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									Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Announces New “Luxury All-In” Plan

Lifestyle Holidays Vacations Club is a top travel club in the industry
that is located in the beautiful area of the Dominican Republic, and this
vacation club has provided members with another affordable option when
they travel in the form of “Luxury All-In”, an all-inclusive plan.

Las Vegas, NV, February 13, 2013 -- Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club is a
top travel club located in the Dominican Republic that provides the
highest quality vacations for members at a fraction of the price, and
this vacation club is making travelling even more affordable with the
introduction of their “Luxury All-In Plan”. This is an all-inclusive plan
that members can take advantage of when travelling this year at many
different resorts that are all in the Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club
family. This is a great all-inclusive plan that will provide members with
even more savings when they travel down to the Dominican this year.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club released the details about this “Luxury
All-In Plan” earlier this month, so that members could start saving
immediately in 2013. This plan gives members access to VIP areas, 24 hour
room service, meals at any restaurants on the premises, guest
restaurants, buffets, snacks, and even includes alcohol. All-inclusive
plans used to be known as a stuffy option where members only had one
place to choose form to eat, and they were sick of the food by the end of
the trip. With this “Luxury All-In Plan” members get to experience many
different types of restaurants and cuisine, as well as their alcoholic
beverage at dinner. This is just another option that Lifestyle Holidays
Vacation Club is providing to their members, to assist them in saving the
most money while on vacation.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club also has many exclusive areas that are
solely for the members of the “Luxury All-In Plan”. This gives travelers
the option to vacation in style in private cabanas, on private beaches,
and even in private areas of restaurants and clubs. This is an elevated
vacation experience that was created so that members could feel like the
celebrities that they are. Vacations are a time to let loose and enjoy
every experience to the fullest, which is why many members are already
signing up for the “Luxury All-In Plan”.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club is one of the top travel clubs in the
industry because this vacation club in the Dominican Republic is always
providing innovative options for members. This is why members enjoy VIP
plans, private transportation, exclusive events, as well as world class
dining experiences. Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club recognizes how
important vacations are, which is why they provide the best experience
for all of their members. Travelers are looking forward to signing up for
the “Luxury All-In Plan”, saving money, and having the time of their
lives at the Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club this year.

Walter Halicki
Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club
P.O. Box 608,Columbus Plaza, Torre 1
Player Cofresi, 57000
Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

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