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									     Draft Minutes of the Kirkmahoe Community Council Meeting of the 16th
                       January, 2013 in Kirkton Village Hall
Present – KCC Members – John Young, Neil Munro, Derek Ivy, Fiona Meikle-Latta, Hugh Johnstone,
Trevor Hayward, Jackie Bodle

Non-KCC Members – Councillor Ted Thompson, Claire Corlett, Margaret Wilson, John and Morag
Williams, Dobie Davidson, Suzanne Hayward, PC Andrew Wheeler

1 – Apologies – none

2 – Minutes of the last meeting on 21st November, 2012

2.1 – Approved the minutes of 21st November, 2012 moved by JY and seconded by FML.

3 – Matters arising from the minutes

3.1 – Katherine Leask (KL) has asked the residents of Kirkton for help to improve drainage at the
Kirkton play park. TT said that a survey of the park is to be carried out and he will get back directly to
Katherine Leask thereafter.

3.2 – KL has asked NM and Vickie Wallace to be part of the Sam Leask Memorial Fund group. Both
have accepted.

3.3 – Jean Muir had expressed an interest in becoming a member of the Events Sub-committee.

4 – Police Report (PC Andrew Wheeler)

4.1 – AW confirmed that the police cannot email all community councils re possible crime in these
areas. The police are faced with the problem of resource priorities.

4.2 – There was no serious crime incidents in the area. However a quad bike was stolen the day
before the KCC meeting.

4.3 – FML asked who was responsible for sending out the police texts as there had not been any for a
considerable length of time. AW admitted the texting scheme may have been overlooked but he
would look into how to organise this better.

4.4 – TT to send information re “One Force” to JY.

5 – Treasurer’s Report (DI)

5.1 – Present Financial Position – The present financial position was that there was just over £5,000
uncommitted in the Bank.
5.2 – Administrative Grant from D & G Council – The application for 2012/13 was accepted and will
be paid shortly.
5.3 – D & G Council Grants for 2013/14 – The application papers have arrived and decisions as to
what to apply for need to be made in the next month.
5.4 – Insurance for Senior Citizens’ Social Evening – A date was required to arrange the usual liability
5.5 – D & G Database – We need to advise the D & G Council officially about the two new co-opted
Members. The forms are ready for completion.
5.6 – Bank Mandate – The Resolution to add the new Vice Chairman and the new Secretary to the list
of Authorised Signatories and to remove the previous Chairman and previous Vice Chairman was
passed at the KCC Meeting held on 16th January 2013.
6 – Councillors’ Report (TT)
6.1 – Cuts of £8M are to be made by the Council in 2013. Details of the savings have not been
revealed yet but cuts will be made in education, street cleaning and repair of potholes.
7 – Planning Matters
7.1 – HJ confirmed that no planning permission was needed for the shed at Kirktonfield Farm.

7.2 – A renewal of planning permission for alterations and extension to dwellinghouse at Market
Garden Cottage, Carnsalloch was applied for at the end of November, 2012.

8 – Kirkton Enhancements (NM)
8.1 – Permission has been given by the Council for the pilot edging scheme on the Village Green. All
aspects of this initial phase have been sanctioned by the Council who are supportive of all
improvements to the Village Green, NM to chase up quotations for the work allowing this first phase
to be commenced, probably in the spring.
8.2 – Scottish Power has completed landscaping around the Green following the undergrounding of
overhead cables.
8.3 – The pavement to the church is also completed and the boundary fence has been erected. This
leaves minor landscaping which will be carried out in the spring. Dobie Davidson asked whether it
would be possible to raise the question of continuing this pavement to join with that already existing at
Bush Cottage? NM to speak to the Council.
8.4 – In addition to the two new lightheads already installed in Barrasgate, all of the units will be
replaced in the village during 2013.These will give a brighter light and are environmentally more
sympathetic due to the way they use power.
8.5 – NM pursuing landscaping in Longloch Drive as well as the additional notice board in Duncow
8.6 – NM in discussions with the Council in respect of cleaning out the ditch at the Quaw and
trimming both the hedge at the path leading to the Village Hall and at the margin at the drainage area.
8.7 – Whilst the work at the BT phone box is substantially complete there is outstanding the
completion of some glazing, the painting of the floor and the adjustment of the newly fitted door which
is not closing properly. NM pursuing this with BT.
8.8 – In respect of the power line modernisation, pavement completion and progress with the pilot
edging scheme, JY proposed thanks to NM, Ted Thompson, Andrew Wood and Jeff Leaver for
helping to achieve these enhancements.

