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									              8 Canon Pixma All-In-One printers Under 10,000

How often do you have rushed to the nearby shop if you wanted to have multiple copies
of your photographs or official documents printed via computer, mobile or laptop? Most
of us will agree for sure that we do have faced that scenario quite often in our day to day

There was a time when printers used to be a costly device and most often we have to go
to the market for our printing needs. With growing technology, mass production and
competitive pricing among brand players, the cost of printers have come down

In fact, compact colour or black & white printers - be it an inkjet or a laser one - have
now become an essential gadget to go with our work needs at home along with PC
computer or laptop. Also, with significant drop in prices, printers these days have become
extremely affordable. Now, you can easily find a slew of quality printers within a price
range of Rs. 10,000 in the Indian market.

We have listed below 8 Canon Pixma All-In-One printers below which are listed online
under a modest price point of 10K.

Canon PIXMA MP237 Printer: This colour inkjet printer cum
copier cum scanner is an affordable all-in-one device which
produces brilliant copies. The device offers faster speed as it can
print a 4 x 6" bordered photo in just 40 seconds. Preloaded with
Canon's advanced creative software, My Image Garden and Print
Your Days, Canon PIXMA MP237 printer is priced at Rs. 3,290.

Canon PIXMA MP 287 MF Colour Printer: This model is
another affordable device which combines printer, copier and
scanner all-in-one. It offers printing options for A4, letter, photo
stickers and more. The PIXMA MP 287 MF promises faster
printing speed and best photo quality at a budget price point of
Rs. 3,415 online.

Canon PIXMA MG 3170 Printer: The next device in the
affordable PIXMA series, the MG 3170 model, is equipped with
Wi-Fi connectivity and this too is an all-in-one device with
printer, copier and scanner features. Furthermore, this device
offers resource-saving Auto Duplex printing for the users. Priced
at Rs. 5,195, this PIXMA printer can print a 4 x 6" borderless
photo in just 44 seconds.

Canon PIXMA E500 Printer: A bit advanced model, the PIXMA
E500 model comes equipped with added features of innovative
FULL HD Movie print and Fun Filter effects. This all-in-one
colour inkjet printer, copier and scanner promises to print a 4 x 6" borderless photo in
mere 44 seconds. The PIXMA E500 printer costs Rs. 5,895 online.

Canon PIXMA MX 377 Printer: Now, you can print, scan, copy and
fax as well with this high quality inkjet printer. The device offers faster
print speed and produces sharp hi-res borderless photos in just 46
seconds. A very ideal solution for all your print, scan and fax needs at
home, this compact MX 377 model is reasonably priced at Rs. 6,140.

Canon PIXMA E510 Printer: This colour inkjet printer again comes
bundled as all-in-one print, copy and scan features. Other than its
multifunction capabilities, the PIXMA E510 printer comes preloaded with
innovative printing opportunities from My Image Garden software to help
you become more creative with your photographs or documents. It is
available in the online store at a price of Rs. 5,285.

Canon PIXMA E600 Printer: The PIXMA E600 also offers print,
scan, copy and fax features to the users. Additionally, this model brings
Ink Efficient feature which lets a user print up to 800 pages with just one
low-cost, high-capacity ink cartridge. Then you can also get fax security
and integrated auto document feeder integrated with this device. The
E600 printer is priced online at Rs. 7,390.

Canon PIXMA MG5370 Printer: The last recommended device in the
budget all-in-one Canon printer series is the PIXMA MG5370 model. This
high-end device packs a 3 inch LCD display and offers HD movie stills as
well to the users. Preloaded with a variety of creative printing suites for
digital photos, the device can print a 4 x 6" borderless photo in just 20
seconds. The PIXMA MG5370 is price at Rs. 9,745 online.

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