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Korea International Exhibition Corporation _KIEC_ organizes

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									Korea International Exhibition Corporation (KIEC) organizes
Pyongyang International Trade Fairs in Pyongyang, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea twice every year (in spring and autumn). PITF’s provide occasions for many-sided goods/technology interchange, marketing, and investment in economic trade area between DPR Korea and other countries through company introduction, meetings, conferences, presentations and seminars at the fair hall. Furthermore, before and after the fair, KIEC publishes exhibitors’ profile, contact details, and items of interest in local network so as to promote trade between companies. KIEC will continue to organize not only spring and autumn PITF’s but also professional fairs for individual sectors and countries.

Event Title: 5TH PYONGYANG AUTUMN INTERNATIONAL TRADE FAIR Date: 21ST ~ 24TH September, 2009 Application Deadline: 20th August, 2009 (Please fax us the copy of the application to +850-2-381-4654 / 5827.) Venue: New Technology and Innovation Hall, Pyongyang, DPR of Korea. Exhibits Profiles:  Construction Materials & Equipment  Mining Equipment & Technology  Energy & environment  Transport & Logistics  Communications & IT Technology  Agriculture, Farming Equipment & Technology  Manufacturing & Machinery including Textile, Food & Beverage, Printing & Packaging, Chemical & Pharmaceutical Equipment & Technology, Light Industries  Consumer Goods Visitors Target: Government officials, company decision-makers, engineers and scientists, traders, and developers.

Participation Fee:  Euro 800 / standard shell scheme (9m² minimum) (A standard booth is furnished with an information desk, 2 chairs, 2 spotlights, a waste bin and company fascia board.)  Euro 60 / indoor square meter (12m² minimum)  Euro 35 / outdoor square meter (12m² minimum) Organizer: Korea International Exhibition Corp. (KIEC) Add: Jungsong Dong, Central District, Pyongyang, DPR Korea. Tel: +850-2-381-5926 Fax: +850-2-381-4654 / 5827 E-mail:

Application Formality: An exhibitor is requested to provide the organizer
with the following information: the participants' list, official company name (for the booth fascia), contact numbers (phone & fax numbers, email address), full name, sex, date of birth, birth & present nationality, occupation (company name, position), passport number & expiry date, visa pickup spot, entry & exit schedule, transportation & travel route, exhibits list & quantity, hotel reservation and etc by fax until 20th August 2009.

Organizer’s Services
Entry Visa: The organizer shall arrange for exhibitor’s visa. Exhibitor is kindly requested to email/fax his passport to the organizer 1 month prior to entry. Hotel: KIEC shall reserve hotel rooms in advance. City transportation: Exhibitor may enjoy shuttle-bus service between hotel and fair hall during his stay in Pyongyang, at the rate of €10 per passenger a day. Interpreter: Each company shall be attended by a Korean interpreter during his stay in Pyongyang, at the rate of €30 per day. Additional furniture: If any additional furniture is needed, please inform the organizer in advance. Official forwarder: OTIM SpA is appointed as the official forwarder to arrange overseas forwarding, custom formalities, and local logistics and move-in upto the booth for exhibit goods to and from DPR of Korea.

Please contact: OTIM SpA (HQ) Tel: +39-02-69912209 Fax: +39-02-69912231 E-mail: OTIM SpA Pyongyang Office Tel: +850-2-381-5926 Fax: +850-2-381-5827 E-mail:

Tour: Before or after the event, Exhibitor may enjoy countryside or city tour of famous spots in DPR of Korea. The cost of tour is different depending on the spots. Please contact KIEC.

Hotel Koryo Hotel Class ★ ★ ★ ★ Room Charge (Single/Double) Suite €190 / €210 Deluxe €130 / €150 Standard €84 / €112

Travel Guide

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Beijing Beijing Pyongyang Beijing Shenyang Vladivostok Bangkok Beijing Shenyang Bangkok Vladivostok Moscow  Moscow Vladivostok Pyongyang

2, 6 4 1,3,5 3, 6 4 4 2, 6 4 1,3,5 3, 6 5 4 4 3

09:00 10:30 17:20 12:30 08:15 10:20 13:00 14:00 13:40 15:00 12:20 16:30 13:30 19:10

10:00 11:30 18:05 12:40 12:05 14:20 16:00 17:00 16:20 17:10 20:00 16:20 16:05 21:50

