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Travel & Leisure | By: anaimasharma (02/13/13)                                                                      Username:
Rafting is one of the most exciting and sensational sports known to man              Categories
who always lounges to do once in a lifetime. Those who have experienced                                             Password:
the thrill of rowing down the rivers can attest to this fundamental fact.              Arts & Entertainment
Rafting in turbulent waters is an experience you will remember for the rest                                         Remember
of your life. C anoeing as a sport is a test of nerves and requires players to         Business                     Me:
negotiate difficult sections of fast flowing rapids unequal. River Rafting takes
place mainly in the upper part of a river where the water flow is rapid and            C ommunications                           Log in
the volume of water is sufficient. In any of this expedition of fun reaches a
crescendo when rapid fall in gradients of depth only to rise again when they           C omputers
reach a rocky surface. The adrenaline you feel when navigating the rapids                                              Signup to submit articles »
is beyond words. The foot-hills of the Himalayas serve as the perfect setting
for rafting in India.                                                                  Fashion
Be Ganga valley or the valley of Brahmaputra or Zanskar Valley or Siang
Valley the thrill of water sports fall into either of these sections. Most of          Food & Beverage                 Old articles
these rivers originate in the Himalayas and ice cream as they pass through                                             A fee soon
deep gorges burst into silvery white rapids that serve as the perfect                  Health & Fitness
backdrop for a thrilling adventure water. The best time for rafting is                 Home & Family                   For academics
September to November and March to April. It is one of the heart pumping
adventure sports can be tempting, but it can also be very dangerous at                 Internet Business
times. It is very important that you pay proper attention to your team
before starting this expedition. Keep your life jacket securely fastened               Other
around your body, and preventing you from drowning.
You must wear appropriate helmets saved from any kind of injury.                       Product Reviews

There are many travel company that offers tailored packages for our                    Reference & Education
clients, which include the cost of safety equipment rental and personalized            Science & Technology
service of a lifeguard for the duration of the expedition. To make your trip
more adventurous, consider staying in camps along the river also. Staying              Self Improvement
here, you can plan to walk at night in the neighboring hills. After enjoying
the beauty of this place, you can also go for nearby excursion like visiting           Society
nearby important place whose name has been mentioned many a times in
our epics. You can also take part in cliff jumping or mountain biking in India.        Sports & Recreation
You can also go for trekking in nearby hills with expert guides and this will
give you a chance to come closer with the nature.                                      Transportation
                                                                                       Travel & Leisure
To experience comfortable expedition in the rapid White Water Rivers, you              Writing & Speaking
can consider contacting some of the tour operators in India. But here one
important thing is that not all areas in the river are easy and safe.
Therefore, you can ask some reliable tour operators to help you during your
entire tour program. There are some tourist service providers are known to
provide this tour packages, as well as food and lodging to travelers. They
offer adventure tour program that includes attractions like camping, hiking
and more. You can consider contacting them before scheduling your
expedition river in Uttaranchal and is called as the best rafting in India.
Now, to facilitate the search for tour operators, you can think about using
the Internet. There are some tour operators that operate reliable websites
to contact customers residing in different parts of the country. You may
consider browsing websites to collect contact information from reliable
suppliers of tourism services.

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