturday: 5:00 PM
            Sunday: 8:00 AM, 9:30 AM, 11:00 AM,                           E-mail:
                12:30 PM. (Spanish). 5:00 PM.
                          Vigil: 7:00 PM.                                  New website:
                Holyday: 8:15 AM., 12:00 Noon
               Monday, Wednesday, Thursday &                                    Hours: Monday - Friday:
                       Friday: 12:00 Noon                                  9:00am - 12 Noon; 1:00pm-4:00pm
                       Tuesday 8:15 AM.
           Please let us know if someone is unable to                     Evenings: By appointment only please
           come to Church because of age or illness.                     Sat. & Sun.: By appointment only please
          We will be happy to bring Holy Communion
                         to them at home.
          Tuesdays: Our Lady of Perpetual Help
                Novena. 8:15 AM Mass

Religious Education Office: 283-0508                                Human Resources of the Hamptons
e-mail:                                       The Human Resources Program volunteers reach out to meet the
                                                                    temporal needs of the elderly, the housebound and the poor of our
Human Resources Office: 283-6415                                    parish and community, Our parish Care for the Caregiver Program                               delivers hot meals to families in need of this kind of help on
                                                                    Wednesday evenings. Call the Human Resources Office (283-
                                                                    6415) for more information and assistance.
Spanish Apostolate: 283-4379
Vincentian Fathers: 287-9647                                        Birthright:
                                                                    Birthright maintains an office at 99 W Montauk Highway. Hampton
Our Lady of the Hamptons                                            Bays. Project Rachel offers confidential and compassionate coun-
School: 283-9140 Convent: 283-9110                                  seling to anyone suffering guilt after an abortion. Please call Birth-
Sr. Kathryn Schlueter, CSJ, Principal                               right at 728-8900 for information.

BAPTISM:                                                            RELIGIOUS EDUCATION:
Baptisms are customarily performed on Sunday at 2:30 P.M. Prior      Our Parish Religious Education Program and Our Lady of the
arrangements with the parish priest or deacon must be made as       Hamptons Regional School strive to sup port and complement the
far in advance as possible. The Godfather and Godmother should      responsibility of parents to be the primary teachers of the children
be practicing Catholics. Our Baptismal Program meets at 7:30        they have co-created with God. Our Religious Education Program,
P.M. on the second Monday of each month in the Parish Center.       which includes preparation for First Penance. First Eucharist and
                                                                    Confirmation, is a family centered, continual formation extending
                                                                    from Grade 1 through Grade 8. Our Ministry to high school
PENANCE:                                                            students continues this formation for grades 9 through 12.
Confessions are heard on Saturdays from 4:00 - 4:45 PM. A more
convenient time may be arranged with the parish priest by calling   PARISH REGISTRATION
the Parish Center.                                                 We ask that all Catholics living within the boundaries of Sacred
                                                                   Hearts of Jesus and Mary Parish fill out a registration (census)
                                                                   form. This helps us identify and provide for the needs of our
MARRIAGE:                                                          parishioners. If you are new to the parish or if you are moving,
In order to prepare adequately for the life-long commitment to the please call the Parish Office.
Sacrament and to arrange to participate in a Marriage Preparation
Program, we ask that you make arrangements with the priest or
deacon of your choice at least six months prior to the date of the
marriage. Because of the Sunday Mass schedule, Nuptial Masses
are normally celebrated on Friday evening or Saturday. Weddings
should take place in the proper parish of the bride or groom.
                         Twenty-sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time
                                 September 30, 2012
                                 Readings: Nm 11:25-29; Jas 5:1-6; Mk 9:38-43, 45, 47-48
                Mission Statement: We are a Eucharistic centered people, who by following Christ’s teaching,
                          together to love and serve those in spiritual and physical need in our community.

