Royal Sour Cherry Scones

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					Royal Sour Cherry Scones (Pretentious Scones)

Oven Temp: 400 ° F
Yield: 36 (2 ½” –ish)
Prep time: 15-20 minutes (how fast can you chop cherries?)
Bake Time: 15 – 20 minutes
1 ½ cups buttermilk. Sub with heavy cream if you have it, or 4 earl grey tea bags
soured milk
1 ¼ cups white flour                                             ¾ cup whole wheat flour
4 tsp. baking powder                                             1 tsp. salt
Zest of 1 – 2 oranges – about 1 tbsp-ish. Be exact.              ½ cup sugar
1 ½ cups whole, pitted sour cherries (fresh or frozen or 1 ¼     4 eggs – 1 separated
cups of dried sour cherries would work too)
1 cup white chocolate chips                                      2 cups icing sugar
Milk or heavy cream to thin (I start with 2 tbsp)
     • On low heat warm buttermilk – do not leave the room to check your email or update your status on twitter. If you
          do the buttermilk will overheat and separate and look all nasty. You just want to warm it up, not boil it, or even
          make it hot – just warm. It probably would work fine in the recipe, but it might look so gross you throw it out and
          start over and pay better attention the second time. I say might. You can also substitute the word will.

    •   Remove from heat and toss in the tea bags. Now you can ignore it while you get every thing else ready.

    •   Mix together flour, sugar, baking powder, and salt

    •   Add cubed butter and pulse in mixer/food processer/by hand with pastry blender till the butter looks pea-sized in
        your shrivelled and wrinkly hands. Or maybe that’s just my hands.

    •   I prefer to do the rest of the scone recipe by hand because I’m quite convinced that over-mixing them makes them
        tough and dry and very un-marvellous. If you too want marvellous scones, please do the same. Also, remember I
        don’t know anything.

    •   Zest Orange and Chop cherries cheerfully. Set aside.

    •   Stop ignoring your tea soaked buttermilk. Give it a good stir, and then squeeze the tea bags to bring the infusion
        to its full je ne sais quoi. Discard tea bags. As if you needed me to tell you that.

    •   Crack three eggs into your buttermilk mixture.

    •   Separate the fourth egg. Add the yolk to your buttermilk and reserve the egg white for later.

    •   Whisk eggs into earl grey infused buttermilk until it looks lovely.

    •   Make a well in the dry ingredients. Add the pretentious buttermilk mixture.

    •   Fold into dry ingredients. When almost mixed, add chopped cherries and orange zest. Fold in until perfectly
        combined. The dough will be a bit sticky – somewhere between thick pancake batter and bread dough.
•   Roll or pat out onto floured surface, adding flour as needed to de-stick your hands or rolling pin. Dough should be
    about ½ inch thick. I felt like making them heart shaped because a girl can decide to do that if she wants. The
    cookie cutter I used is about 2 ½“ across at the widest point.

•   Place on baking sheet. I only have one rimless baking sheet so I just turned my bar pan over and baked these on
    the bottom – you can do that too if you want!

•   Beat the remaining egg white with a fork or small whisk till frothy. Use a pastry brush to cover the scones with the
    reserved egg white.

•   Bake till done and not a minute less. Edges will be brown and the centre will be springy to the touch. Mine took
    about 17 minutes. Your house now smells fabulous. You’re welcome.

•   Let rest on pan for a few minutes before moving to a cooling rack


•   Melt chocolate chips on double boiler. Make sure water isn’t touching the double boiler. Also make sure you
    don’t add the milk at this point or you might have trouble and have to add stuff like shortening and oil to your
    chocolate to save it. I say might…

•   Whisk in icing sugar once chocolate is melted. Add milk to smooth out and make a perfect glaze.

•   Pour thick glaze into leftover honey container that you save for just such an occasion. A ziplock bag, or an icing
    bag, or drizzling with a spoon would also work.

•   Drizzle. Let it set.

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