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									Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Introduces New VIP Program for Members

Lifestyle Holidays Vacations Club is a travel club that is located in the
exclusive area of the Dominican Republic, and this company has always
been known for their affordable travel packages, and now this vacation
club is providing a new VIP experience for members.

Miami, FL, February 13, 2013 -- Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club is a
travel club that is focused on providing luxurious accommodations for
members at a fraction of the price, and now this travel club is focused
on providing an all-around exclusive VIP membership for interested
travelers. Vacations are a time to make life long memories and relax from
all of the stressed of everyday life in luxurious surroundings. This
travel club recognized the need to have a top tier program, where
travelers could join as a VIP member and receive lavish vacation
experiences. This new program is exciting for members that are seeking to
vacation in the lap of luxury in 2013.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club unveiled their VIP membership level at
the start of 2013, and members couldn’t be more excited. This VIP
membership will give travelers access to exclusive areas that are just
for them while they are vacationing in the Dominican Republic. Members
will have the option to go to VIP beaches, restaurants, bars, and even
take advantage of a VIP fleet service. These are all private areas that
can only be inhabited by members that are on the VIP program. Not only
will members get to enjoy their privacy while they are on the vacation of
their dreams, but they will also enjoy VIP events that are hosted just
for them.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club wants the VIP program to be the highest
level of luxurious vacationing. This is why this travel club is planning
special events and mixers just for VIP members. These will take place in
private cabanas, bars, and other choice locations around the premises.
Members are looking forward to these exclusive events that will elevate
the experiences that travelers have while they are on vacation in the

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club receives many visitors annually because
of the exotic location of this hotel, and the amazing accommodations that
this location provides. Members always look forward to vacationing in
luxury when they come to the Lifestyle Holidays Vacations club, and
enjoying the exotic scenery. Now members are going to be even more
pleased with the introduction of the VIP program. Thanks to the new VIP
packages, members can get even more exclusive benefits, and really enjoy
their luxury accommodations while on vacation at the Lifestyle Holidays
Vacation Club.

Contact :
Walter Halicki
Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club
P.O. Box 608
57000 Puerto Plata
Dominican Republic

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