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					                                                BAKERSFIELD COLLEGE
                                                 ENSL B70 Course Syllabus
                                                Grammar and Composition

         Course Number 50383                  MTWR 8:00 – 11:05                    LA 204                      4 Units

Instructor:       John Hart                                      Office: FA 63
Phone:            395-4264                                       E-Mail: jhart@bakersfieldcollege.edu
Office Hours:     Drop in or by appointment                      Website: www2.bakersfieldcollege.edu/jhart

Course Prerequisite: Placement by the college writing assessment or ENSL B80 with a grade of C or better.

Course Description: ENSL B70 will help students develop academic skills in writing of paragraphs and short

Student Learning Outcomes: Upon completion of ENSL B70, students will be able to
     respond to a given topic to write a well-organized paragraph using a topic sentence, relevant details, and a
        concluding sentence.
     write grammatically accurate simple, compound, and complex sentences.
     use verb forms and past and present verb tenses correctly
     use cohesive devices and sequence ideas logically in a paragraph.
Course Content: In order to achieve these objectives, students will:
    develop paragraphs and compositions.
    read and discuss topics that will support writing assignments.
    review verb tense, verb forms, sentence structure, and other grammar points as needed.
    pass a final written exam that demonstrates mastery of course content.

Course Requirements:
1. Attendance: Because the success of each student depends on in-class writings, discussions, and collaboration,
attendance is mandatory. Students missing more than 20% of the class may be dropped from the course or may receive an
F. Students arriving late or leaving early may be marked absent. Attendance influences the course grade. Students not
attending class are still responsible for the material and content of the class.

2. Participation: Active and meaningful participation is required. Active and meaningful participation means that
students are invested in the class, in their work, and in their writing. Although you are not given a grade for participation,
your performance in homework assignments, class discussions, group work, and workshops will greatly influence your
final grade.

3. Assignments: Work is due on the date assigned during class. Late work will not be accepted. Make up tests and
paragraphs will not be offered. No exceptions.

4. Materials: Students should have a notebook in which to keep handouts for use as a reference when writing. Students
must also have a folder for keeping graded assignments.

5. Required Texts: Focus on Grammar, Book 3, Third Edition
                   Students must have a good English dictionary.
Grading Criteria: This course may be taken for a letter grade or Credit/Non-Credit (CR/NC). Students must complete the
necessary form obtained in the Admissions Office, have it signed by the instructor and returned to Admissions by the
correct date..

Grading Categories                   Grade Weight
1. Paragraphs                        50% (See Note #1 Below)
2. Tests and Quizzes                 30% (See Note #1 Below)
4. Homework                          20%
5. Final Exam                        Pass/Fail (See #2 Note Below)

1. I will drop your lowest paragraph score and your lowest test or quiz score.

2. In order to pass this course, you must pass the Final Essay Exam (FEE). This is a writing test that will determine
whether or not you are prepared to advance to ENSL B2 (ENSL B60). If you do not pass the FEE, you will receive a
D in the class and will have to repeat this course.

Plagiarism: Students are expected to do their own work. If there is evidence that students are cheating on their work, they
will receive no credit for their work. Plagiarism is a serious legal and moral issue. Your work must be your own work. If
students are caught plagiarizing, they will be subject to disciplinary action from the disciplinary committee and may risk
expulsion from the college.

General: Please be polite and considerate by turning off cell phones, headphones, and any other unnecessary noisemaker
to class. If you must bring a cell phone to class, please leave the class to use it. Also, people that are not registered at the
school (friends and children) may not attend class due to school liability issues.

Students with Disabilities: Bakersfield College will make reasonable accommodations and/or academic adjustments to
ensure that students with disabilities have an equal opportunity to participate in the college's courses, programs and
activities, including extracurricular activities. Students with disabilities who believe they may need accommodations in this
class are encouraged to contact Disabled Student Programs & Services (DSP & S) located at Student Services Building,
1st Floor, Counseling Center (661-395-4334), as soon as possible to better ensure such accommodations are implemented
in a timely fashion. Any student choosing not to participate in the program may elect an alternate path for support services
through the office of the Dean of Learning Support Services.
Support Services Website                         http://www2.bakersfieldcollege.edu/supportiveservices/

Important Dates:
June 9                                         Last day for refunds for 6 week classes
June 15                                        Last day to drop without a “W” on transcript
June 28                                        Last day to drop with a “W” on transcript
July 11 (Monday)                               FEE – Last day of formal class meeting

Note: You are responsible for dropping the class by the specified dates. Don’t expect me to do it for you if you stop
attending class. Failure to drop the class will result in an F.