JS151 JS251 CA122 JS155 JS271 JS153 JS152 JS252 CA121 JS156 JS154 JS272 SU720 SU719

T20 T20 TU5 IL18 T20 T20 T20 TU5 T20 IL18 763 763


€109 €163






To Beijing

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Standard Deluxe

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Dandong Shenyang

Beijing Dandong Shenyang Pyongyang

2, 4, 5, 7 2, 4, 5, 7

AIR KORYO OVERSEAS REPRESENTATIVE OFFICES  Beijing, China Add: Swissotel, Hong Kong-Macau Center, Dong Si Shi Tiao Li Jiao, Beijing 100027, China Tel: +8610-65011557, 65011559 (City) +8610-64591253 (Airport) Fax: +8610-65012591 SITA: BJSRCJS (City) PEKAPJS (Airport) Email: Beijing Representative Tel: +8610-13901168346 Flight Representative Tel: +8610-1380-1175843  Shenyang, China Add: Chilbosan Hotel #81, Shiyiwei Rd, Heping Dist., Shenyang, China Tel: +8624-23251922, 23251937 Fax: +8624-23251936 SITA: SHERCJS Email: Shenyang Representative Tel: +8624-1388939766  Bangkok, Thailand Add: 2922/174.4 Floor, Charn Issara Tower 2, New Petchburi Rd, Khwaeng Bangkapi, Khet Huay Khwang, Bangkok 10320, Thailand Tel: +66-23082085 Fax: +66-23082086 SITA: BKKRCJS Email:  Vladivostok, Russia Add: Airport, 41, Portovaya St., Artyom Primorski Krai, 692800, Russia Tel/Fax: +7-4232307684 SITA: WORCJS Email:  Moscow, Russia Add: 101000 Mosfilimovskaya 72, Moscow, Russia










Tel: +7-4951436307 Fax: +7-4951476300 SITA: MOWRCJS Email: Berlin, Germany Add: Mauerstr. 65 D-10117 Berlin, Germany Tel: +49-306765003 Fax: +49-3060540496 SITA: BERRCJS Email: Golden Trip Travel Service Ltd. Add: 5th Fl Wardley Center 9-11 Prat Avenue Tsimshatsui Kowloon, Hong Kong, PR China Tel: +852-27230500 Fax: +852-23686009 Universal Travel Corporation Pte Ltd., Singapore Add: 101 Upper Cross St., #B1-66, People’s Park Center, Singapore 0105 Tel: +65-5333922 Fax: +65-5332562 Chugai Travel Co., Ltd., Japan Add: 1-15-3 Higashi-Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo, Japan Tel: +81-338353654 Fax: +81-338353690 Email: Joint Stock Company “Sheremetyevo-Cargo” (Cargo), Russia Add: Airport Sheremetyevo-2 103339, Moscow, Russia Tel: +7-095-5789079 / 5789272 Fax: +7-095-5789079 / 5782749 Email: DHL Sinotrans International Air Courier (Cargo) Add: Tianzhu Rd, Shunyi Dist, Beijing 101312, PR China Tel: +86-1080487766 Fax: +86-1080486480 SEAJET Express Service INC (Cargo), China Add: C-1203, Soho New Tower, 88 Jianguo Rd, Chaoyang Dist, Beijing 1000022, PR China Tel: +86-01085803334 Fax: +86-0108580305 Email: NANCY Tour & Travel Co. Ltd, Thailand Add: 322/68 Surawongse Wattanakam Bldg, 26th Fl., Surawangse Rd, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500, Thailand Tel: +234-4751/5538/8186/8172/8175, 235-6207/6987/1246 Fax: +238-45212 Al-Malek Travels, Kuwait

Add: P.O. Box 7744 Ai Dabouse Fahaheel-Kuwait Tel: 3911808 Fax: 3922622  Fly Service Ltd, Turkey Add: Yamac Sk, #2/1 34154 Floya-Istanbul, Turkey Tel: +90-2126628286 Fax: +90-2126637259  IMMANUEL Travel, Australia Add: 1st Fl, 154A Beamish St, Cmpsie NSW 2194, Australia Tel: (02)97188633 Fax: (02)97188615  China: Foreign Enterprise Air Service, Ltd Add: Room A101-102, #7 Guang Hua Rd, Chaoyang Dist 100004, Beijing China Tel: +8610-65615055 Ext 354 Fax: +8610-65610018 / 28

