Mission statement by hanaa1500


									K& A Designs is a full service design firm that provides architectural and interior design services to
clients across a wide range of markets, including civic, commercial, educational, healthcare,
hospitality, and retail.

The Principals of WWCOT are among the most diverse groups of design professionals in the
architectural community and use that diversity to give the firm's project teams more quality,
consistency, and originality. In addition to their hands-on involvement in the firm's projects, they also
lead organizations that advance the profession, improve opportunities for development, and
contribute to the well being of our social fabric.

Mission Statement:
To exceed our clients' needs and expectations, to prosper as a business, and to strive for social
responsibility by continually improving our design and services and make them more comprehensive
to respond responsibly to our clients’ changing needs, while providing a positive environment for the
professional growth of all members of the firm.

Our goal is to become one of the leading architecture and planning firms in Egypt, the Middle East and
Africa contributing to the positive integration of this part of the world to the global economy through
innovative ideas that would enhance the quality of the projects and designs that would respect local

Design Philosophy:
We honor humanity and we believe in architecture as a means to celebrate human dimensions with all
their aspects. Space is a tool for human beings to interact, learn and nurture humane expertise.
Hence we design spaces that both respond to and celebrate human dimensions both physical and
moral. When we design for new construction or plan for new human settlement, it should reflect our
client requirements and not our ego and at the same time contribute to . Outstanding design is much
more than what may please the eye; it is what satisfies our clients needs by functioning the way they
planned it to and nurtures human experiences of the users.

To match form, function, and cost control with innovation and quality in a project that serves clients
and communities requires collaborative leadership. K&A Designs embraces this concept because in
today's world collaboration is needed to cover different aspects of knowledge that has increased
substantially and not a single entity could cover it all. Our firm created and continues to build business
partnerships with foreign firms from different parts of the world; USA, Europe and Australia. These
partnerships benefit our firm’s team to develop more global knowledge and more essentially serves
our clients’ goals by adding international experiences to the projects targeting international clientele.
Among the firms that we developed partnerships with:
SWA Group, USA (planning and landscape firm)
RMJM London Ltd, England (architecture and planning firm)
InterArt, Paris, France (interior design firm)
Scenic Spectrum Ltd., Australia (visual impact assessment and tourism planning)

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