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					      Project cost:
                  Installation cost              3000 lakhs
                  Annual maintenance cost        67.00 lakhs
                  Per capita cost (present)      4643/-

        The proposed scheme is implemented under TNUDP-III with a financial
tie up as follows:
       TNUDP III Grant                    Rs.650.00Lakhs        20%
       Local bodies contribution        & Rs. 984.21 Lakhs      31%
       Public contribution
       Loan                               Rs.1365.79 lakhs      49%
       Interest During Construction       Rs.180.05 lakhs
       Total project cost                 Rs.3180.05 Lakhs

        The Municipal Council has resolved vide its Resolution No 751      dated
21.07.2004 for the funding pattern as above and Deposit and Tariff as below;
  Deposit                         Domestic                   7000/-
                                  Non Domestic               15,000/-
  Tariff                          Domestic                   100/- P.M
                                  Non Domestic               200/- P.M

              After completion of the scheme local body will maintain the
scheme. Possibility for privatization will be explored including recycling of
treated wastewater for industrial use.
Recommendation of Commissioner of Municipal Administration

        The Commissioner of Municipal Administration has recommended
the    proposal       for   providing   comprehensive     sewerage    scheme   for
Ramanathapuram              @ an estimated cost of Rs.3000 lakhs to install for
Phase-I     and Rs.67.00 lakhs to maintain annually with percapita cost of
   Rs.4643 for present population and decided to go for financial
assistance as recommended by TNUDF .
      Required Technical details of the Proposal projects are appended.
      The proposal is placed before the State Level Project Sanctioning
Committee (SLPSC) for examination and approval for according Administrative
sanction with the above funding pattern and Financial Operating Plan (FOP) .
The committee may consider the proposal.
Resolution Sought For:
The State Level Project Sanctioning Committee (SLPSC) resolved, to accord
approval and recommend the proposal for providing comprehensive UGSS to
Ramanathapuram at an estimated cost of Rs.3000.00 lakhs to install and Rs.
67.00 lakhs to maintain annually with a per capita cost of Rs 4643/- lakhs to
Government for according Administrative sanction.
Ramanathapuram Municipality-Salient Features

Area of Municipality                   6.31SQ.Km.
No of wards                            33
Length of roads                        70.00 Km.
population 2001                        61979 (as per Census)
Base year 2008                         64604
Intermediate 2023                      77802
Ultimate      2038                     91000
Sewage contribution                    90 lpcd (including infiltration)
Total no. Of Assessment                16977
Total no. of House sewage expected     14200
No. Of sewerage zone                   5
Quantity of sewage generated           9.20mld
Length of sewers                       64.25 Km.
pumping main                           12.984Km.

Pumping Station

pumping station                        5 Nos
DG set proposed in (pumping station)
 Pipe materials

Collection system                      SW/RCC
Pumping main                           PSC/CI

Sewerage Treatment Plant
Total capacity                         9.20 mld
Process                                Waste stabilization pond system
Land Availability                      68 acres (To be alienated)
Proposed units                         Anaerobic pond 2 Nos.
                                       Facultative pond 2 Nos.
                                       Maturation pond 2 Nos.
Treated Effluent to be disposed at     Used for Agricultural purpose

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