VOCABULARY: Acute triangle, obtuse triangle, right triangle by A94375


									                        WOODLAND HILLS HIGH SCHOOL LESSON PLAN
                                          SAS and Understanding By Design Template
Name Andrea Sisk      Date November 12, 2012                                 Length of Lesson 14 days                        Content Area Geometry
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                                                     STAGE I – DESIRED RESULTS
LESSON TOPIC: Congruent Triangles                                                     BIG IDEAS:
                                                                                      (Content standards, assessment anchors, eligible content) objectives, and skill

                                                                                      2.3.11.A Select and use appropriate units and tools to measure to the degree
                                                                                      of accuracy required in particular measurement situations.
                                                                                      2.3.11.B Measure and compare angles in degrees and radians.
                                                                                      2.9.8.D    Identify, name, draw and list all properties of squares, cubes,
                                                                                      pyramids, parallelograms, quadrilaterals, trapezoids, polygons, rectangles,
                                                                                      rhombi, circles, spheres, triangles, prisms and cylinders.
                                                                                      2.9.11.C Identify and prove the properties of quadrilaterals involving opposite
                                                                                      sides and angles, consecutive sides and angles and diagonals using deductive
                                                                                      2.9.11.B Prove that two triangles or two polygons are congruent or similar
                                                                                      using algebraic, coordinate and deductive proofs.

UNDERSTANDING GOALS (CONCEPTS):                                                       ESSENTIAL QUESTIONS: Can you…
                                                                                      •Identify and classify triangles by angles and by sides
Students will understand: Proving triangles congruent using SSS, SAS, ASA and         •Explain why triangles cannot be right and acute…
AAS. They will write proofs as 2 column, and possible flow and coordinate proofs.
They will classify triangles according to angles or sides and apply the Angle Sum
                                                                                      •Identify relationships among the measures of interior and
Theorem and the Exterior Angle Theorem. Students will use properties of               exterior angles of a triangle
isosceles and equilateral triangles in proofs and also position and label triangles   •Apply the angle sum theorem (sum of 3 angles of triangle =
for use in coordinate proofs.                                                         180)
                                                                                      •Apply the exterior angle theorem to find unknown values
                                                                                      •Name and label corresponding parts of congruent triangles
                                                                                      •Identify congruence transformations (slide, flip, turn)
                                                                                      •Uses appropriate postulate to test and prove triangle
                                                                                      congruance (SS, SAS, AAS, ASA, HL, LL)
                                                                                      •Understand properties of isosceles and equilateral triangles
                                                                                      and use them in an argument correctly
                                                                                      •Plot points on a coordinate plane to allow for coordinate
                                                                                      proofs with triangles?
VOCABULARY: Acute triangle, obtuse triangle, right                STUDENT OBJECTIVES (COMPETENCIES/OUTCOMES):
triangle, equiangular triangle, scalene triangle, isosceles
triangle, equilateral triangle, exterior angle, remote interior   Students will be able to:
angle, flow proof, corollary, congruent triangles, congruence,    1. Identify and classify triangles by angles and sides
transformations, included angle, included side, vertex angle,     2. Do activity to discover the angle sum theorem and exterior
base angles, coordinate proof.                                    angle theorems. Apply the Angle Sum Theorem. Apply the
                                                                  Exterior Angle Theorem
                                                                  3. Name and label corresponding parts of congruent triangles.
                                                                  Identify congruence transformations
                                                                  4. Use the SSS and SAS Postulates to test for triangle
                                                                  5. Use the ASA and AAS Postulates to test for triangle
                                                                  6. Use properties of isosceles triangles
                                                                  7. Use properties of equilateral triangles
                                                                  8. Position and label triangles for use in coordinate proofs.
                                                                  Write coordinate proofs

                                    STAGE II – ASSESSMENT EVIDENCE
                                                                  FORMATIVE ASSESSMENTS:
PERFORMANCE TASK:                Students will actively           #1. Exit Tickets
participate in class examples, discussion, classwork, group       #2. Pre-Assessment
discussion, and activities, including authentic problem-solving   #3. Graphic Organizers
tasks and vocabulary work.                                        Others: Summarizing Main Idea, Open-Ended Questions,
                                         STAGE III: LEARNING PLAN
INSTRUCTIONAL                        MATERIALS AND                INTERVENTIONS:                 ASSIGNMENTS:
PROCEDURES:                          RESOURCES:
                                                                  Struggling students will be    •(4-1) Classifying Triangles –
Active Engagements used:             Unit 4 (Glencoe              referred to Math Lab           Day 1 Page 180-181 # 1-4,
#1. Note-Taking                      Geometry text and            Small group/flexible           7-10, 22-29, 32, 33
#2. Compare Contrast                 supplementals)               grouping will occur.           •(4-1) Classifying Triangles -
Others: Graphic Organziers,                                       Various computer programs.     Day 2 Worksheet
Summarizing, Cooperative             Warm ups (daily)                                            •(4-2) Angles of Triangles –
Education, Partnering, Think-        Homework (daily)                                            Day 1 Page 189 # 11-38, 47
Pair-Share                           “Grab & Go”                                                 •(4-2) Angles of Triangles –
                                     worksheets/ activities                                      Day 2 4-2 Practice
Describe usage: See below for        Unit Test                                                   Worksheet
Compare/Contrast, Graphic                                                                        •(4-6) Isosceles Triangles –
Organizers, Cooperative              Additional materials as                                     Day 1 Page 219 – 220 # 9 –
Education, Partnering, Note-         needed (rulers, compass,                                    28, 35 – 37
Taking, Think-Pair-Share.            grid paper, etc)                                            •4-6) Isosceles Triangles –
Check for understanding and                                                                      Day 2 4-6 Practice
summarizing using warm up,                                                                       Worksheet
homework, formative assessment       CONTENT AREA                                                •4-1, 4-2, 4-6 Partner Test
questioning or exit tickets to       READING:                                                    •(4-3) Congruent Triangles –
determine whether to continue                                                                    Day 1 Page 195 # 9 – 20, 22
lesson or do interventions as        Guided Notes                                                – 25, 29 – 32
needed. (model, spiral                                                                           •(4-3) Congruent Triangles –
scaffolding, instruct/ reteach as                                                                Day 2 4-3 Practice
needed)                                                                                          Worksheet
                                                                                                 •(4-4) Proving Congruence –
                                                                                                 SSS, SAS – Day 1 Page 204
Scaffolding used:                                                                                – 205 # 10, 11, 14 – 25
#1. Guided Notes                                                                                 •(4-4) Proving Congruence –
#2 . Build on Prior Knowledge                                                                    SSS, SAS – Day 2 4-4
Others: Graphic Organizers,                                                                      Practice Worksheet
Build Vocabulary, KWL                                                                            •(4-5) Proving Congruence –
                                                                                                 ASA, AAS – Day 1 Page 211
Describe usage: Warm up to                                                                       # 9 – 20, 25 – 28
include spiraling review of prior    •(4-5) Proving Congruence –
knowledge to include upcoming        ASA, AAS – Day 2 4-5
lesson. All notes are guided notes   Practice Worksheet
to build vocabulary, interspersed    •Chapter 4 Review WS
with group activities. Graphic
organizers utilized when
appropriate to compare/contrast
vocabulary. KWL used with
chapter vocabulary at beginning
and end of each chapter.

Other techniques used:

Based on daily assessments
(formative and summative),
additional modeling, instruction,
homework, review, interventions,
group work, computer or teacher
guided practice will be done.

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