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Travel & Leisure | By: anaimasharma (02/13/13)                                                                        Username:
 Many people aspire to challenging trekking peaks in the case of its closest           Categories
mountain peaks of the world-renowned as Kilimanjaro or for those who                                                  Password:
dream big Everest. The experience of reaching a summit is one of the most                Arts & Entertainment
successful among external activities - and often one of the most beautiful                                            Remember
one can experience.                                                                      Business                     Me:

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Indian Himalayas home to some of the outstanding stunning looks of
mountains, varied landscapes, flora and fauna, friendly people, ancient                  C omputers
history and colorful culture and being part of the Himalayan landscape and                                               Signup to submit articles »
scaling the heights is an experience that is beyond compare. The western                 Environment
Himalaya offers excellent trekking experience. Peaks here are high, Stok                 Fashion
Kangri, for example, goes by many as a non-technical principle for high                                                Pages
altitude mountaineering. Acclimatization routes may pass through the scenic              Finance
mountains of Zanskar, where Tibetan Buddhist culture has long existed. The
summit has trekkers climb - equipped with crampons and ice axes - by a                   Food & Beverage                 Old articles
glacier on the southeast ridge, where they rise to the top. The mountain                                                 A fee soon
scenery in sight is simply phenomenal. It is one of the most exciting                    Health & Fitness
trekking routes in India, which is both challenging and beautiful.                       Home & Family                   For academics

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This majestic trekking rotes of Ladakh is situated at an height of 6153 m
(20,182 feet) and this is the highest mountain of Stok Range of the                      Other
Himalayas in the northwest of India. This majestic summit is nestled in
Hemis National Park, 12 km southwest of the trailhead at 3,610 m (11,845                 Product Reviews
feet) in the village of Stok and 24 km southwest of the Ladakhi capital of
Leh. Despite its height, is very popular and often peak climbed a                        Reference & Education
nontechnical initial foray into the high mountain. In late July and August, all          Science & Technology
but the top of the peak may be free of snow, as you can see by clicking at
33 ° 59'11 "N 77 ° 26'32" E and following the link to Google Earth, it leading           Self Improvement
to some excellent new high resolution satellite imagery.
It is the shortest getaway and most well-liked stands at the summit of Stok              Sports & Recreation
valley, alongside the C hu Stok. In the year 2006 there occurred huge flood
which caused huge devastation to the whole valley. Its first winter climb was            Transportation
made executed period in March / April 2002 Bicton college team, which had                Travel & Leisure
three members on top of the summit. Snow was so deep base camp is more
than a mile from an adjacent valley launched in the frozen river. The peak is            Writing & Speaking
considered safe enough to climb unlike trek Valley of Flowers where
experienced people should only go there. In the year 2010 in the month of
August students from Rajkot, Gujarat (School Galaxy), climbed the summit
with 47 students and 1 teacher.

These trekking tours of India one of the most beautiful in Ladakh and
throughout India for the trip here is a fantastic prospect to visit abundant
monasteries and picturesque villages on routes underutilized in the land of
high passes. The Gompas (monasteries) are found along the ancient trade
routes that pass through Tibet and Ladakh. The routes through this region
also bring a magnificent view over the mountains of Zanskar and
Karakoram snow covered peaks with fantastic panorama of Tibet in the
distance. These trails are considered adequate 'initial expedition' for hikers
in shape. It is an excellent first Himalayan peak and no previous experience
of high altitude mountaineering or required.

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