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									                          Lesson Plan for Second Grade
Week of:    Week 7 (Nov 26-30)              Teacher: ALL
Subject:        Math
Day of the Week: All
Standard(s): 2.G.2 Partition a rectangle into rows and columns of same-size
squares and count to find the total number of them.
EQ-What strategies can I use to count the total number of squares in a rectangle?
Lesson “I can”:
I can separate a rectangle into equal parts.
I can count the total number of rows and columns in a rectangle.
Assessment (formative, benchmark, summative):
    Math Investigations assessment
    Teacher anecdotal notes
    Zoo Trouble assessment
    “Grandma’s Quilts” quilts recording sheet
    Making Rectangles recording sheet
          Essential Vocabulary                            Materials
                  Rows                            Each Orange has 8 Slices
                 Columns                              Remainder of One
                Rectangle                             Georgia Math Site
                Separate                                Math journals
                                                      Recording sheets
                                                     Colored square tiles
                                                         Grid paper

Whole Group       Teaching Strategies (including writing):
Small Group
Partners          Monday: Georgia Math Site- Grandma’s Quilt, part one and two
Independent       Tuesday: Georgia Math Site- Making Rectangles
Stations          Wednesday: Georgia Math Site- Zoo Trouble
                  Thursday: Review Math skills covered during first and second
                  quarters through Math Jeopardy on the Smartboard
                  Friday: FIELD TRIP

                  Math Stations:
                  Guided Math
                  Math Writing: (Students will be given a prompt and asked to
                  write a response).
                  Computers: Study Island
                  Problem Solving/Games: Review sheets, addition fluency
                  practice with flashcards/ word problems

 Guided Math groups
Partner help in stations
Colored tiles available for Zoo Trouble assessment
Read assessment aloud
Reflection of lesson:

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