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					     15 Tips for Small Business Marketing

Does your store does not work as it should? Could it be better? Since you have a mall next
door and does not have the same customers?

No need to spend too much money on advertising , you do not know if you will have a result.
So start following these simple steps and will improve your business together.

1. Log in

- Who are you? (Which is not the same as what you were.) How do you know?

- Who will you be?

- Look at yourself honestly. know your market . Analyze it. What is missing in this market and
is left in your municipality? Are you within your industry or occupy a well-defined space
between all of your bouquet?

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2. Specialize:

- If you face down a dealer What will you do? Be prepared. One of the best ways is

- If you have an overseas, you can devote to natural products of the earth, if a bookstore,
carrying backpacks and stationery or fashion, whether it is a children’s clothing store, in casual
or formal child, if it is an herbalist, in pampering or healing or natural food

3. Check your product:

- Do you often claim things that you have?

- Go in and not find what they are looking for?

- That product would enter into “what you want to be”?

- Are there products that do not come out even if the recesses of price or put them over the

- Listen to your client to meet their needs

- Can you find the same product at a grocery store? Then you have to specialize and get
where they fail

- Can you find the same product at a store near you specialized, and even more choice and
information on their properties? Specialize and unique in what you offer, at least in the range
of what we offer.

4. Check your distribution:

Direct, on request, make orders via Internet or phone, I-timers reruns?

- Are you still buying everything by distributor – representative? If so, it’ll be more expensive
than your competition.

- To buy cheap, you have to move, constantly looking at deals on the internet or other means,
to travel and get the best value – price to offer it to our customers.

- Sitting in an armchair and hoping the representative arrives at our home … wait not succeed!

5. Check your price:

- The margins by product, have varied over time: some up and some down. Did you do it

- A higher price than other establishments can be justified only (partially) with a deal
“exclusive” customer accompanied by a professional advice. Otherwise we will be there only
for emergencies.

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6. Check your window and interior (lighting, cleaning, window):

- A showcase (and inside) dirty or poorly lit NO SALE. A showcase messy indicates sloppiness.
A showcase without prices is against the law. This detail is worth investing. Not too expensive
and there are subsidies that we can accommodate. If you neglect this, forget the rest.

7. Turn your little shop into a meeting as far as possible and treat
every customer like they were the only one

-Create forums

- Spaces for children to play

- Conferences who are older or share common interests

- A personalized service that can never be found in larger establishment

- A commitment

- A product demonstration

- Ten little things from time to time with loyal customers

- Collect your complaints or recommendations and give them out as far as possible

- Advisory

8. Promotes local events:

- Join the popular party, in your establishment see these with the world, you’re just one of

9. It is accessible and helpful:

- Estate available for customers and suppliers: for better and for worse

- If you sell the same and similar prices to a larger store and known, but they are not just
customer service, and yourself, you have to know that the customer always let you play, you
will feel more comfortable in where someone you advice or where to go to ask questions, and
not a place to look for a dependent. Our main weapon with respect to large stores is service.

10. Give what you have left:

- If you do not look able to sell it, however much it should cost you was a
mistake.Desembarázate point: Gift This detail by promotion or for loyal customer or give away
to cause a gift through you buy another product.

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11. Make large customers talk about you:

Competition you let them, because you know more than you, because you are able to get the
best selection in … because you know how it will develop the market, because you have done
something innovative and original.

12. Let see, touch and feel:

- Do not start with that you can not touch anything, because they will go to any other place, in
which if they can touch it without look askance, they put a face or scold them.

13. Reach agreements:

- With the same branch stores other partnerships with other cities. Try buying so common that
you can get discounts on purchase and the supplier side pressure.

14. Internet Use:

- I keep in touch with the market, and know where you are going

- Meet firsthand subsidies, prices of other establishments, developments, innovations.

- You can place orders and refills easily and find offers from different companies at one point
that no one comes to offer

15. If you            turn   around,      publication       between       your     potential

- Locally and showy

- Which is inexpensive, since you do not know the outcome?

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Description: No need to spend too much money on advertising , you do not know if you will have a result. So start following these simple steps and will improve your business together.