shruthi telugu e-magazine (eigth edition) by AnushaYamijala


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            ు   ి               .
             A blind leader of the blind.

                             GOOD WORD:
Wee Willie Winkie
runs through the town,       A contented mind is the greatest
Upstairs and downstairs      blessing a man can enjoy in this
in his nightgown,            world.
Rapping at the window,
crying through the lock,
"Are the children in          TOUNG TWISTER:
their beds, for now it's
                              •     Upper roller lower
eight o'clock?"
                                  roller Upper roller lower
The             Stag             at               the            River


    A Stag, very thirsty because of the heat, came to a river in a
forest to drink some water. He saw his shadow reflected in the water,
and greatly admired the size of his horns, but felt ashamed of his
weak                  and                 thin                 legs.
“I wish my legs were as beautiful as my horns,” he sobbed.

    While he was lost in these thoughts, a Lion appeared at the river.
The Stag fled from the river in an instant, but his horns soon became
entangled with the branches and he found himself stuck

        The Lion quickly caught up with him and captured him.

    “How wrong I was to despise my legs which could have saved
me now, had it not been for my horns which I so admired!” he cried.

The most valuable things are often disregarded.

D worlds most happiest
person nvr gets all d
best things arnd them.
they jus make d best of
wat they get.. Best

                          Genuine success comes only
                          to those who are ready for it.
                          Good Luck

                          Meaning of some colors, Yellow for
                          special friend, white for peace, orange
                          4 luck,black for hate, red for love and
                          pink for likeness,So i choose for u
                          Orange Flower. Wish u goodluck

                          Luck is yours, wishes are
                          mine. let ur future always
                          shine. Best of Luck!

                                    6. If A/B = 3/5,then 15A = ?
                                    7. Each side of a rectangle is
1. A worker is paid Rs.20/- for
                                    increased by 100% .By what
a full days work. He works
                                    percentage does the area
1,1/3,2/3,1/8.3/4 days in a week.
What is the total amount paid
for that worker ?
                                    8. Perimeter of the back wheel
2. If the value of x lies between
                                    9 feet, front wheel = 7 feet on a
0 & 1 which of the following is
                                    certain distance, the front
the largest?
                                    wheel gets 10 revolutions more
(a) x
                                    than the back wheel .What is
(b) x2
                                    the distance?
(c) -x
(d) 1/x
                                    9. Perimeter of front wheel
                                    =30, back wheel = 20. If front
3. If the total distance of a
                                    wheel revolves 240 times. How
journey is 120 km .If one goes
                                    many revolutions will the back
by 60 kmph and comes back at
                                    wheel take?
40kmph what is the average
speed during the journey?
                                    10. City A's population is
                                    68000, decreasing at a rate of
4. A school has 30% students
                                    80 people per year. City B
from Maharashtra .Out of
                                    having population 42000 is
these 20% are Bombay
                                    increasing at a rate of 120
students. Find the total
                                    people per year. In how many
percentage of Bombay?
                                    years both the cities will have
                                    same population?
5. An equilateral triangle of
sides 3 inch each is given. How
                                    11. Two cars are 15 kms apart.
many equilateral triangles of
                                    One is turning at a speed of
side 1 inch can be formed from
                                    50kmph and the other at
                                    40kmph . How much time will
it take for the two cars to        Rs.90/kg, given that the
meet?                              quantities of band c are equal
12. A person wants to buy 3        c)60,20,20
paisa and 5 paisa stamps           d)40,30,30
costing exactly one rupee. If he
buys which of the following        17 : Average age of students of
number of stamps he won't          an adult school is 40 years. 120
able to buy 3 paisa stamps.        new students whose average
                                   age is 32 years joined the
13. There are 12 boys and 15       school. As a result the average
girls. How many different          age is decreased by 4 years.
dancing groups can be formed       Find the number of students of
with 2 boys and 3 girls            the school after joining of the
                                   new students:
14. Which of the following         1. 1200
fractions is less than 1/3         2. 120
(a) 22/62                          3. 360
(b) 15/46                          4. 240
(c) 2/3
(d) 1                              18: On sports day, if 30
                                   children were made to stand in
15. There are two circles, one     a column, 16 columns could
circle is inscribed and another    be formed. If 24 children were
circle is circumscribed over a     made to stand in a column,
square. What is the ratio of       how many columns could be
area of inner to outer circle?     formed?
                                   1. 48
16. Three types of tea the a,b,c   2. 20
costs     Rs.      95/kg,100/kg    3. 30
and70/kg respectively. How         4. 16
many kgs of each should be         5. 40
blended to produce 100 kg of
mixture worth?
19: Which of the following
numbers is divisible by 3? (i)
541326 (ii) 5967013
1. (ii) only
2. (i) only
3. (i) and (ii) both
4. (i) and (ii) none

