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									Chancellors Hotel Management Team Revises Manchester Museum’s Popular
                           Café Muse Menu

Manchester, UK (21st January, 2013) – Chancellors Hotel, a three-star, AA-rated
hotel in Manchester, has recently taken over management of Manchester Museum’s
popular Café Muse, and revised its menu.

On 9th January 2013, the Manchester Museum’s popular Café Muse re-opened
under new management: the team behind Chancellors Hotel, Christie’s Bistro and
Café at the Rylands. Café Muse is particularly favoured by many of the museum’s
staff and customers, and the new management has created a new menu with an aim
to blend a selection of the most popular older dishes with various new ones.

Café Muse’s new menu features a special ‘Museum Dish’—available between
11.30am and 3pm—named the Egyptian Platter, which offers a sizeable selection of
Egyptian-style food designed to further enhance the diner’s experience of the
museum’s Ancient Egypt exhibition. The dish includes: Baked Tamiya (similar to
Falafel, featuring broad beans); Boiled Free Range Eggs with a pot of Ful Medames
(similar to hummus); Smokey Baba Ganoush (a roasted aubergine with tahini);
Lemon and Garlic Tabouleh Salad; Pan Baked Flat Breads and Dressed Salad
Leaves. Fresh menus are also being created for the museum’s hospitality catering.
William Utter is the new Café Muse Manager, working with Christie’s Bistro Manager
Adam Woof.

“The museum wanted to freshen up its catering while retaining the improvements
introduced by previous operators,” said Adam Woof. “As part of the Chancellors
group, Café Muse will be able to forge a much closer relationship with the museum.
The team who used to work for Couture have stayed on, so there are still some
familiar faces around to keep our regulars happy, but we also want to attract new
customers. We plan to enhance both the menu and the surroundings to reflect
what’s going on in the galleries and provide a more enjoyable experience for all our

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