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									Wanting to spend less on your monthly power bill? Heating and Air Vancouver WA knows most everyone
seems to be, particularly with the price of all energy increasing year-to-year. There are lots of things a home
owner is capable of doing in reducing the quantity of electricity used and reduce costs each month. Even if
one lives in a more recent home, very often one might still enhance the new home construction techniques to
further make it more energy efficient. Some of these tips can be more expensive than others but many of
them are really affordable to do and can be achieved oneself without the need for working with a contractor
or service technician. Also, most can be immediately be done and won’t take much time at all.
1 - install compact fluorescent light bulbs
cost: about $3 each
payback: 1/2 to 1 year.
2 - install a programable thermostat
cost: $30-$100
payback:1/2 to 2 years
3 - seal large and small ceiling air leaks
cost: less than $200
payback:1-2 years
4 - seal air duct leaks
cost: less than $25
payback:1-2 years
5 - insall water saving showerheads
cost: $10 and up
payback:1-2 years
6 - insulate the water heater
cost: $8-$20
payback:1-2 years
7 - wheatherstrip windows and doors
cost: $10-$20 per opening
payback:1-3 years
8 - tune up furnace and heating equipment
cost: $100 and up
payback:1-3 years
9 - install ceiling insulation
cost: about $.50 per square foot
payback:2-5 years
10 - install floor insulation
cost: about $.50 per square foot
payback:2-5 years
11 - install storm windows
cost: about $30 a window
payback:24-10 years
12 - replace heating system
cost: varies
payback:25-20 years
13 - blown-in wall insulation
cost: $1- $2 sq foot
payback:26-12 years
14 - landscaping (trees for windbreak and sun screening)
cost: $30 and up per tree
payback:25-10 years
15 - window replacement
cost: $300 and up per window
payback:15-30 years

Give most of these a consideration and begin the process of running as cost-efficient of a home as one can.
This is especially true if one is considering staying in ones current property for several years to come, the
returns will clearly be of great benefit. However, even if one is not, having today's energy efficient windows
in a house makes it much easier to sell, suggests Heating and Air Vancouver WA.

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