Bridging the global online payments gap by gcneophil9


									Bridging the global online payments gap

Internet-based payments processing company Merchant e-Solutions has launched
the MeS Global Acquiring Platform (GAP), allowing merchants with international
customers to accept payments in the local currency oftheir customers. When prices are
only displayed in a single, unfamiliar currency, shopping cart abandonment rates
increase exponentially. By allowing customers to make purchases in their own currency,
you can increase sales as they tend to be more comfortable viewing prices in their
native currency.

In addition, GAP enables transactions that are authorised and settled in the consumer's
currency of choice to be viewed and reconciled in the merchant's currency of choice,
so the adoption of additional currencies and payment methods do not disrupt your
established accounting practices. With GAP you can process transactions in euros,
pounds, dollars and many other currencies.

GAP also provides local direct debit and bank transfers in addition to Switch/Solo,
Giropay and Maestro, increasing your reach to millions of international consumers who
might otherwise shop elsewhere. Key benefits include consolidated reporting for
transactions, as well as reduced foreign exchange risk with refunds processed in the
same currency as the original purchase.

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