5th Grade by k9IbMHdR


									If you shop at Office Depot, please use our Back to School Program # 70048947
and RMS will receive 5% back for school supplies. Thank you!

               2012-2013 School Supplies for RMS Students

Recommended General Supplies
Glue Sticks
Colored pencils/Crayons
 # 2 Pencils /Pencil Case or Pouch
Facial Tissues for classroom use
2 reams lined paper for classroom use
1 package 3” Post it Notes
Black or Blue Ink Pens
Book Covers
3x5 Index Cards
One subject Spiral bound notebooks
Pocket Folders
Homework Folder
Clear Protractor
Ruler with metric
Gym shoes and Bag
Ear Buds (For computer lab use)

7th Grade
Math: TI-83 or 84 ( Recommended) and 3 ring binder
Social Studies: Plastic Pocket Folder

8th grade
Social Studies Plastic Pocket Folder
Pre Algebra: TI 30 XA Scientific Calculator, TI-83 or 84.
Algebra : Calculator - preferably a graphing calculator - I recommend a TI-
84 Plus - questions? e-mail Mrs. deBest at kdebest@bridgmanschools.com

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