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					EDUC 481
Speech Communication Methods

                               Mini-Lesson Presentations
In order to deepen our study of speech/debate and journalism/yearbook, students will be
required to present mini-lessons based on chapter readings. Your 15-20 minute mini-lesson
must include: lesson objectives, learning activities, assessment, and resources/materials. On
the day of your mini-lesson presentation, you will hand in the lesson plan template below based
on backward design and any other handouts/materials for your lesson. Be sure that you’ve
explained each item thoughtfully and thoroughly.

                                    Lesson Plan Template
Class Title
Grade Level

Unit goals this lesson aligns with (Enduring Understandings, Essential Questions, Knowledge &
They will come from your Stage I plan.

Lesson Objectives (label with unit goals the objective targets)
They will come from your Stage II plan.

Learning Activities (label each activities with an estimated amount of time)
Hook (grab student attention and establish relevance)
EDUC 481
Speech Communication Methods

Activities and Methods (identify what the students and teacher will do)

Include detailed descriptions of the activities the students will participate in and the methods the
teacher will use. Use language from the texts and class and integrate practices learned about
in class. Someone else picking up this lesson should be able to replicate it. All sources need to
be cited if ideas are taken from the web or the text. These activities will come from your Stage III

One lesson must include differentiation: cluster grouping and three tiers of the main activity.

Wrap-up/assessment (explain how the lesson objectives will reinforced and brought to closure
for the day)

Homework (may not be applicable)

Resources and Materials (needed by teacher and students)

*All handouts and materials should be attached to this template.

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