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               REGINA SK S4V 0Y7

             Telephone: (306) 791-7360
                Fax: (306) 791-6806

                Mrs. Jamie Neigum

 Regina Roman Catholic Separate School Division #81
On behalf of all staff, students and families, I want to welcome you to our St. Marguerite School
community. This handbook is designed to guide you and your children in your day-to-day involvement
with our school; however if a situation occurs that is not covered, or you have any questions or concerns,
please call or visit your child’s teacher or the school office without hesitation.

St. Marguerite School is a relatively small school, and this affords us the opportunity to get to know our
students well and give them individual attention and support. You can expect your child to be treated at
all times as a child of God.

The students, staff and parents are proud to be involved in Catholic Education. We endeavour to provide
a system of education, which will meet the educational needs of young people at all, levels in an
atmosphere which reflects the love, and warmth of Jesus Christ. This is accomplished only through
cooperation with the home and church.

All children are unique creations and should be provided with the opportunity to develop to their fullest
potential. The staff are dedicated to fulfilling this important task. They are truly committed both in and
out of the classroom – whether it be planning, teaching, monitoring and reporting, communicating with
parents, coaching, supervising or extra-curricular programs.

We wish to continue the spirit of cooperation that has flourished between the school, home and parish.
Working together and being informed provides our children with the best opportunities for success. Your
cooperation and effort in becoming involved in the life of our school is very much encouraged and
appreciated. We thank you for your time and effort in making St. Marguerite Bourgeoys School a better
place for all of us!

Jamie Neigum,

Our Patron Saint
               Marguerite Bourgeoys was born in Troyes, France, April 17, 1620 the sixth of twelve
               children of devout parents. After her mother died, Marguerite at 19 took care of her
               brothers and sisters. Her father, a candle maker, died when she was twenty-seven. A
               few years later, the governor of Montreal, Paul Chomedey de Maisonneuve, was in
               France looking for teachers for the New World. He invited Marguerite to come to
               Montreal to teach school and religion classes in 1653. She accepted the offer.

Marguerite Bourgeoys gave away her share of the inheritance from her parents to other members of the
family. In 1653, she sailed for New France. On arriving, she initiated the construction of the Notre-
Dame-de-Bon-Secours Chapel in honour of Our Lady of Perpetual Help. She opened the first school
established at Ville Marie (Montreal) in 1658. She first worked with rich children, but soon started
working with poor and rich people. She returned to France the next year to recruit more teachers,
convincing four to accompany her. In 1660, she went to France again, and brought back six more
women. Having braved dangerous travel and pioneer conditions, these women became the first Sister
of the congregation of Notre Dame.

Marguerite spent her last few years praying and writing an autobiography. On December 31, 1699, as a
young sister lay dying, Mother Marguerite asked God to take her life in exchange. By the next morning
of January 1, 1700, the sister was completely well. But, Mother Marguerite had a raging fever,
suffered 12 days, and died in Montreal on January 12, 1700.

         Regina Roman Catholic Separate School Division #81
         The Regina Catholic School Division is dedicated to working with the community and the
         local church to provide a quality Catholic education that fosters academic excellence and the
         development of informed, responsible citizens.

              St. Marguerite Bourgeoys School is committed to fostering Catholic values in a
              diverse community through academics, leadership and accountability in a respectful
              and safe environment.

St. Marguerite School Motto
“Believe and Succeed”

These efforts will make St. Marguerite School and warm and inviting place to learn. Living by these
guidelines will ensure that we live according to our Catholic values and become compassionate
witnesses for Jesus Christ.

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                                             A difference by
                                             Goals through
                                             Integrity in a
School Procedures
In order to provide an environment that is conducive to teaching and learning, our school has adopted a
comprehensive list of procedures for our students and staff to follow. As well, each classroom has adopted
their own procedures.

School Hours

Morning                                                Afternoon
9:00 a.m.              Classes Begin                   12:45 p.m.              Classes Resume
10:30 - 10:45          Morning Recess                  2:15 - 2:30             Afternoon Recess
11:45 - 12:45          Lunch Break                     3:30                    Dismissal

Office Hours

During the noon hours and recess periods there is no one in our office and our message manager phone
system is on. Someone will return your call as soon as possible. The school office is open during school
days from:

                            8:15 a.m. – 11:45 a.m. and 12:45p.m. - 4:30 p.m.

We have a message manager phone system so please feel free to phone the school outside of these hours
in case of an emergency or special need. Our phone number is 791-7360.