1. Application form Exhibitors are requested to fill in, sign and seal the application form provided by the organizer and then email or fax a copy to the organizer until 40 days before the fair opening. 2. Booth rental fee · Along with the application form presentation, exhibitors are to remit 50% of rental amount by T/T to the account indicated by the organizer until 40 days before the fair opening. · The balance (50%) should be paid to the organizer until the day before the fair opening. 3. Entry procedure Exhibitors are requested to inform the organizer of the participants’ name-list until 40 days before the fair opening. The list should include participants’ full name, sex, date of birth, nationality and nation, occupation, passport type and number, residence address, visa collection spot, entry/exit time and route, hotel reservation etc. 4. Exhibits

· Exhibitors are requested to send in advance the exhibits list to the organizer by 30 days before the fair opening. It should describe in detail the company name, brand name, quantity, unit price, total amount, number of packages, net/gross weight, package specifications, and transport route etc. 5. Customs inspection · All exhibits should be inspected in the exhibition hall by the customs office in the presence of the exhibitor the day before the fair opening. · The customs office is authorized to dispose of the excess or undeclared articles according to the Customs Law of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, and the organizer claims no responsibility for it. 6. Exhibition booth · Exhibitors should confirm their booth on the floor plan provided by the organizer. · Exhibitors are authorized to use their booths from 3 days before the fair opening until 1 day after the fair closure. · Exhibitors should pay for any damage to the booth equipments and the rented furniture. · If the exhibitor exceeds the dismantling period, he should overpay 30% of booth rental per day. · If the exhibitor wishes to set up a special booth by himself or the organizer or other company’s specialized service, he should submit a draft plan to the organizer until 30 days before the fair opening. · Exhibitors should use the booth allocated to him only. If the special booth takes up more space than the allocated area in the floor plan or gives negative effect on other booths, the exhibitor should overpay 50% of the booth rental. 7. Publications, audio-visual materials · Publications and audio-visual materials for advertisement should be sent to the organizer for prior approval until 20 days before the fair opening. · The exhibitor has a right to distribute handouts only within his allotted space. · The exhibitor cannot distribute samples, handouts, and audio-visual

materials that disturb other exhibitors, or go against the law of DPR Korea. 8. Security of exhibits · During exhibition, the exhibitor is responsible for the security of his exhibits from 9:30 to 18:00, and the organizer shall be responsible the other hours. 9. Cancellation · Should force majeure or government action delay or cancel the fair, the organizer shall notify the exhibitors until 20 days before the fair opening. · If the exhibitor wishes to cancel his participation, he should notify his intention to the organizer until 20 days before the fair opening. 10. Other. Any dispute arising from the validity, interpretation, execution, or cancellation of fair application and contract shall be settled between the organizer and exhibitor in a friendly manner.

Rental Inventory
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

ITEM Information desk Lockable glass showcase Glass showcase Shelf 4-rack glass showcase Round table Electric Thermos Clothes rack

950L x 450W x 800H 1030L x 535W x 800H 1030L x 535W x 1000H 1000L x 300W 1030L x 535W x 2000H Diameter 90 x Height 750

FEE (Euro)

20 25 30 5 45 20 5 15

9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21

Flowers (Big) Flowers (Small) Folding chair Glass coffee table Single sofa Cordon obstruction Electric fan Catalog holder Catalog show stand Refrigerator Door curtain Lockable Door Folding door

10 5 6 10 15 10 5 1 6 50 5 35 25

60 companies of DPR Korea and 147 foreign companies participated in the fair from Australia, Austria, China, France, Germany, Great Britain, Indonesia, Italy, Malaysia, Russia, Singapore, Sweden, Syria, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey and Vietnam.

Sept. 21 ~ 24, 2009

Organizer: Korea International Exhibition Corporation (KIEC) Add: Jungsong-dong, Central Dist Sungri St., Pyongyang, DPR Korea Tel: +850-2-381-5926 Fax: +850-2-381-5827 Email: Web:\en\notice\2009web

Company: Address: Phone: Contact person: Exhibition Space Rent Space Type 1. Standard Shell Scheme Booth
(Minimum: 9 m2)

Deadline: August 20th , 2009


Email: Position:

Fee € 800 / 9 m2 € 60 / m2 € 35 / m2

Please enter the space area needed

2. Indoor Open Space
(Minimum: 12 m2)

3. Outdoor Open Space
(Minimum: 12 m2)



In Cash


T/T remittance to the bank account

designated by KIEC Exhibits: We will exhibit following items:

Exhibitor’s Stamp & Signature

Exhibitor: Date:

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