Masses for the Week of Oct 1-7                                 SOUTHAMPTON HOSPITAL– Sept 30-C & J Mottern
Monday        12:00      Patrick Boyle                         Oct 7—P. Madison
Tuesday        8:15      Jacques Bodeau
                                                               HAMPTON CENTER– Sept 30—A. Pastoria, S. Raynor
Wednesday     12:00      Robert Murtha
Thursday      12:00      Ral Welker                            October 5—Mass—Sr. M. Assunta & Sr. B. McKenna
Friday        12:00      Living & Deceased Members of the      October 7—J. McCarthy, S. Raynor
                         Hogan & Donohue Famililes             Rosary— October 4 —B. Medler
Saturday      5 PM       Dorothy Leddy Connelly
                                                               ALTARS - October—M. Lynch, C. Rotunno
                         (100th Birthday)
Sunday        8:00       James Donnelly                        ALTAR LINENS: G. Bauer
              9:30       People of the Parish                  HAND LINENS - Oct 1-14—C. Ciriello
             11:00       Roderick, Patrick & Susie Minogue
                         Dennis J. O’Connor, Jr., Howard
                         “Corty” Bishop, Marie LoBue                         SACRIFICIAL GIVING
             12:30       Spanish Mass                                   The September 23rd collection was
             5 PM        Dominic Lanzetta                              $7654.00. The 2012 Catholic Ministries
                                                                      Appeal total so far $43,391 in gifts and
                                                                 pledges, 83% of our goal. May God bless you for
             MINISTERS SCHEDULE                                  your continued support and generosity.
Saturday, Oct 6       5 PM Msgr. Gill
  SERVERS             E & M Knight                                           Anyone who would like to donate altar
  E.M.’S              J. Costa, A. Fiore, P. Madison                         flowers in memory of a loved one or for
  LECTOR              G. Reisig
                                                                           a special intention please call the Parish
Sunday, Oct 7         8 AM Father Kiernan                                  Office at 283-0097. Ext. 0
  SERVERS             J & B Ambrose, I & L Martin
  E.M.’S              K. Duggan, L. McClain,
                      C & J Mottern, M. Steinbrecher                      ALTAR BREAD,WINE AND CANDLES for
  LECTOR              M. Mackey                                            this week were donated in honor of the Feast
  GREETERS            I. Hurley, K. Moffa, M. Steinbrecher                 of the Guardian Angels and in loving memory

             9:30 AM Father Dahm                                           of Jacques Bodeau, by his wife, Yvonne.
 SERVERS     P. Bellucci, A. Cuccia, M. Wilson                Anyone who would like to donate Altar Candles, Wine
 E.M.’S      N. McCulley, Sr. B. McKenna, M. Nugent           or Altar Bread in memory of a loved one or for a special
             C & J Wilson                                     intention please call the Parish Office—283-0097 Ext. 0.
 LECTOR      J. Hanlon
 GREETER     A. Lesta, J & N McCulley                                            WE PRAY FOR OUR BELOVED SICK

             11 AM Msgr. Gill                                    Patricia Kahl        Winnie Chin                John Bishop
  SERVERS    May Bros.                                           Pat Reinhardt        Chris Begg           Grace McNamara
  E.M.’S     S. Adelante, G. Bauer, V. Grattan                  Robert O’Shea          Gene Travers, Jr.       Gerard Murphy
  LECTOR     J. Cleary
                                                                Suzanne Parillo        Patrick Dermody           Joe Taranto
  GREETERS   C. Brown, C. Butler, R. Essay
                                                                Gwendolyn Porter      John Cuccia, Sr.            Jean Smith
             5 PM Father Paul                                   Jean Kearns           Eileen Finlay               Beth Larkin
  SERVERS    M. Terry                                           Elivira Schiavone     Annie Murphy               Louis Scricca
  E.M.’S     N. Conroy, L. DeRobertis, S. Oldakowski
                                                                Stan Witkowski        Anne O’Brien               Anna Norsic
  LECTOR     S. Nielsen
                                                                Daniel Sheerin
Pastor’s Column
September 29/30 -