Playground Supervision
For the safety of our students, staff members are on supervision on the playground during the following
times: 8:45 - 9:00 a.m.         10:30 - 10:45 a.m.
                                12:15 - 12:45 p.m.     2:15 - 2:30 p.m.       3:30 - 3:40 p.m.

Regular attendance is important to a student's progress at school and to his/her personal development.
Tardiness should be kept to a minimum since learning time is lost when children are late and interruptions
disturb the classes that are in session.

Absenteeism & Illness
There are many circumstances where we request your assistance and support in order to care for your
children. We ask for your assistance with the following:

If students will miss school for any length of time, parents or guardians are:
      asked to phone the school before school begins (morning or afternoon) to indicate why the child
        will be missing school. A daily attendance check is made on all students. Parents will be notified
        if their child is absent from school and we have not received a call to inform us of the absence.
        Feel free to leave a message on the manager anytime day or night.
      Students arriving at school late should report to office prior to going to class.
      If students become ill or injured while at school, the school will notify the parent(s) or guardian(s)
        and will take action in accordance with the wishes of the parent or guardian.
      If students must leave school during the day, a child must have parental or guardian permission to
        leave school during school hours. This permission may be presented to the teacher or office either
        by a dated note from the parent, or a parent's phone call.
Nut and Scent Free Zone
At St. Marguerite School we have a number of students with SEVERE LIFE-THREATENING
ALLERGIES to nuts and nut products. Therefore, we do not allow any nuts or nut-contaminated
products at school. Please keep this in mind when packing lunches or sending snacks to school. We
also ask that you try to refrain from wearing scents in the school as we have staff and students who
suffer reactions to them.

School Nurse
The public health nurse visits the school regularly. The general health and well-being of all students is of
prime concern. Programs in school include health education classes, immunization and hearing and vision
screening. Teachers, students and families may utilize the nurse to access health information and
community agencies. The nurse may be contacted by phoning the school or Public Health Services at 766-

Administration of Medication
Some students may be required to take prescribed medication. If a student is able to safely store and self-
medicate, the staff need not become involved. Where a student requires assistance, proper forms must be
completed by the parent/guardian and returned to school. “Parent Authorization for Health Care
Intervention and Prescribed Medication Release” forms are available upon request from the school office.
 These forms can also be viewed on the Regina Catholic Schools website.

Lost & Found
All articles such as clothing, keys, glasses, jewellery and phones found in the school or on the school
grounds should be taken to the lost and found box or school office. Articles not claimed after a
reasonable period will be sent to a charitable organization. Parents are welcome to go through the Lost
and Found containers at any time to locate missing items.

School Books
Students are loaned subject textbooks without charge at the beginning of the school year. These are costly
materials and in some cases are difficult to replace. We teach and encourage our students to exercise
reasonable care when using these books, taking care that they are not lost or abused. A charge may be
levied for damaged or lost books. In the event that a book is found after a charge is paid, full
reimbursement will be made.

Student Agendas
St. Marguerite School issues agendas to all students in an effort to help them learn to manage their time
and plan their days. The agenda is one way of keeping you informed of your child’s school activities.

At St. Marguerite School, we require that students keep their agendas with them throughout the year.
Individual teachers may ask parents to sign or initial the agendas on a daily or weekly basis.

Communication to Home
Families will receive a weekly reminder by email each Friday for the following week’s activities. Also, a
monthly newsletter will be emailed home the last week of each month. It will feature activities and events
from the past weeks and upcoming events. Classroom teachers will send communication home according
to their own needs. The agenda serves as an excellent communication tool between home and school.
Dress and Appearance
In general, students are expected to have an appearance that is reasonable, modest, decent and respectable.
 Clothing which contradicts Christian values and teachings is inappropriate. Students are to dress in
clothing suitable for the weather and the educational program that they are taking. Outdoor clothing is not
to be worn in the classroom. Students should have inside footwear which can be worn in the gym.
(White soles are recommended since they do not leave marks on the floor.) Although some students may
prefer to take off their outside footwear and go in socks or barefoot, that is certainly not advisable for
three reasons:

1)       It is not hygienic.
2)       Students need protection for their feet, both in regular classes and in Phys. Ed.
3)       If an emergency arises, all students will need to evacuate the building immediately.

There will be no time to look for outdoor footwear.