20: A square is divided into 9
                                     Answer of last week:
identical smaller squares. Six
identical balls are to be placed       1. Ans: 4.
                                       2. Ans: 1.
in these smaller squares such
                                       3. Ans: 4.
that each of the three rows gets       4. Ans: 2.
at least one ball (one ball in one     5. Ans: 1.
square only). In how many              6. Ans: 1.
                                       7. Ans: 1
different ways can this be
                                       8. Ans: 1
done?                                  9. Ans: 1
1. 81                                  10. Ans: 1
2. 91                                  11. Ans: 2
                                       12. Ans: 1
3. 41                                  13. Ans: 1
4. 51                                  14. Ans: 4
                                       15. Ans: 2
                                       16. Ans: 1
                                       17. Ans: 3
                                       18. Ans: 4
                                       19. Ans: 2
                                       20. Ans: 4

             Microsoft WORD 2007

 Page Layout:


    Theme       Àâ°×âÑ dÖÀâ¶b×â Theme Colors ¾
                ~õr¦°d¨ÀâvÖ¾Ñ I~ßÎê°ÖÐÉKÖÀâ°°

    Theme       Àâ°×âÑ dÖÀâ¶b×â Theme Fonts ¾
                ~õr¦°d¨ÀâvÖ¾Ñ I~ßÎê°ÖÐÉKÖÀâ°°

     Theme        Àâ°×âÑ dÖÀâ¶b×â Theme Effects ¾
                  ~õr¦°d¨ÀâvÖ¾Ñ I~ßÎê°ÖÐÉKÖÀâ°°

 Page Setup:

       Margins Àâ°×âÑ dÖÀâ¶b×â Margins ¾
               ~õr¦°d¨ÀâvÖ¾Ñ I~ßÎê°ÖÐÉKÖÀâ°°

     Æ¥sÈȨ       Àâ°×â   ´Àâ¿xpÖ¾Q    ±r¡¦    Àâ°×âª


       Orentati                  Æ¥sȨ pêªvâ° pâdÖÈ°.
                                 ´Æ Ѫ{â ±³Àâ°W Ȩ
       on                        I×ÖQΰ.        adâs
                                 ÈéªvÒ ¿öý~Ï pêªvâÀâ¬
                                 ´Àâ¿xpÖ×â¾Q      ±r¡¦
       Size       ~ö~ßpÒ      ÀêôµÖÈXªÈ¨        Àâ°×âÑ
                  ´Àâ¿xpÖ×â¾Q       ±r¡¦    dÖÀâ¶b×âÆ

       Columns adâ     ~öm¡ dÖÈÀÒ°b gÖ Àâ°×âª
       Page    adâ      ~öm¡ Ȩ Àâ°p³dâ ~öÊËÑ
               ÀêÔâ\vÖ¾Ñ, ´ªrá ¿x°Öndâ ~õr¡¦
       Break   ׳Ñýyá ¿x°Öndâ I×âQ k¨r ×â°ªn¥
               Àâ°×⪠Àáp³dâ ~öÊËÑ ÀêÔâyÖÀâ°°

       Line       Àâ°×⪠Z~ß»¥ ~öÊËd¡ Èêô×Ò ×ꪱpâ°
                  EÀâ]vÖ¾Ñ I~ßÎê°ÖÐÉKÖpâ°

