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					       Los Angeles Soda Fountains- the brand name for perfect beverage!
Having specialized in various soda mix and post mix fountains, we are place ourselves as a
premier CO2 dispensing vendor globally. A perfect well trained refrigeration technicians,
professionally well equipped and state of the art installation equipments have been one of our
credentials for success in being a premier soda vending equipment distributors.

Over a span of decades, the Soda Fountains Southern California has been a household name
for not only a few Hollywood destinations, but also as premier soda fountain distributors for
various entertainment and amusement malls, clubs, recreation centers and holiday destinations
like the Disneyland, Mc Donald’s and the Trump National Golf Club- just to name a notable few.

For us at RJ Soda Services, the aspect of refilling the gas cylinders and getting them serviced
only by ourselves places us away from the crowd- in the soda distributor markets. This is one of
our unique credentials which has continued us to provide market strength in terms of quality,
customer satisfaction and earning a brand image.

The Soda Fountain Machine Los Angeles- a trusted name for the holiday destinations

Having imbibed a true “go getter” in various aspects of the beverage industry, the Soda Fountain
Machine Los Angeles ranks as a premier soda distributor, across various parts of the USA and
across the globe as well. Following are some of the reasons which can be attributed to this par
excellence phenomenon:

For over many years, we have been the perfect “holiday hub” serving many of our revered
clients, most of which include the Boston Market, the Burger King, the Costco, the Gibson
Amphitheatre- just to name a vital few.

The CO2 dispensing Los Angeles uses state of the art dispensing equipments, which are well
equipped, customer friendly and are time tested for their validity.
We continue to hold a competent and trustworthy long term association with the Coca Cola
beverages, bringing out a vast niche of changes in Coca Cola syrups, which is a household name
for many.

We provide the most innovative technology soda fountain dispensing equipments to our clients.

Though enhancement of distributor ethics, grabbing the best in beverage business, inculcating
good workmanship attitude and maintaining the long, everlasting relationship with customers,
have all been our greatest tenets in being the best soda fountain dispenser, our greatest strength
lies in providing a vision for being a premier in distributing soda syrups to holiday destinations

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Description: We ate RJ Soda, have been successful in promoting innovation in various facets of CO2 dispensing technology.