Dear parish family,
       Once again, a huge thank you to all those who took the time to fill out or email a pas-
tor’s survey to me. It has been a wonderful, encouraging, and challenging task to read your
thoughts about Sacred Hearts Church and about our future. This week I would like to give
you some feedback on what has been communicated to me.
       First of all: Almost everyone answered my first question (What is the best thing
about Sacred Hearts that keeps you coming here?) in a similar way. It is beautiful, it is our
spiritual home, it is the place where we have celebrated joyful and sorrowful events, and it
is where we come to strengthen our relationship with God. Many mentioned that our new
status as a Basilica church has given them a sense of honor and dignity. I have to say that
I am impressed by how many people regard Sacred Hearts as not only their own spiritual
home but also a spiritual home for the whole community. This is a very important under-
standing to our sense of mission and ministry.
        Second, almost 75% of those replying mentioned a concern about the presence and
participation of young people and young families. This is a very complicated issue and it is
not unique to our parish. The fall-off in participation by teenage Catholics, young adults in
their 20’s and 30’s, and young families is well known. I should also mention here that
things are a bit different among Hispanic Catholics on Long Island — our 12:30 Mass each
week is filled with young families and children! I am glad so many people mentioned the
need to reach out to young people and young families because I plan to devote a good bit of
energy to this task. I never think it is wise to be angry or resentful about those who are not
participating in the church. Rather our motto should be: If you build it, they will come! If
our church is a place of warmth, welcome, and understanding toward the complexities of
life for young people today, then I believe we have done the best we can do and God will
take care of the rest. We need to look at the atmosphere of worship, opportunities for chil-
dren and young people to participate in the liturgy, and opportunities to minister and par-
ticipate that meet young peoples’ needs. We also need to be a church that recognizes how
much communication today is based in the use of technology. Web sites, social networks,
and other technologies should not be absent from our church.
       Third, after youth, the next area frequently mentioned was the need for our parish to
revitalize the number of committees / ministries and also the opportunities for parishioners
to come together both socially and culturally. This is great news because if the parish is to
come more alive in terms of activities and ministries, you will need much more than one
parish priest to make it all happen. Some of these needs are already being addressed. I have
been putting invitations for new ministries in our bulletin each week and a number of parish-
ioners have spoken to me about opportunities for parish social events to celebrate our com-
munity life. JoAnn Morse has done much this summer to enliven the cultural life of our par-
ish with our “Music at the Basilica Series” which surely will be growing through the new
       Now there were many other good ideas and concerns raised in the survey and I will be
addressing some of these in weeks to come. But before I conclude this week’s report, let me
turn to some other kinds of issues raised by our parishioners. Here are some concerns about
the quality of our buildings and grounds:
   More than half our surveys and many people who have spoken to me after Mass have
     raised the issue of air conditioning for the Basilica. They point out that summer is a spe-
     cial time here for regular parishioners and visitors, many of whom may be going else-
     where because of discomfort and health issues in the months of June, July, and August.
     In the past the issue seemed to be that we would not want to harm the beauty of the
     building. This is an absolute priority but there may be a way to do this now without
     harming the building. This may also improve the efficiency of heating as well.
   Many mentioned our sound system as a concern. Many have difficulty hearing our cele-
     brants and the sound can also be uneven—with some areas seeming too loud. Some mi-
     crophones do not work and static is a constant problem.
   Some mentioned landscaping around the church as overgrown and in need of renewal.
     Many mentioned trimming the trees and hedges so the church can be seen and parishion-
     ers can safely exit onto the roads. (This last need has just been completed thanks to a
     great job by the Village Highway Department and our own maintenance men.)