       Hypenta adá pâdâÀê°ô×â ~ß{ÖÈ ×â°ªn¥ Àáp³dâ
               ~öÊËÑ ÀêÔâvÖ¾Ñ

Page Background:

         Water     Àâ°×âÑ dÖÀÖ¶b×â ~ß{ÖȾ ~öÊË È¨~ßÈ
                   dâ¾ÄªkâvÖ¾Ñ, ´ªrá ~õô×â ´ãâpÖÈ°
         Mark      Àâ°îÎâ°° ~ß{ÖÈ° æÖvÖ dâ¾ÄÉKÖΰ

         Page      ~öÊËÑ pâªgâ°¾ EÀâ]vÖ¾Ñ


         Page      ~öÊË ´ªkâ°ÈÑ pâªgâ°¾ Èádâ Àâ°×âÑ
                   dÖÀâ¶b×â AdÖpÖ¾Q EÀâ]vÖ¾Ñ


                 Indent             ~öpÖd¡ UvâÀâ° Àêô~ßóÑ
                                    Àâ°|âX fÖù¥

              Spacing            ~öpÖd¡ ~õô×â Àêô~ßóÑ
                                Àâ°|âX fÖù¥


                    ±³Àâ°Wd¡ ´ãâpÖÈd¡ Àâ°|âX fÖù¥¾,

                    ±³Àâ°Wd¡   ~öpÖÈd¡ Àâ°|âX fÖù¥



Table of Contents:

              adâ ~öÊË È¨ ÝõéÚGªgÒb ~õr¦vÖ¾Ñ



               adâ ~öÊË È¨ Ѫ{â ~öÊË ×ꪱpêô×Ö, Èádâ

               pÖû×âÀÖpâ° ~öpâ° ~õr¦vÖ¾Ñ I~ßÎê°ÖÐÉKÖÀâ°°

Citations and Bibliography:

                 adâ ~ßó¿ßKdâªÈ¨ Àâ°×⪠I~ßÎê°ÖЪn×â ~ßó¿ßKdÖȾ¥,

                 Abbrevations¾, ~õr¦vÖ¾Ñ I~ßÎê°ÖÐÉKÖÀâ°°


         Àâ°×⪠EÀá°mÒ Ñ Èádâ ±³Àâ°Wdêô×Ö ~öpâ° pÖÎâ°vÖ¾d¡, Àâ°×â

         vÖæXÀê°ªrÒ È¨ I×âQ rá±°ÈÒb ´¾Qªs¾¥, Àâ°×âÑ dÖÀâ¶b×â

         ±³Àâ°W¾ gâ°îKªkâvÖ¾Ñ I~ßÎê°ÖÐÉKÖÀâ°°


         Àâ°×⪠  d³yâK    ~ß{ÖȾ ~öÊË     Àê°°{âr¨[   ~õr¦vÖ¾Ñ


Table of Authorities:

            Àâ°×⪠rá±°ÈÒb Ȩ I×âQ váré¾ adâ ~öÊËȨ ~õs¦

            {־Ȩ¾Ñ Àâ°ù¥\ Eªd³dâ váré¾ ¹åڪЪkâvÖ¾Ñ


            :                                        :
                    :                                                        :
–4(                                 )            -
        -                                                            -
            –4                                                           -
                :                                                                -
                                        ,                                            -
                                        .                    :

                                .                                                        .
                        ,                   ,ి           ,
.                                                                    .
                            .                                                                .ి

            :                                                   ి
                :                                       ి                   .
-                                                                                           ,
                    - 600                                           .               ి
        - ½                                                             ి               .
    -               (1                )                                         ి
                         -½                         ి       ి


                                              ి ,
                         ,                      ,

                           mall                .
                               ).                           ు
    ,               :

•                   mall

•                                   ,          ,

                                        mall           ి.

        :                                              .
                   :                                           .
                                    ,               .

                       :                                           .
                                    ,               .

                                ి           .

                       :                                           .
                                    ,               .
              .                     ,                                  .

"       !!        mall                      .

