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									                 Fairview Middle School
             Library Media Center Handbook
Fairview Media Centers are vital to the academic foundation of
all students of Fairview Schools. The use of facilities and
resources is essential to providing the best possible education
to the students of Fairview. The support of the administration,
teachers, parents, and community is vital to the success of the
Media Centers.

The objectives in achieving the philosophy of Fairview Middle
School Media Center are:
     • To provide opportunities for students to browse, explore,
     and utilize all resources of
         the Library Media center;
     • To provide teachers with opportunities to collaborate
with the Library Media
         Specialist in order to incorporate information literacy
skills into the curriculum;
     • To provide students with assistance needed in carrying
     out resource-based learning
          assignments and activities;
     • To provide students and teachers with an atmosphere
     conducive to active,
         constructive learning;
     • To provide teachers with resources needed to supplement
     classroom instruction.

Policies and Procedures
Access to Facilities
Library Hours
Staff have access to the Library Media Center each day from 8:45
to 4:15.
Student have access to the Library Media Center each day from
9:00 to 3:50.

Library Usage
Students have the opportunity to use the Library Media Center
facilities as individuals, in
small groups, or in large groups. Students are welcome to
browse, read, checkout books,
and conduct research.
Students may be sent to the Media Center for checkout or
research using the following
                           Whole Group
Whole group classes may be scheduled to use the Media Center.
teacher should schedule his/her class on the sharepoint calendar
online and email Mrs. Brown-Lyons in the Media Center. If the
teacher knows he/she will be absent on the day of scheduled
Media Center time then the Media Specialist needs to be informed
of the task the students will be assigned.

                           Small Group
Small groups may be sent to the Media Center to conduct
research, type, etc. depending upon availability of space. The
teacher may call the Media Center before sending small groups to
ensure space is available.

Students are welcome to the Media Center at any time for
checking out books, reading, or research.

Students are expected to follow all media and computer lab
rules. Students who do not follow Media Center rules will be
asked to leave.

Because of the range of resources available and the variety of
activities conducted in the
Media Center the following rules must be enforced:
• Students are expected to talk quietly so other students aren’t
• Students are expected to return books on time; return
materials in the same
    condition in which they were borrowed; treat all items in
the Media Center with
    respect and care; and be accountable for their own actions.
• Students are expected to use computers for completing school
related projects only.
    Games, chat rooms, instant messaging, personal use is not
• Students are expected to leave computers in the same condition
in which they began
    using them; students may not change backgrounds or
homepages, download
    programs, etc.
• Student should not take materials from the Media Center
without first checking
    them out at the circulation desk.
Access to Resources
                       Faculty Circulation
Teachers are responsible for the items checked out in their
name. Please do not pass
materials along to other teachers or allow students to take
items home.

Reference materials must be used in the Media Center. Teachers
may check out certain
reference materials to be used in the classroom to be returned
by the end of the day.

                        Student Circulation
     Students are allowed to have two books checked out at one
     Students can check out materials in their name only.
     Students may not check out materials for other students.
     Books check out for two weeks.
     The book must be returned to recheck. There is no limit
      on the number of times rechecked if reasonable.
     Reference books may not be checked out.
     Students are responsible for all materials he/she checks
     Students who have overdue materials may not check out any
      other materials until the materials are returned.
     Students who lose or damage a book are responsible for
      paying the cost of the book.

                        Materials Request
Students and teachers may request materials at any time.
Students may request certain books to
be considered for purchase by giving the Media Specialist the
title and author of the book.
Books will be purchased based upon availability and reviews.

If a teacher would like additional materials to supplement a
unit of study, he/she needs to
keep in mind that the Media Specialist will need time to locate
materials and process them.
It is suggested that teachers let the Media Specialist know a
semester in advance of topics
that will be researched to ensure adequate materials will be
available when needed.

Teachers may request a list of all materials available on a
certain topic. The Media Specialist
will provide the teacher with a biography of all materials
available in the Media Center including books, videos, etc. The
request must be made a week in advance.
The Library Media Center houses a variety of equipment. (1)Laser
disc players, (1)video cameras,
(1)digital cameras, (10) overhead projectors, (5) tape players,
and mounted presentation station are available for media center
use. Arrangements need to be made in the Media Center to use any
of these items. Maintenance of media equipment is the
responsibility of the Media Specialist. Whenever there is a
problem with any equipment the Media Specialist should be
                          Other Services
Items to be laminated should meet the following criteria:
• Bulletin board or teaching materials that will receive
extensive use.
• Flat, one-dimensional items no more than 24 inches in width.
               Items than should not be laminated:
• One-time use items.
• Student produced items that will be sent home.
• Three-dimensional items.
• Items over 24 inches in width.

Technology Resources
Card Catalog – The automated card catalog can be accessed from
any computer in the
Media Center. Materials housed in the Media Center can be
searched by title, author,
keyword, or subject.

Computers – The Media Center houses twenty four computers with
access to Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint,
and the internet research. Twenty five computers are located in
the computer lab next door for (Successmaker, Read 180, Study
Island) Internet
research, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Power Point. These
computers may be used when scheduled classes are not in the
computer lab.

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