Well, these are the most mentioned issues and con-
cerns. As I said above, there is more to report and
I will do that in the coming weeks. Thanks to all who
took time to write. Remember that it is never too
late — my door, mailbox, and email are always open!
 Sincerely yours in Christ,

Fr. Mike Vetrano
 New Ministries For Sacred Hearts
 One of the most important ministries of a pastor is to invite people to discover and use their
 gifts. Here are three ministries I would like to begin and a beginning description of what
 they do and what gifts they require. If you are interested please drop Fr. Mike a note:

A Ministry to Visitors to our Basilica
I am not sure what we might call this ministry. Maybe you can think of a
good name. But church groups and tour groups are beginning to call so
that they can make a visit to our diocese’ first basilica. We need people
who can:
 Help with brochures and guides to Sacred Hearts
 Give tours and explain our history and the art / environment of the
 Welcome guests to our parish.

                           A Ministry of Consolation
                           One of the most profound spiritual moments in peoples’ lives is
                           celebrating the loss of a loved one. A ministry of consolation
                            Help people plan the funeral Mass
                            Be present to welcome family and friends at Mass
                            Help as Eucharistic ministers and lectors at funerals

Wedding Ministry
The celebration of weddings is a very important ministry here. The beauty of the church at-
tracts many who wish to celebrate the beginning of their married lives. A wedding ministry
 Help with rehearsals and planning
 Welcome couples and families on the day of wedding
 Prepare our church for the celebrations
 Help with Eucharistic ministry at nuptial Masses
St Francis Blessing of the Animals

Join us at 2 PM on Sunday September 30 to celebrate the
blessing of all our furry and feathered friends! St. Francis is
known for blessing all creation as a sign of God’s love and
care for us. Our blessing will take place on the great lawn
alongside our church (in case of rain we will go inside.
There will be prayer, music, a treat for all the pets, and of
course God’s special blessing on those who bring us such
great joy.

                                 Visit us on the Internet

Starting this weekend you can view our new website, There are several reasons for
updating our website in this way.
The name reflects our identity as a basilica parish. It will also be the domain for our parish email addresses
going forward. You can already write to Fr. Mike at . Of course if you really liked
our old web address you can still use it! It will lead you to the new site as well.
The new site will make it possible for us to post more kinds of content (pictures / video / surveys / etc.)
It will be easier for us to update the site and keep news and events
right before you.
So visit us on the internet and tell us what you think.
                           MUSIC AT THE BASILICA
                                             October 20, 2012                      6:30 PM

                                                   SHOWERS OF BLESSINGS
                                                     Kings Chapel Gospel Choir

                                                       Brief History of the Choir
         Shower of Blessings is a Gospel choir that started in 1998, the name Showers of Blessings came from Pastor Frank A. White. He’s currently
   the pastor of Kings Chapel COGIC where the showers of blessings choir ministers every Sunday. He had the idea that every time the choir rose to
   sing they would be a blessing, therefore the name Showers of Blessings came to him from God. The choir started off very small with only 12 to 14
                             members because of how small the church was. However it grew and continues to grow today.

               Your Generosity at Work                                             ARIA, THE CHILDREN’S CHOIR OF SHJM
                                                                                          Always welcomes newcomers!
   Your donated fancy dresses are on their way to
  lifting women out of poverty. PBS Channel 13 is                           It is a wonderful opportunity for young singers to be
   airing a four hour documentary on Monday and
Tuesday, October 1st & 2nd at 8 PM that tells the                           creative and tap into their vocal talents, in a loving
story of inspiring and courageous women and girls                           and nurturing atmosphere.
 that confront the poverty and oppression in their
 lives and make a new beginning with the help of
                                                                             We practice every other Saturday
              individuals like yourselves.                                  & sing the 2nd & 4th Sundays of
                                                                            the month at the 9:30 Mass
The documentary, Half Sky: Turning Oppression
  into Opportunity for Women Worldwide, was
filmed in 10 countries across the globe. Follow the                         We also sing on holidays and
     stories of hope as real
   meaningful solutions are                                                 special masses.
   being fashioned through
   health care, education, &
                                                                            If your child loves to sing & would like to join our
   economic empowerment.
   Keep a sharp eye out for                                                 choir, please call Loreen at (631)275-1851 or email
Jane Ngori, the woman who                                                   at
 inspired you to care for the
    poor and part with your
       treasured dresses.
                                                                          !TEACHERS NEEDED!

