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									 IRS Tax Tips                                                                   February 13, 2013

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                                Determining Your Correct Filing Status
                             It’s important to use the correct filing status when filing your income
News Essentials              tax return. It can impact the tax benefits you receive, the amount of
                             your standard deduction and the amount of taxes you pay. It may even
What's Hot                   impact whether you must file a federal income tax return.
News Releases
                             Are you single, married or the head of your household? There are five
IRS - The Basics
                             filing statuses on a federal tax return. The most common are "Single,"
                             "Married Filing Jointly" and "Head of Household." The Head of
IRS Guidance                 Household status may be the one most often claimed in error.

Media Contacts               The IRS offers these seven facts to help you choose the best filing
                             status for you.
Facts & Figures
                             1. Marital Status. Your marital status on the last day of the year is
Problem Alerts               your marital status for the entire year.
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                             2. If You Have a Choice. If more than one filing status fits you,
                             choose the one that allows you to pay the lowest taxes.
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                             3. Single Filing Status. Single filing status generally applies if you
                             are not married, divorced or legally separated according to state law.
The Newsroom Topics
                             4. Married Filing Jointly. A married couple may file a return
Tax Tips 2012                together using the Married Filing Jointly status. If your spouse died
                             during 2012, you usually may still file a joint return for that year.
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                             5. Married Filing Separately. If a married couple decides to file their
Fact Sheets                  returns separately, each person’s filing status would generally be
                             Married Filing Separately.
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                             6. Head of Household. The Head of Household status generally
Disaster Relief
                             applies if you are not married and have paid more than half the cost of
Scams / Consumer Alerts      maintaining a home for yourself and a qualifying person.
Tax Shelters                 7. Qualifying Widow(er) with Dependent Child. This status may
                             apply if your spouse died during 2010 or 2011, you have a dependent
                             child and you meet certain other conditions.
IRS Resources                IRS e-file is the easiest way to file and will help you determine the
                             correct filing status. If you file a paper return, the Interactive Tax
Compliance & Enforcement
                             Assistant at is a tool that will help you choose your filing
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Filing Options               You can also find more helpful information in IRS Publication 501,
                             Exemptions, Standard Deduction, and Filing Information. This
Forms & Pubs                 publication is available at or by calling 1-800-TAX-FORM
Frequently Asked Questions

News                         Additional IRS Resources:
Taxpayer Advocate
                                   IRS Free File
                                   IRS e-file Options
Where to File
                                   Interactive Tax Assistant
                                   Publication 501, Exemptions, Standard Deduction, and Filing

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