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Travel & Leisure | By: anaimasharma (02/13/13)                                                                      Username:
In business, whether you work in a typical office a shop or factory. It is built     Categories
of individuals in the group with specific targets for the production of goods                                       Password:
that the company sells. In such situation team building activities comes as a          Arts & Entertainment
great benefit.                                                                                                      Remember
                                                                                       Business                     Me:

Many of us are no strangers to the training sessions of company equipment.             C ommunications                           Log in
Our heads pile us into a room, where they are confined for hours and
subjected to a long list of exercises, tests and share with coworkers who              C omputers
barely know. This situation is uncomfortable enough that we want to call in                                            Signup to submit articles »
sick building training next time the computer is programmed. Unfortunate,              Environment
as companies spend thousands of dollars on these development efforts. If               Fashion
only our leaders ask us, we would be happy to provide. Tell it to leave the                                          Pages
office is something we prefer. While commanders can find joy in a social               Finance
experiment that keeps us tied to our cubicles for ten hours a day, we do
not. We'd much rather be out of the office, learn more about each other to             Food & Beverage                 Old articles
participate in fun team building activities such as scavenger hunts. Many of                                           A fee soon
us are addicted to reality television and want to be the next participant of           Health & Fitness
Survivor and The Amazing Race, so let's do this through corporate team                 Home & Family                   For academics
                                                                                       Internet Business
Where do we go if given the chance, you ask? Well, what about overseas?                Other
Yes, we know that the budget is small business, but a short drive to a
vacation destination will only put a small dent in it. We can go to the place          Product Reviews
as Ladkh Uttarakhnad or to participate in various activities. Our heads may
wonder how activities like this help us to develop working groups. Well, we            Reference & Education
can learn more about each other in a relaxing skiing than you would when               Science & Technology
crammed into a conference room. By working together, we can get those
dogs that carry the sled going in the right direction. We even have a few              Self Improvement
laughs in the process of guess.
There are number of team building companies in Mumbai that carry out                   Sports & Recreation
such activity. Activities like this expose us to new natural environments
where everyone is on the same playing field. In fact, we may feel more                 Transportation
comfortable with our union leaders, and might even make some suggestions               Travel & Leisure
on how to improve operations. After a week, or even a few days, on an
adventure like this, we will feel more comfortable with each other. We may             Writing & Speaking
even get to see our team members as friends, not just co-workers. Just
getting us out of the office serves to cool. We could even cancel the
vacation days or our plan to call "sick" due to fatigue.

Instead of assuming the only answers are negative, go ahead and ask for
our input. In this way, the company can save time and money, and all of us
will benefit from the process. It's a pretty simple and easy solution. Key
benefits of a team-building event include working relationships within a
team will be improved and developed. The new team members will be more
integrated and accepted, the more permanent staff members, who may
have been viewed in a negative way, you can find that team members see
them in a positive light by the experiences they have of their teamwork
activity. The importance of a positive action experience for your team can
not be underestimated as a motivating factor and learn to stronger ties
between team members and gives them an opportunity for reality learning.

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