                                                              We are in need of teachers for the middle
                                                             grades on Wednesday afternoon and an 8th
                    Rites of Christian Initiation             grade teacher on Wednesday evening. If
                             for Adults                      anyone feels called to this ministry, please
                                                                  call Sr. M. Assunta at 283-0508
                   Anyone who wishes to become
                      a Catholic or to receive any                     RELIGIOUS EDUCATION
                    sacrament that they have not
                                                                        Classes have begun!
    yet received are invited to attend RCIA
    classes which will begin on October 4                       (If you have not registered your
                            at 7 PM.                         child/children for Religious Ed please
                                                                   do so as soon as possible.)
  Please call Sr. Mary Assunta at 631-283-                   PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ARE REGISTERED AT SACRED
                                                             HEARTS OF JESUS AND MARY. REGISTRATION FORMS
             0508 for more information.                      ARE AVAILABLE BY CALLING THE PARISH OFFICE AT

                                                             Parents of children who will be entering first
                                                             grade in September: If your child is entering
“Jesus waits for us in this sacrament of love.” -            the first grade and you want him/her to receive
Pope John Paul II                                            the sacraments in the parish, it is time to
                                                             register them for the Religious Education
             Please join us in an hour of                    Program if they are not attending Our Lady of
            Eucharistic Adoration                            the Hamptons or some other Catholic School.

     Each Friday directly following the noon Mass            Religious Education Registration forms are now
                                                             available on the parish website:
                    12:30-1:30 PM
  “Come to Me all of you who are weary and find life
  burdensome and I will refresh you…” “Cast all your
                                                             Please remember that children are required to
     anxieties upon the One who cares for you…”              attend each year from first to eighth grades, in
“My peace is my gift to you…” (Mt 11:28; 5:7, Jn 14:17)      order to be prepared for the receiving of
                                                             Confirmation in the eighth grade. Also
                    PARISH PROGRAMS                          attendance each week is a must unless the child
                                                             is sick or has a good reason for missing a class.
                         FRANCISCANS                         Please encourage the school and coaches not to
The Secular Franciscans meet on the third Sunday of the      schedule games or practices on Wednesday
month, after the 11 AM mass in the Parish Center. Would      afternoon or evening or Sunday mornings. It is
you like to know what we are all about? Please come to our   up to all of us to encourage the importance of
                                                             Religious Education in our community.
meeting. Bring a bag lunch and we will supply the coffee.
                                                             Please check the website for meetings and
               BIBLE STUDY                                   Announcements. For more information please
Bible Study Group will resume on September                   call the Religious Education office at 631-283-
25th in the upper meeting room of the Parish Center.         0508.
All are welcome!

The Spiritual Book Group has resumed . Meetings are
Tuesdays at 1 PM in Room 1 of the Parish Center. New
members are always welcome.
       LECTOR OR

Session A training will take place
on October 13th at McGann-Mercy
High School, Riverhead, from 9 AM—1 PM.
                                                                Religious Christmas Cards
Session B ( Eucharistic Ministers who would like to
                                                          Southampton Council of the Knights of Columbus will
minister to the sick & homebound) will take place on
      November 3rd at McGann–Mercy from                         begin selling Religious Christmas Cards
                    9 AM—1 PM.                             on Sunday, October 14th in the Church vestibule.

Please call the parish office if you would like to give
                                                          These beautiful cards are 20 per box for $10—$16 per
    your time & talent to one of these ministries.
  The pastor must recommend and register you to                                    box.
                  attend the training.
                                                             The cards are manufactured by the Benedictine
Evening Sessions at St. Elizabeth, Melville for
                                                          Monastery in Missouri which is used to prepare young
Eucharistic Ministers:
Session A—Wednesday, Oct 3—7:30 PM—10 PM                                 men for the priesthood.
Session B—Wednesday, Oct 17—7:30 PM—10 PM
                                                              The entire profit from this sale will be used to
                                                                           support our Parish.

