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					                                                                    January 2013
 Headteacher: Mrs A Walton B.Ed Hons   Email:                         Church Lane, Southwick
 Deputy Head: Mrs P Marsh B.Ed Hons      West Sussex BN42 4GB
                                       Website:                       Telephone: 01273 592163
                                      Fax: 01273 871069

Welcome back…                                           Mrs Rose for her excellent guidance and
I’d like to take the opportunity to wish all            support to enable the children to reach such
parents, governors and friends of the school            a high standard.
a very happy new year. On behalf of all the
staff I would like to thank everyone for their          Read Write Inc
generosity for the lovely Christmas cards,              As you may be aware, recently the school
gifts and good wishes we received. The                  has introduced a new phonics programme
autumn term was very busy with topic theme              called Read, Write, Inc. This is a very
days, visits and exciting learning and I thank          systematic approach to the teaching of
all parents for their continued and valued              reading, writing, spelling and
support for the school.                                 comprehension. Using synthetic phonics,
                                                        children quickly learn to blend letter
New Newsletter look…                                    sounds together in a fun and very
As I am sure you have noticed, our                      interactive manner. All staff have had
newsletter looks a little different! From now           intensive training and we are now delivering
on, we will be producing a newsletter in the            the programme daily to all children from
first week of every month. It will hold more            Reception to Year 4. Children in Years 5
information and hopefully give you a greater            and 6 follow a daily programme of spelling
insight into what’s going on at Glebe. The              and guided reading, which continues to
newsletter will still be sent out electronically        build on these skills. We are absolutely
but a hard copy will continue to be available           thrilled with the progress that the
as required                                             children have already
                                                        made, just in a matter of
The Chairman’s concert                                  a few weeks. If you are
We are so proud of our Year 5 children who              interested in learning
performed the most beautiful singing at the             more about the programme, please see the
recent Chairman’s Christmas Carol Concert at            official Read Write Inc website,
St Michael’s Church. Their performance was    
truly outstanding and we are very grateful to
Eco News                                          believes they will be very treasured and
If you have been very observant, you may          appreciated – look out for some photos
have noticed a number of new bird feeders         coming soon! Thank you for everyone’s
around the school grounds. These amazing          generosity with a special thank you to Jack in
creations were made by a group of children        Miss Jackson’s class – he and his family used
with the help of Mrs Shoona Brooks and Jean       their sweetie jar money that they saved for
Hewland. We would like to thank them both         Christmas. They gave us over 500 pencils!
for giving up their time and inspiring such a     Wow!
wonderful idea. Hopefully, our local birds will
enjoy using the feeders over the coming

