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									                                Top 5 Most Recalled Vehicles in History

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Car manufacturers don’t always get it right. Sometimes, no matter how good the
intentions and how much testing is completed before they are put up for sale, certain
vehicles come to market and only cause consumers issues.

For every great that is produced, there is usually a specific model, or a specific part on a
vehicle that creates problems and inconvenience for everyone. If you are one of those
unlucky people that happened to buy or lease a car that has a number of issues with it,
then you will understand the grief that is causes. No one wants a car that has problems,
let alone having a car that has to be recalled to have certain components retested and
parts replaced.

No matter what company or model, every car manufacturer has had to recall vehicles at
one time or another. The reason for the recall has also varied significantly over the
years. Sometimes it is a quick and minor fix, and other times it is a time consuming and
expensive change that has to be made to the car.
The following are a number of the most recalled vehicles in history:

      1996 Ford Recall: With significant issues with the ignition, Ford was forced to
       recall almost 9 million vehicles in 1996. The ignitions often short circuited, which
       lead to overheating and even fires in some instances. Vehicles impacted by the
       recall include 1988-1993 Mustang, Crown Victoria, Escort, Tempo, F Series
       Trucks and the Lincoln Town Car.
   1996 Ford Recall number 2: After recalling almost 9 million cars, Ford was forced
    to recall another 14 million because of a fire threat. The recall impact a number
    of models such as the Explorer, Bronco F Series Trucks and the Lincoln Town Car.
    This issue was with the cruise control function and its tenancy to overheat and
    start a fire.
   1995 Honda Recall: In 1995, Honda was forced to recall more than 3.7 million of
    their cars. They were recalled because there were issues with the seat belt
    release button. They found that the buckle tended to crack, creating a safety
    issue for all of their vehicles that used this type of seat belt. Models included in
    the recall included the Civic, Prelude, and Accord.
   2009 Toyota Recall: Toyota had a serious recall that affected approximately 9
    million of their cars. The issue was with the gas pedal. It had the tendency to
    stick, putting drivers in a precarious situation that led to a number of crashes
    that resulted in a fatality. The models that were affected with this recall were
    2004-2010 Corolla, Matrix, Camry, Avalon, Highlander, Prius, RAV4, Tundra, and
   1980 Ford Recall: In what is still to date the biggest recall in history, Ford was
    forced to recall more than 20 million vehicles they manufactured between 1976
    and 1980. There was an issue with the transmission that cause the car to slip
    from park into reverse. The recall cost Ford almost $2 billion and caused more
    than 6,000 accidents.

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