Inclement Weather
During any season the possibility of severe weather arising during school hours is a safety concern. In the
City of Regina, schools are usually kept open and it is the parent's decision as to whether they will send
their child to school through stormy conditions.

Whether or not school continues during severe weather, please advise your children as to all of the
following safety procedures:

        Have an older student in the school that you have asked to walk with your child, either walk them
         to your home or to a place that you have designated for emergencies. Older brothers and sisters
         should be advised to take on this responsibility.
        Instruct your child to go directly home, or to the alternate location, so there is no confusion as to
         their whereabouts and safety.
        If you are picking up your child, or if you are having someone else do so, please contact the school
         office, so we know and can inform your child.

Cold Weather
Students will be kept inside during recesses when the wind-chill factor is 1800 or higher or the
temperature reaches -27.

School Emergency Procedures
If an emergency situation occurs during school hours such as winter-time power failure, waterline break,
or other event that would cause the students and staff to leave the building, the following procedure will
be followed:

If it is not safe to remain in the school, ALL STUDENTS AND STAFF will relocate to W.F. Ready or
Miller High School, depending on the type of emergency. Parents will then be notified of the situation
and will be informed if school is cancelled for the remainder of the day or longer. If necessary,
arrangements will then be made to have the bussed students transported from the emergency safety
location by bus, back to their home or alternate location.
Homework is intended to support the classroom instructional program by:
   developing organizational and study skills
   accommodating individual students' learning needs
   promoting effective time management
   promoting task completion and achievement
   increasing the amount of time students are engaged in learning activities.

Parents are encouraged to provide a suitable homework environment for their child. Children need a quiet
place, quiet time, materials, reference materials and parent/guardian support.

Homework Suggestions
Homework is one way to teach children responsibility. To complete assignments they must learn to
organize, plan and complete tasks on their own.

Average Homework Times
Grades One through Three 10 to 15 minutes per evening. The school may assign activities or parents
     read stories together
     review math facts (1 + 1 = 2, 6 + 3 = 9)
     play a board, memory, card or a matching game
     go for walks together, looking for traffic signs, a specific colour or signs of the season
     have them write letters to their friends or relatives
     talk to them about your day, and then ask them about theirs
     ask them about the best thing that happened to them that day as you tuck them into bed

Grades Four through Six up to 45 minutes per evening. Recommended activities include:
    continuation of activities listed in grades one through three
    reviewing school work
    studying for tests
    silent reading as well as reading together
    preparing reports

Grades Seven through Nine up to 90 minutes per evening. Recommended activities include:
    continuation of activities listed above
    reviewing of one subject per evening
    doing research at the public library or at home
    completion of assignments

Purpose of the Progress-Report Conference:
    The child is the main concern. The child's social and academic development is always kept
      foremost in mind during the conference.
    The teacher explains what the child's academic and social progress has been.
    The teacher and parent discuss the child's strengths and weaknesses to help them both plan the
      child's workload and work habits at school and at home.
    The teacher will have an opportunity to explain the evaluation system.
    The teacher and parents will be able to discuss how they can be consistent in their expectations of
      the child.
    The parents will be able to inform the teacher of any physical disabilities and medical needs of the
      child e.g. allergies, hearing, sight, etc.
Tips for Parents
   1. Designate a daily study time.
   2. Provide proper tools:
            a quiet place such as the kitchen table or their bedroom (some children work well with
               music playing, others do not)
            good lighting, adequate ventilation, a flat surface such as a desk or table, pencils, erasers,
               paper and a clock (require that written work be completed on a flat surface).
   3. Be available, but don't intrude.
   4. Sit and read or complete your own work during study times. Talk about what you have to do and
       how you will accomplish your goals.
   5. Get your children to explain their assignment to you. This will help clarify it in their minds.
   6. Help break the assignment down into manageable tasks when your children are overwhelmed.
   7. Focus on success not failure. Encourage. Don't point out how you could make it better.
   8. Restrict television and limit phone calls during homework periods.
   9. Teach your children to start with the hardest or least liked work.
   10. Encourage a short break if your children are not concentrating. Explain that they will feel
       refreshed and ready to work after a rest.
   11. Avoid doing your children's homework for them.

Ukrainian Instruction
The Regina Catholic Schools offers a Ukrainian Instruction Program to interested elementary students. St.
Marguerite Bourgeoys School students participating in this program are bussed to Miller High School one
afternoon a week.

The program includes three components:
    Religious instruction in the Ukrainian Catholic Rite.
    The Ukrainian language.
    Cultural aspects of the Ukrainian heritage.

