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									Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Announces “Kosher Approved Kitchen”

Lifestyle Holidays Vacations Club is one of the top travel clubs in the
industry because they pay attention to the needs of their members through
innovative packages and unique experiences, which is why this vacation
club is proud to announce a totally kosher kitchen.

Atlanta, GA, February 13, 2013 -- Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club is a
top travel club because they understand the needs of their guests, which
is why this vacation club is excited to introduce a totally kosher
kitchen to members. Eating while on vacation can be a lot of fun, but
travelers with specific diets have to watch out for their meal options.
This travel club recognizes the importance of feeling comfortable with
food choices in restaurants, which is why this travel club is offering
kosher kitchens to assist guests in their dietary needs. This is exciting
for members in the faith that struggle when they go away on vacation, now
they can get to enjoying the beach a little be more, and worrying less
about finding suitable dining options.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club has recently announced that they have
received the “OK Kosher Certification” which is one of the most
prestigious kosher ratings in the industry. There was such a demand for
kosher food that this travel club recognized the need from its members.
This is why Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club sought out the best chefs,
and worked hard toward achieving a kosher stamp of approval on their
kitchens. This is an exciting time for members that want to enjoy their
meals while on vacation, and no longer have to worry about their
sacrificing their religious traditions.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacations Club is also pleased to announce that the
kosher kitchen option, is available to members all year round. This way,
travelers no longer have to worry about finding restaurants that suit
their dietary needs. This kosher meal preparation is available in
residences, synagogues, restaurants, as well as other services. Members
can also rest assured that all of the meal preparation will be under the
direction of OK Kosher rabbis. This is an exciting tie for the members of
Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club that can finally eat meals with the
peace of mind that their dietary restrictions are being cared for.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club remains one of the top travel clubs in
the industry because of this company’s focus on providing for all the
needs of their guests. This is why the kosher meal options, VIP program,
and all-inclusive options were put into place. Lifestyle Holidays
Vacation Club wants to make sure that the needs of all members are met
while on vacation, so that they can enjoy relaxation away from the
stresses of everyday life. Members appreciate the dedication of this
travel club, and look forward to kosher dining at the Lifestyle Holidays
Vacation Club kitchens in 2013.

Walter Halicki
Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club
P.O. Box 608,Columbus Plaza, Torre 1
Player Cofresi, 57000
Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

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