9 – Windfarms (NM)

9.1 – In respect of the Harestanes Development, Scottish Power Renewables are dragging their feet
on giving financial sanction in order to establish a potential trust model. The Moffat Initiative may need
to gain support from David Mundell MP by putting pressure on SPR. There is no further update on the
Loch Urr development, NM to seek an update on the developers commitment to the community

10 – Kirkton Waste Water Treatment Works (NM)

10.1 – On behalf of the community, NM has agreed an interim upgrade of the plant with Scottish
Water, which is proceeding well and is expected to be completed by the end of January, 2013.
Awaiting outcome of the SW review on the plant’s replacement in the next tranche of capital projects
planned to commence between 2015 and 2020.

11 – Events in 2013

11.1 – There will be an Events Sub-committee meeting on Wednesday, 23rd January in Kirkton
Village Hall at 6.30 pm. JY, NM, FML, DI, JM, Margaret Wilson to attend. A programme will be
compiled for events for the coming year.

11.2 – FML suggested that carers/companions be invited to attend the coming Senior Citizens
concert. A flyer about the concert will be made up and distributed. Lifts will be arranged for those
wishing transport to and from the event.

12 – Day of the Region 2013

12.1 – Agreed not to make a submission for the 2013 event.
13 – Correspondence (FM-L)

13.1 – Noted a letter from the Chairman of the Nithsdale Committee of Voluntary Service informing of
an open meeting on Monday, 21st January 2013, following the Scottish Government decision not to
fund these organisations. TT to attend the meeting.

13.1 – Noted a letter from Kenny Meek, Nether Cottage offering to organise a fundraiser evening of
entertainment at the Village Hall. All monies to be given to the Sam Leask Memorial Fund. JY to
make contact with Kenny Meek.

14 – Any other business

14.1 – TT advised the meeting of the progress regarding the 4th Periodic Review of Community

14.2 – The Government has announced the availability of £1M in order to allow communities to repair
and maintain their war memorials ahead of the centenary commemorations in 2014. Those present
agreed that it was an excellent opportunity and that since this would be a popular initiative, an early
application would be necessary to secure funding for Kirkmahoe. NM had contacted Gordon Bissett
who is aware of this opportunity and is in touch with his contacts in the Council.

14.3 – A Coffee morning will be held in Dalswinton Village Hall on 9th February, 2013.

14.4 – Kirkton Village Hall Committee AGM will be held on Friday 18th January at 7.30 pm.

14.5 – Noted that a salt bin is now in place beyond Duncow School.

14.6 – Noted the play equipment at King George V play park is to be removed for health and safety
reasons. Funding that might have been used, may now be sought by the Sam Leask Memorial Fund
and by the school.

14.7 – Noted that Duncow School had raised £100 for the Sam Leask Memorial Fund.

14.8 – Noted that there would be an open ceremony on 25th January 2013 at The Midsteeple,
Dumfries to celebrate The Big Burns Supper event.

14.9 – Noted the need for a new community noticeboard was discussed by the Village Hall
Committee the cost of a new noticeboard be shared by both organisations. Agreed.

14.10 – Agreed to purchase a second Christmas tree, for use outside the Village Hall. JY to get costs
for an additional tree.

14.11 – HJ suggested that details of the Christmas refuse collections be included in the autumn issue
of Grapevine. In order to ensure that everyone receives a delivery of this magazine, a distribution list
is to be prepared.

14.12 – FML asked for a list of the 2013 KCC meetings.

14.13 – FML encouraged members of the community to email her regarding matters of concern in the
Kirkmahoe district that might be of interest to the police. (fiona@swlumber.co.uk)

15 – Date of Next Meeting

15.1 – The next meeting will be on Wednesday, 20th February, 2013 in Dalsinton Village Hall at 7.30

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