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					Tourism In Australia
      Economy by tourism

• Tourism is an important industry for the
  Australian economy. In the financial year
  2010/11, the tourism industry represented 2.5%
  of Australia's GDP at a value of approximately
  A$35 billion to the national economy.
• There were 6.1 million visitor arrivals for year
  ending November 2012, an increase of 3.7 per
  cent relative to the previous year.
• Domestic tourism is a significant part of the
  tourism industry, and was responsible for 73% of
  the total direct tourism GDP.
     Trends of Tourism

• The Australian Government released the 2020
  Tourism Industry Potential on 15 November
  2010, and estimates the Australian tourism
  industry to be worth up to $140 billion in
  overnight expenditure .
      Trends of Tourism

• Australia's tourism growth was supported by
  increased consumption up 4.4% over the
  previous year, largely due to an increase in the
  number of visitors from overseas.
• Domestic tourism consumption grew at up
      International tourism campaigns

• Advertising campaign featuring actor Paul Hogan
  telling American tourists "I'll slip an extra shrimp on
  the barbie for you", or its cheeky side in 1980
• “No Leave No Life” campaign was launched in March
  2009 by the Federal Minister for Tourism
• Latest consumer campaign “There’s Nothing Like
  Australia” invites Australians to share their favorite
  Australian place or experience with the world.
     Popular Australian destination

• Coastal cities of Sydney
• Coastal cities of Melbourne
• Queensland
     Popular Australian destination

• The Gold Coast
• The world's largest the Great
  Barrier Reef
• Uluru
• Tasmanian wilderness
• The unique Australian wildlife

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