                                     OUR LADY OF THE HAMPTONS

One hundred-ninety OLH students were cute as published authors in the 2012 creative
writing project YOUNG AUTHORS’- Free Write. Each was given a certificate of
authorship and invited to sign the “first editions” of the professionally published
anthology. The project was mentored and edited by Mrs. Valerie Hanley and
underwritten by a gift from Peconic Pest Control.

The annual Blessing of the Animals will be held at OLH on
Thursday, October 4, the feast of St. Francis of Assisi. The ritual
blessing and following pet social will be “hosted” by the new OLH
goldendoodle mascot, Meggie. Community and parish members
are welcome to attend. Please RSVP by October 1 at 283-9140.

STOP AND SHOP A+ for Education will donate a portion of what you spend at any of
their stores to OLH. Please register your buyer’s card at
The school ID is 5725 Every gift helps and adds up!

We invite parishioners and friends to learn more about Our Lady of the Hamptons by
visiting the website
                    Human Resources is in need           TREASURES FROM OUR TRADITION
                     WARM BLANKETS AND                      Did you ever notice how often the angels
                        MEN’S HOODED                              are referred to during Mass? We
                        SWEATSHIRTS                               commonly      meet     them       in   the
                                                                  Confiteor (“I ask blessed Mary, every
 Donations can be dropped off at the Parish
                                                                  virgin, all the angels and saints”),
          Center during the week.
                                                                  prefaces     (“with     angels         and
                                                                  archangels and the whole company
Call Mary Ann Tupper (631)
                                                     of heaven”), the Roman Canon (“we pray that
     283-6415 for more
        information.                                 your angel may take this sacrifice”), and
                                                     Eucharistic Prayer IV (“countless hosts of angels
                                                     stand before you to do your will”). Last week and
                    HUMAN RESOURCES OF THE           this week angels abound as we celebrated
                                                     Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael yesterday and will
                         Hours: Clothing Room        honor the Guardian Angels on October 2.
                          Monday thru Friday
                                     10 AM—2 PM             September 29 was originally the feast day
                                                     for Michael alone. Gabriel and Raphael joined
                   Food Pantry
            Monday, Wednesday & Friday               him in the 1969 reform of the Church calendar.
                 10 AM—12 Noon                       The celebration of the Guardian Angels has been
     For more information please call 631-283-6415   observed since the sixteenth century in Spain.
                                                     Pope Clement X assigned the feast to the first
                                                     free day after St. Michael’s in 1670, and there it
     St. Pius X Enriched Living Facility             has remained. Take some time this week to
           “Caring for those who cared for us”       reflect on these, God’s messengers and our
     The response to last week’s Special             protectors, and maybe even celebrate with a
                Collection for                       little angel food cake!
  St. Pius X Enriched Living Facility at our
           Parish was outstanding.
                                                                     Knights of Columbus Corner
                                                                        Southampton Council #1967
 On behalf of all of the retired priests in our
                                                                  The Knights of Columbus is the world’s
Church community, thank you for all of your
support and for helping to care for those who
                                                                    largest lay Catholic, family-service
              have cared for us.                      organization. It was founded in Connecticut in 1882
                                                        on four principles: Charity, Unity, Fraternity &
                                                       Patriotism. Locally, Knights of Columbus Council
                                                      #1967 serves the parishes of Sacred Hearts of Jesus
REPORTING ALLEGATIONS OF SEXUAL ABUSE                    and Mary and Our Lady of Poland. The group
             516-594-9063                                donates to both churches, the Girl Scouts, Boy
    OFFICE FOR THE PROTECTION OF                             Scouts and many other local charities.
        516-678-5800 EXT 573
                                                      For more information on the Knights of Columbus
                                                           and how to join please call 287-3545.
KID’S PAGE                                                      September 30, 2012
Prayers and history of the Church                              26th Sunday in Ordinary Time
________________________________                         _______________________________
October 2, 2012                                        October 4, 2012
                                                       Today we remember St. Francis of
Feast of the Guardian Angels
                                                       Assisi, the patron saint of animals
                                                       and the environment. Saint Francis
                    Today we celebrate the feast       lived in medieval times (1181-1226).
                    of our Guardian Angels. They       He chose a life of poverty, prayer
                    are God's messengers who are       and peacemaking. He cared for the
                    always by our side to protect      poor, the sick, and all of creation.
                    us. Angels delivered messages      There are many stories of St. Francis and the animals.
                    from God, protected people         Here is one of them:
                    from dangers and rescued
                                                        St. Francis Preaches to the Birds