Parents interested in enrolling their children (grades 1-8) may register for the current year by contacting
the school office.

The Regina Catholic Schools offer students from grades 6-12 an opportunity to become involved in the
Division's Band Program. Each week during school hours, students receive individual or small group
instrument instruction, with a weekly full band practice.

Students in the band program must provide their own instruments, either through purchase or rental-
purchase plans available through the music dealers in Regina. Some students may play large instruments
owned by the School Division.

Intramural Program
During the winter months, students are offered an intramural program during recesses and after lunch.
The main purposes of this program are as follows:
     to encourage students to participate in various aspects of school life such as athletics and
     to assist students in their personal skills development;
     to utilize the intramural program as one of the vehicles for developing and maintaining school

Students who are bussed are provided an area where they may eat their lunch. If they are allowed to go
elsewhere for lunch, a note must be sent to school to inform us of the students' whereabouts. Students are
not to leave school property when they are finished their lunch. In order to provide a calm atmosphere in
which to eat, students are expected to:
     Remain seated; ask permission to leave the classroom.
     Follow directions of the supervisor, showing respect and co-operation.
     Use an indoor voice.
     Clean up own area. Practice litter less lunch habits and use recycle containers.
     Use "mealtime" manners.
     Go directly outside when dismissed.
     Remain on school property.
                                       "OUTSIDE AREAS"

The school playground should be a safe and happy place to play and socialize. Students must:

      Play safely (no fighting or rough play).
      Be kind and polite, show good sportsmanship (no teasing or bullying).
      Play within boundaries.
      If a student needs help with a problem, talk to a teacher, a peacekeeper or supervisor on duty.
      Line up immediately when the bell rings.
      Respect school property and the environment.

Students who ride bicycles to school shall place their bicycles in the authorized area and lock them. For
the safety of other students, students are not allowed to ride their bicycles on school property. The school
is not responsible for bicycles damaged or stolen while on school property and parents are reminded that
they may be able to claim such loss on their home insurance policy.

Skateboards, Roller Blades, Scooters and Roller Runners
These present safety problems and security problems, and are to be left at home.

                                       "FAITH CONNECTION"

Resurrection Parish
Resurrection Parish helps to fulfil our spiritual needs throughout the year. Communication and
interactions with the students and staff are frequent during the school year. Everyone enjoys our positive
faith connection with our pastoral team.

School Liturgies
St. Marguerite Bourgeoys School and Resurrection Parish work closely in preparing meaningful liturgies
throughout the year for the children. All parents/guardians and family are welcome to attend any and all
liturgies. These may be theme celebrations or the celebration of the Eucharist (Mass).

Sacramental Preparation
Registration for the sacraments begins early in the school year at the church. Check your church bulletin
for information. All sacramental preparation classes are taken through the church in September.
                                   “Responsibility Guide”

Guidelines for Success

Staff, students, parents and parish community of St. Marguerite Bourgeoys School will work
together to help everyone reach their potential. Everyone will be treated with dignity and
respect. Any behavior or action that helps someone grow and mature will be encouraged. Staff,
alone with parents’ support, will keep students focused on our school’s guidelines:
 Act responsibility.
 Try your best.
 Cooperate with others.
 Respect yourself and treat others with dignity and respect.

Our goal is to make St. Marguerite Bourgeoys School a safe and orderly place where new
learning occurs each and every day. Living by these guidelines will ensure that we live
according to our Catholic values.

We recognize that the great majority of our students will strive to meet our expectations for
responsibility and self-discipline. However, no single set of procedures will work to help every
student develop the behavioral skills and attitudes needed to be successful in school. Therefore,
a series of interventions will be implemented to assist those students who make poor choices.

   Interventions by classroom teacher. Call parents/guardians if problem reoccurs.
   Ask for assistance from principal. Note home / call to parent or guardian if problem
   Conference with classroom teacher, student, parent/guardian and principal.

A principal may suspend a pupil for a period not exceeding 10 days where the principal receives
information alleging, and is satisfied, that the pupil has:

   persistently displayed overt opposition to authority;
   refused to conform to the rules of the school;
   been irregular in attendance at school;
   habitually neglected his or her duties;
   wilfully destroy school property;
   used profane or improper language; and
   engaged in any other type of gross misconduct.
   the use of the supervised lunchroom is a privilege and continued inappropriate behavior will
    result in the suspension of this privilege.

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