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									                                        Do GPSs Cause Accidents?

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Using a GPS is no longer a luxury item for drivers. No longer are they only used by
commercial vehicles. They are used by the average driver each and every day. They are
available as a built in feature for almost every new car model and they are also many
reasonably priced portable versions that can be purchased in many different retail
stores. You can also get GPS apps and use your smartphone as a GPS.
While they are quickly replacing the traditional map as the preferred method of
navigation across the world, there are some questions about how safe they are.
Many people are now questioning whether or not GPSs actually cause accidents on the
road. And, based on some of the stories we read in the news about drivers using GPSs,
this might signal that they in fact do cause accidents in some cases.
Here are some of the issues with GPS use by drivers:
     People blindly follow directions: Many people blindly follow the GPS directions
        to a fault. While you would think that common sense would kick in, some drivers
        fail to pay attention to where the GPS is sending them and blindly follow
     Drivers making unsafe driving actions: Just because a GPS tells you to turn left
        into the lake doesn’t mean you have to do it. Sometime GPSs asks drivers to
        make unsafe changes in direction such as making U turns, wrong turns, and
        driving the wrong way down a one way street. People need to pay attention to
        the directions they receive and if something seems wrong, they need to adjust
        their course accordingly.
     Play with them while driving: A common thing that drivers do is play with their
        GPS while they are driving. This is a major source of distraction and can lead to
       accidents, without question. Just like with phones and other mobile devices,
       drivers should refrain from interacting with them when they are in motion. Pull
       over if you have to.
      Too trusting of the technology: Technology is not perfect. A GPS, just like other
       forms of technology, has its warts. People need to realize this and understand
       the GPS can make mistakes on occasion.

How to avoid accidents and use your GPS safely
Both humans and GPS are at fault when it comes to GPS related accidents. Yes, GPSs
make errors and give wrong directions, but this doesn’t mean that people should follow
them blindly. So, what can you do to reduce the risk of an accident when using a GPS?
    Focus on the road first: You need to pay attention to the road first and foremost.
       That is your primary responsibility as a driver. Don’t loose site of that, not matter
       what your GPS says to do.
    Use the GPS when you are stopped: Don’t try to enter coordinates or adjust the
       setting on your GPS while you are driving. Wait until you are stopped.

Use your common sense: If you are not sure about directions, use your common sense.
Don’t follow the directions if they don’t make sense. The last thing you want to be

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