                                                        Father Francis and his companions were making a trip through
They are mentioned in many places in the Bible. "       the Spoleto Valley near the town of Bevagna. Suddenly,
The New Testament Acts of the Apostles tells in         Francis spotted a great number of birds of all varieties. There
chapter 12 how St. Peter was led out of prison by       were doves, crows and all sorts of birds. Swept up in the
                                                        moment, Francis left his friends in the road and ran after the
an angel. " Psalm 91:10-12 also beautifully tells us    birds, who patiently waited for him. He greeted them in his
how God's Angels care for us.                           usual way, expecting them to scurry off into the air as he
                                                        spoke. But they moved not.
The belief that we each have a guardian angel has
                                                        Filled with awe, he asked them if they would stay awhile and
been common to Christians for hundreds of years.        listen to the Word of God. He said to them: “My brother and
It is very comforting to know and believe that we       sister birds, you should praise your Creator and always love
each have an angel guarding and protecting us.          him: He gave you feathers for clothes, wings to fly and all
                                                        other things that you need. It is God who made you noble
                                                        among all creatures, making your home in thin, pure air.
Our guardian angel is a gift from our loving God.       Without sowing or reaping, you receive God’s guidance and
They are given to us to guide our thoughts, words       protection.”
and actions and keep us from all harm and evil.
                                                        At this the birds began to spread their wings, stretch their
                                                        necks and gaze at Francis, rejoicing and praising God in a
The picture of a guardian angel that we often see       wonderful way according to their nature. Francis then walked
is an angel protecting a little child as he or she      right through the middle of them, turned around and came
                                                        back, touching their heads and bodies with his tunic.
walks over a small bridge.
                                                        Then he gave them his blessing, making the sign of the cross
We can say this brief prayer as often as we would       over them. At that they flew off and Francis, rejoicing and
like to throughout the day:                             giving thanks to God, went on his way.

                                                        Later, Francis wondered aloud to his companions why he had
Angel of God, my guardian dear                          never preached to birds before. And from that day on, Francis
to whom God's love, entrusts me here.                   made it his habit to solicitously invoke all birds, all animals
Ever this day, be at my side                            and reptiles to praise and love their Creator. And many times
                                                        during Francis’ life there were remarkable events of Francis
to light and guard, to rule and guide.                  speaking to the animals. There was even a time when St.
Amen.                                                   Francis quieted a flock of noisy birds that were interrupting a
                                                        religious ceremony! Much to the wonder of all present, the
                                                        birds remained quiet until Francis’ sermon was complete.
                             COMMUNITY & DIOCESAN EVENTS
                                                                       McGANN MERCY ANNUAL GOLF CLASSIC
                 OPEN HOUSES
You are invited to explore the benefits of a Catho-
            lic High School education                                                October 15
 __________________________________________                                 The Woods at Cherry Creek
       Date:          Time:        School:                                            Riverhead
September:                                                                 Registration & Lunch at 11 AM
Sunday 30th          1:30 PM –4 PM St. Dominic College
                                                Prep                   Shotgun start at 12 Noon
Saturday 13th        10 AM—1 PM Kellenberg Memorial                     For more information on
                      2 PM—4 PM Chaminade
Sunday 21st          10:30 AM—2 PM St. John the Baptist
                                                                       sponsorship opportunities
                                                                        or to play call 631-727-
                          SHOP FAIR TRADE                                          5900
                                                                               Ext 34 or go
                 Be the reason for peace and hope in our world
                     WORLD VILLAGE FAIR TRADE                       
                      is a “Gift Shop with a Mission”
                                                                           Annual Catholic
Fair Trade is a movement around the globe that sustains                   Women’s Conference
   lives by paying FAIR WAGES and supports AIDS                          “WOMEN OF HOPE”
                    orphans in Africa
                                                                          Saturday, October 13th
          Child and sweatshop labor is ended.                              Cure of Ars Church
    People grow in dignity and children attend school                         2323 Merrick Avenue, Merrick
COME SHOP FAIR TRADE where your dollars change
            lives and bring hope.
                                                                             For more information: Please call
                                                                                    516-409-6201 or
 You will find organic coffees, teas, chocolates as well as        
  beautiful handcrafted gifts; jewelry, baskets, scarves,
  handbags, cards, children’s items and so much more.