    ి                      ి:

"                                                        : 61,397.
                                        .                                  ."
ీ               -



                    ి               ి
    ి                           ి
                        ి                       ి   ,
            ి                           .
        ి                                   ో
               Effective Quotation        of
               Swami Vivekananda
               Inspiring Messages Famous
               Quotes      by      Swami

                                 brain, muscles, nerves,
     We are responsible          every part of your body,
for what we are, and             be full of that idea, and
whatever      we      wish       just leave every other idea
ourselves to be, we have         alone. This is the way to
the power to make                success, that is way great
ourselves. If what we are        spiritual    giants     are
now has been the result of       produced.
our own past actions, it
certainly follows that
whatever we wish to be in
future can be produced by
our present actions; so we
have to know how to act.

      Take up one idea.
Make that one idea your
life - think of it, dream of
it, live on that idea. Let the

        Bear in mind, my children, that only cowards
    and those who are weak commit sins and tell lies.
    The brave are always moral. Try to be moral, try to
    be    brave,     try   to     be     sympathizing.

     The earth is enjoyed by heroes—this is the unfailing
truth. Be a hero. Always say, “I have no fear."

      Never think there is anything impossible for the soul.
It is the greatest heresy to think so. If there is sin, this is
the only sin ? to say that you are weak, or others are

   A few heart-whole, sincere, and energetic men and
women can do more in a year than a mob in a century.
KARUJI:                              X≠G,
       3*3                   .
                                     X < 1G,       ,G       1
       L.M,N                     .

                                     X < > 1G,      ,G
                                     1                  ి       ి
                                               X    ి


X=G,               X,G,
dâªvâ dÖÀâp⪠I×âQ ÀÖî   ~ßr¦ Èá¾ A×âª{âª
±È°~ßó                   ~ߪkâ°d¨ Èá¾ ±Ö|â
y³ÈЪn, ¾¥Àâó ÀÖî¾       yêªkâ°d¨ Èá¾ ±ª|âª
{Ö¾y¨ ¾¥ÀêÀâp¨ ÀÖîÑ
yêÈ°~ßó                  ¾¥y¨ ¿xîgÖ
                         ~ߪkâ°æ×á ×á¿ßKª
´¬ ¾¥ ÊËÆyÖ¾¥d¨ g³~ßR
Àâ°È°~ßó                                dâÆyâ

´¬ ¾¥ ÊËÆyÖ¾Ñ ÀâÃpâ~ßó   ÅÖÀÖ¶Q kê~ßRvÖ¾Ñ
pÖ¾ gêÈ°~ßó              U×âQüsd¡ Æ¥vâ¾ ×á¿ßKª

d⽸¾ ~õr¦°±ÚgÖ         dâ×â°¹Ö~ß pâ°Ö~ߪgÖ
ÈãâXÉÖ|â×á |áXÎâ°ªgÖ    dÖgâÈ dÖpÖX¾Ñ Z~ß»¥dâgÖ
~ßr¦°{âÈ AÎâ°°|âªgÖ     Ýßé½{âÎâ° ¿ßRª{â×â A|ÖpâªgÖ
AyâWƵÖ]¿xª AÅâpâJªgÖ   Àâ°×â¿ß°bȨ¾ ÅÖÀâ×âæ
ÆmÎâÃé¾Q ÉÖºªkÖ¶        ÉÖãâXªgÖ
                        Àâ°¬ pÖû×â NÝßéÈ {â½µâX
                        pâ°Ö~ߪ dâÈ

             ి                       2800

                  97,000km (                miles)

                         ి                    ు      ి

Dishwasher        1889

Albert Einstein

                              ు      ి


 DAYS          DAY’S NAME
 February 2    World Wetland Day
 February 4    World Cancer Day
 February 5    Kashmir Day (Organized by Pakistan)
 February 6    International Day against Female Genital
 February 12   Darwin Day
 February 12   Rose Day
 February 12   World Day of the Sick
 February 14   Valentine’s Day
 February 20   World Day of Social Justice
 February 21   International Mother Language Day
 February 22   World Scout Day
 February 23   World Peaces and Understanding Day
 February 24   Central Excise Tex Day
 February 28   National Science Day

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