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									Fort Worth Dentist, Dr. Thomas L. Phillips, Jr. DDS, Offers Implant
Dental Solutions

Fort Worth, TX, 13-FEB-2013 - Thomas Phillips, DDS, Fort Worth dentist,
is pleased to announce dental solutions for missing, damaged or diseased
teeth. Today's dental practices include the capacity to implant single or
a full set of teeth where needed. Implants are, as the name suggests,
artificial teeth implanted into the jaw bone itself.

The first goal of a cosmetic dentist is to save existing teeth. However,
when this is not possible, installation of an implant is a very good
option. The implants are durable and are matched in color to existing
teeth, if any. This makes it nearly impossible to tell that the teeth are
not natural ones.

The implants don't come loose and they don't have the tendency to collect
food particles beneath the artificial elements, as dentures tend to do.
They are cared for in the same way as natural teeth are, by brushing and
flossing. Because the material from which the artificial teeth is
resistant to staining and discoloration, wearers don't have the telltale
look of old-fashioned denture materials.

There are advanced methods for implanting the teeth. Previously, a metal
stud was installed into the jawbone itself. The time was allowed for the
bone to grow around the base or post. Once the healing had occurred, the
new tooth was affixed to the post. It looks and acts the same as the
natural teeth in the same position. There are alternative methods
available today that install the implants over the course of just a few
hours. This is a benefit for those who need to have improved appearance

Learn more about the dental care, including dental implants provided by a
Fort Worth dentist by going to the web pages at
today. Members of the press and others who have additional questions
about the information in this press notice are invited to contact Dr.
Phillips at the location below.

Contact Person Name: Dr. Thomas L. Phillips, Jr. DDS,

Address: 1436 W. Pulaski Street, Ft. Worth, Texas 76104

Contact Telephone Number: (817) 336-8478 (817-DEN-TIST)



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