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									Raleigh Chiropractors, Dr. Joshua McDowell And Dr. Mark Saletnik Ease
Neck Pain Naturally

Raleigh, NC, 13-FEB-2013 - Premier Chiropractic of Raleigh, NC and
Raleigh chiropractor team members Dr. Joshua McDowell and Dr. Mark
Saletnik, D. C., are pleased to announce that relief of neck pain is
available through the techniques of chiropractic medicine. Natural and
non-invasive techniques work without the need for drugs or surgical

Neck pain is often the result of an accident, such as a vehicle collision
where a whipping motion is experienced. This can cause stretched and torn
muscles and connective tissue. The vertebrae can also be knocked out of
alignment. The neck can also be painful after a slip-and-fall type

When an accident is the underlying cause of the pain, it's important to
consult with the Raleigh chiropractor as promptly as possible following
the accident. The doctor will do an assessment of the exact location and
extent of the injury. This will require a patient history, physical
examination, and often x-rays or similar studies. When the care regimen
is begun promptly, it will often reduce the time required for healing.

Relieving acute pain levels is the first order of business for the
doctor. He may initiate massage, cold laser therapy, spinal manipulation,
or heat and cold therapy. The frequency of the sessions and the specific
therapy is designed to fit the patient's particular needs. Over time, the
course of care will change from recovery to prevention.

When the pain has been addressed, the doctor will work further with
patients to suggest changes to the lifestyle so that optimum health is
achieved. These lifestyle changes can include more exercise, drinking
water, getting enough sleep and eating the right foods. In addition, the
doctor can provide suggestions for posture correction.

Learn more about the advantages of chiropractic care for neck pain by
checking out the website at http://www.premierchironc.com today. Members
of the press and others who need answers to questions raised by this
specific press release are urged to contact the doctors at the locations
provided below.

Contact Person Name: Dr. Josh McDowell

Company Name: Premier Chiropractic

Address: 1600 Ronald Drive #103, Raleigh, NC 27609

Contact Telephone Number: (919) 850-1550

Dr. Mark Saletnik

South Raleigh Accident and Injury Center

1620 Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, Suite 106, Raleigh, NC 27610-3479
Contact Telephone Number: (919) 250-3330

Email: msaletnik@yahoo.com

Website: http://www.premierchironc.com/

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