                                                  JOB VACANCY at Church Lane Nursery
                                                  This is initially a 12 week maternity cover
                                                  contract for 9 hours per week, starting
Simply the best!                                  after Easter although induction training
On our Simply the Best display board (near        will need to be completed before this.
the main entrance of the school) we are           Relevant level 2/3 childcare qualifications
very proud to display and celebrate some          preferred along with some experience of
of the best writing from every class in the       working with young children. Although an
school. This term, the following children’s       application from someone with enthusiasm,
outstanding work has been chosen:                 dedication and flexibility would also be
 Cherry Cooper - Gruffalo                        very welcome. Enhanced CRB check would
 Jack Whatford - Elmer                           be required. Applications to be received by
 Daisy Sinden - 1 Hairy Maclary                  Friday 8 February - please contact:
 Esme Clarke - 1 Funnybones                      0771 2701720 Mon - Fri 08.30 - 12.30, or
 Millie Laker - 2 Giants                         07403 181186 at other times, or email
 Torrin Gieler - 2 Dragons             
 Maya Reynolds - 3 Cavendish                     Tracy, Church Lane Nursery
 Isabelle Annhernu - 3 Adlington
 Isaac Boyton - 4 Hoy                            Employment Fair
 Arlo Taylor-Osmond - 4 Farah                    Members of the public are invited to an
 Kiara-Ann Atkinson - 5 Daley                    employment fair at Kingston Buci Children
 Claudia Burt - 6 Pendleton                      and Family Centre, in Shoreham on
                                                  Saturday 26th January between 10am and
Shoes for South Africa                            1pm. The aim of the event is to promote
We have been completely overwhelmed by            training and job opportunities to people
our families’ generous response to the appeal     living in the Adur and Worthing area.
for shoes and other unwanted items for Mrs
Steven’s school in South Africa. Unbelievably,    This event will give the local community a
between us, we collected 137 pairs of shoes,      chance to find out about, discuss and
6 pairs of wellies, 2 pairs of boots and over     consider training, further education,
2000 small items of stationery. In the last       employment, self employment,
week of term, Mrs Stevens collected these         apprenticeship schemes and voluntary
items to take back to her school, where she       work. The fair will support local families
back into work, further education and             School Development
training.                                         Following the February half term, the
                                                  school will be closed for Inset on 25th
A poster, publicising the event, is on            February. On this day, the governors and
display in the school office. Please contact      staff will be reviewing the current School
the school if you would like any further          Development Plan and setting new areas for
information.                                      development. Before the end of January,
                                                  we will be writing to parents to share how
Emergency Closure Procedure                       the School has moved forward in the last
With the onset of winter, we would like all       12 months. With this report, we will include
parents to be aware of our emergency              a survey to obtain parents’ views of the
closure procedures.                               school and invite your comments regarding
1) A closure decision is avoided whenever         its further development.
possible. We take our duty very seriously and
appreciate the disruption it causes.              DATES FOR YOUR DIARY
2) We will only close when it is judged that to
open will present health and safety hazards
to our students and staff. This will normally
be due to dangerous road and pavement
conditions. Many of our staff live beyond
walking distance from the school and if they      14th January - Young Voices at the O2
are not able to travel to work, this can lead     6th February – Yr 3 / 4 Tri Golf
to a closure/partial closure decision, as we      6th February Yr 5/6 Girls Football – Final
have to operate to a minimum ratio of staff       4th February – Yr 4 start swimming
to students to ensure safe supervision.           Feb / March - Yr 4 Howletts Park tbc
                                                  14th February – DISCO
3) A decision is made as early as possible. If    25th February – INSET DAY
it snows, we will obtain a local report of        W/B 4th March – Book Fair
conditions from the site team, and gather         14th March - Yr 5/6 High 5 Netball final
information on how many staff may be unable       22nd April - Yr 3 swimming starts
to get to work.                                   25th March – Yr3 ‘History off the Page’
4) If there is a school closure, a text is sent   27th March – Swimming Gala
via our messaging service. Heart FM and BBC       12th – 19th April – Yr 5 Nethercott Farm
Southern Counties will also be alerted.           24th – 26th April - Yr 4 Windmill Hill
                                                  14th - 17th June - Yr 6 Osmington Bay
Cold Weather                                      17th June - Yr 2 start Swimming
Please ensure that you child has something
warm to wear for outdoor PE. It is absolutely
fine for children to wear jogging bottoms for
outdoor PE during the colder weather.
Please could you also ensure that your child
wears a coat to school during the winter
months as all children are expected to play
outside during playtimes.
TERM DATES FOR 2013 – 2014

                    Monday 7 January          Autumn
Spring term                                                Tuesday 3September 2013 to
                    2013 to Thursday 28       term
2013:                                                      Friday 20 December 2013
                    March 2013                 2013:

                    Monday 18 February        Half term    Monday 28 October 2013 to
 Half term
                    2013 to Friday 22         break:       Friday 1 November 2013
                    February 2013
                                                           Monday 23 December
                    Friday 29 March 2013 to                2013 to Friday 3 January
Easter break☆:                                break☆:
                    Friday 12 April 2013                   2014

                    Monday 15 April 2013 to   Spring       Monday 6 January 2014 to
Summer term
                    Wednesday 24 July         term 2014:   Friday 4 April 2014
                                              Half term    Monday 17 February 2014 to
Half term           Monday 27 May 2013 to     break:       Friday 21 February 2014
break:              Friday 31 May 2013
                                                           Monday 7 April
                    Thursday 25 July                       2014 to Monday 21 April
Summer                                        break☆:
                    2013 to Monday 2                       2014
                    September 2013
                                              Summer       Tuesday 22 April 2014 to
                                              term 2014:   Wednesday 23 July 2014

                                                           Monday 26 May 2014 to
                                              Half term
CLASS ASSEMBLIES                                           Friday
                                                           30 May 2014
Friday 11th Jan        1 Funnybones
Friday 8th Feb         1 Hairy Maclary                     Thursday 24 July 2014 to
Friday 1st March       5 Daley                             Wednesday 3 September
Friday 8th March       3 Adlington                         2014
Friday 15th March      4 Farah

Friday 26th April      3 Cavendish
Friday 3rd May         4 Hoy
Friday 10th May        1 Funnybones
Friday 24th May        1 Hairy Maclary
Friday 7th June        Elmer
Friday 14th June       Gruffalo
Friday 22nd June        2 Dragons
Friday 5th July         2 Giants

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