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I’m Joe as well as during 36 I’ve been precision upon as well as off for eighteen years. Until a
integrate of months ago we used to pull iron in a gym though we found it tedious as well as
repetitive, as a result a upon as well as off partial of training. we was seeking for an pick as well
as detected physique weight training. we contacted Todd about contrast this module as well as
was propitious sufficient to be accepted.

2 weeks in to BodyWeight Overload we cancelled my gym membership. There was no need to
compensate costly fees when we had all we indispensable already – my own body. Who knew
Todd’s approach of we do pull ups would give me quicker as well as improved formula than
reticent bells?

I had a good time rediscovering what my physique is means of as well as demeanour brazen to
pulling myself further. Bring it upon Todd!

“My name is John as well as we am 48 years old. we have been upon a query for final integrate
of years to remove weight as well as get in shape. Through diligence as well as handling a good
as well as full of health diet we mislaid around thirty pounds. But right away my idea was to put
upon a little muscle. we have review as well as attempted a lot of things upon a Internet as well
as YouTube from HIIT to kettlebell to sandbags as well as BodyWeight exercises. we got a little
results. But when we found Todd’s BodyWeight Overload we was excited. Through his 6 week
module we managed to remove 2 inches from my waist (35 to 33) as well as supplement a
singular in. to my arms as well as 2 inches to my chest. we mislaid a integrate of pounds though
which was not my goal. By regulating his custom of bony precision we will find this is not your
typical BodyWeight routine. Also since of a bony as well as singular prong precision we will find

                                   imbalances as well as be means to repair them. we rarely suggest Todd’s module if we have
                                   been critical about BodyWeight precision as well as building strength as well as muscle.”

                                   Well, you’re substantially meditative how good it would be for we to renovate YOUR physique
                                   only similar to Joe as well as John in only 6 weeks. You competence be thinking…

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