Really Important Dates!
July 4 (Monday)                                Fourth of July Holiday – No Class
July 11 (Monday)                               All homework and extra credit due
July 12 (Tuesday)                              FEE Grading for Teachers – No Class
July 13 (Wednesday)                            FEE Re-Takes for selected students – No Class
July 14 (Thursday)                             FEE Grading of Retakes – No Class
July 14 (Thursday)                             Final Grades Posted on Engrade
                                       Homework and Extra Credit (Due Monday, July 11)

1. TEXTBOOK: Homework assignments from the Focus on Grammar textbook must be written out completely. Do not simply write
              the answers. .

                                                        Focused Practice  From Grammar to Writing
                             Part I                                      Pg. 82, act. 1
                             Unit 1                    Pg. 10, act. 7
                             Unit 2                    Pg. 18, act. 4
                             Unit 3                    Pg. 30, act. 7
                             Unit 4                    Pg. 40, act. 5
                             Unit 5                    Pg. 48, act. 4
                             Unit 6                    Pg. 62, act. 7
                             Unit 7                    Pg. 70, act. 4
                             Unit 8                    Pg. 78, act. 4
                             Part II                                     Pg. 115, act. 1
                             Part III                                    Pg. 174, act. 2
                             Part IV                                     Pg. 232, act. 1
                             Unit 16                   Pg. 190, act. 5
                             Unit 17                   Pg. 198, act. 4
                             Unit 18                   Pg. 209, act. 6
                             Unit 19                   Pg. 218, act. 6
                             Unit 20                   Pg. 229, act. 6
                             Part V                                      Pg. 262, act. 1
                             Unit 21                   Pg. 247, act. 4
                             Unit 22                   Pg. 257, act. 6
                             Part VI                                     Pg. 307, act. 1
                             Part VII                                    Pgs. 367 - 368, acts. 1 and 2
                             Unit 27                   Pg. 321, act. 4
                             Unit 28                   Pg. 330, act. 5
                             Unit 29                   Pg. 338, act. 4
                             Unit 30                   Pg. 345, act. 4
                             Unit 31                   Pg. 353, act. 4
                             Unit 32                   Pg. 362, act. 6
                             Part VIII                                   Pgs. 426 - 427, acts. 1 and 2
2. ONLINE: Homework assignments from Focus on Grammar online must be completed by Monday, July 11.
Part I:   Unit 1, Unit 2, Unit 3, Unit 4, Unit 5, Unit 6, Unit 7, Unit 8
Part IV: Unit 16, Unit 17, Unit 18, Unit 19, Unit 20
Part V: Unit 21, Unit 22
Part VI: Unit 23, Unit 24, Unit 25, Unit 26
Part VII: Unit 27, Unit 28, Unit 29, Unit 30, Unit 31, Unit 32

3. MOODLE: All Moodle assignments will be completed each week on Moodle.

Extra credit is worth up to 5% of your grade. 300 points = 5% (Due Monday, July 11)
1. You can earn 10 points for each unit that you complete ALL of the “Focused Practice.” (370 points possible)
    To receive extra credit, each exercise must be written or typed out completely. Do not just write the answers.
2. You can earn 10 points for every unit that you complete online that is NOT required homework. (160 points possible)
3. You can earn 50 points for a well written book report on a book you read DURING the semester. It cannot be a book
   you are reading for another class. Go to my website (B70) to find the instructions for doing a book report.

Turn in Textbook work and Extra Credit in ONE folder (failure to follow this format may result in a lower homework grade):
         Homework (left side of folder):
        Label each “Focused Practice” homework assignment by unit (Unit 1, Unit 2, etc.). STAPLE TOGETHER
        Label each “From Grammar to Writing” activity by part (ex. Part I, Part II, etc.)
        Label each Moodle assignment by number (ex. Moodle 1, Moodle 2, etc.)
        Place textbook and Moodle work in the folder on the left side.
         Extra Credit (right side of folder):
        Organize “Focused Practice” extra credit by unit (Unit 4, Unit 5, etc.)

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