  Located in the Hamlet Green just east of the Hampton                  OLDE TOWN GARDEN CLUB
    Bays Movie Theatre at 101 W. Montauk Highway                           ANNUAL LUNCHEON
        Shop online—                           The Olde Town Garden Club is holding its
Hampton Bays, New York--Sobornost proudly announces the                annual luncheon & floral design program on
grand re-opening of Long Island's first and only Fair Trade Store.       Thursday, November 15th at the Sea Star
After 5 years of continuous, successful operation the World Village           Ballroom/Atlantis, Riverhead.
Fair Trade Market is moving next door to a bigger location. The                       Chinese Auction
store carries items from over 25 developing countries, including
                                                                           Floral design program begins at 11:30 AM
coffee, tea, jewelry and hand-crafted goods. The producers are
guaranteed a fair price for these items so they can live and support
                                                                                        Lunch 12:30 PM
their families in dignity. The promotion of the Fair Trade                               Tickets are $40
Movement is one of the many ways that Sobornost provides hope
and assistance to the world's poor. In addition to the array of         For more information please call Patricia Murphy at
fascinating items from around the globe, what makes the store                             631-209-0323
unique is that it is staffed by volunteers.
                           KNIGHT OF COLUMBUS
                        SOUTHAMPTON COUNCIL #1967

                            2011 MEMBERSHIP DRIVE

The Knights of Columbus is the largest Catholic Service organization in the world.
Founded by a young priest in 1882, the order has grown to 1.7 million members

With the four principles of our order being charity, unity, fraternity and patriotism…
foremost comes charity. In 2009 alone, the Knights contributed over 143 million
dollars and over 63 million man hours to various charitable activities.

Having embarked on a mission to spread God’s message of faith and love, we stand
united with the Church. In countless ways our belief strengthens us to speak out
for religious and moral values.

As Knights our faith is our foundation. Dedicated to the Catholic Church’s growth,
we encourage lay persons to participate as Parish Board members, lectors and
ushers. By working hand in hand with others in service to God, our faith
communities prosper.

Knights of Columbus sponsor seminarians, support sanctity of life causes, create
Catholic Scholarships, provide fraternal assistance and silently donate to many local
charities and families in need.

The only requirements are that you are a practicing Catholic male, 18 years or
older…by the way, we never take attendance.

Council also has a Ladies Auxiliary known as the Columbiettes. Any ladies
interested please fill out the form below and we will forward it.

Thank you for your time…have a great day and God Bless You.

If you would like more information or would like to become a Knight, please fill out
the information below and mail it to us or call the number listed.


Yes, I am interested in becoming a Knight. Please send me information.



Telephone Number

Mail to Knights of Columbus
        PO Box 500
        Southampton, New York 11969               Or call: 287-3545

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