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									    Choosing A Martial Arts School Isn’t Easy
Why? Because you are bombarded with misleading information on
which martial arts school is best.

From super low prices and high pressure sales - to unqualified
instructors and near worthless teaching methods - how do you ever
find a qualified, competent, professional school?

You’ll start by reading this consumer guide. In this fact filled booklet
you’ll discover how to avoid 4 Martial Arts rip offs, 8 mistakes to avoid
when choosing a martial arts school and the importance of value and

RIP-OFF #1: UNBELIEVABLY LOW PRICE. To some degree, all of us are
attracted by low price because we want to work within a budget. But
some martial arts schools use price as the bait for their lack of
credentials and teaching experience.

METHOD IS BEST”. When they don’t have the experience to back up
there claim. How can you teach MMA if you have never fought or
coached anyone at the highest level. They are not going to be able to
take little Johnny to the next level without having taken someone or
been there themselves.

RIP-OFF #3: OUTDATED BELIEFS. Since the UFC has come along, it is
proven that some martial arts styles just do not work in fighting
situations. Obviously each school will be biased towards their own
methods. And each method does have advantages. So I suggest you
look at what methods are being used in the UFC by trained
place isn’t clean, then the training are is not safe. You also need to look
and make sure they offer the training equipment that you will need to
get the most out of your training. Examples: Thai pads, weights, jump
ropes, quality mat surface, cage or ring and punching bags. How can
you improve by punching the air?

Six costly misconceptions about Martial Arts Schools

MISCONCEPTION #1: You need to be in shape to start training. This is
not true if the school has a beginner program. A beginner program is
designed to get you in shape and teach you the techniques you will
need to get you to the next level of your training.

MISCONCEPTION #2: You need to want to be a professional fighter to
start training. This is not true, most of my students are average people
just looking to get in shape and learn a new skill.

MISCONCEPTION #3. One method of training is as good as the other.
Don't look for a method based on theory. You want to look for a
martial art that has been proven to work. This is how the UFC started,
they pitted all of the martial arts against each other and Brazilian Jiu-
Jitsu came out as the clear winner. In stand up martial arts, you can not
deny how effective Muay Thai is.

MISCONCEPTION #4. Having the right training equipment is all a school
need to train students. A school needs qualified instructors that have
the skills to train a student in the correct way, as well as a curriculum
that caters to all skill levels.
MISCONCEPTION #5: The school that offers the lowest price is the
school that you should join. You need to evaluate price versus the
value that you will receive. Make sure you check out the facility,
instructor credentials and class schedule.

MISCONCEPTION #6: Any honest martial arts school should be able to
give you the exact price over the phone. A good Martial Arts school
should have options based on what they are looking for. This would
make it very hard to give you a price over the phone without first doing
a consultation to see how they can help you out. Students

Which Martial Art is Best For You

At the end of the day, all that matters is that you find the martial art
that is best for you. Make sure you look for a martial art that interests
you and you think would be fun. But you want to make sure that its
also the most effective martial art.

The Most Effective Stand Up Martial Art is Muay Thai.

The Most Effective Ground Martial Art is Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

The Most Well Rounded Martial Art is Mixed Martial Arts.

7 mistakes to avoid when choosing a martial arts school

Mistake #1: Choosing a martial arts school based on equipment alone.
No question your martial arts school needs first rate equipment, but it
also needs highly qualified instruction. Many schools have great
equipment but they don't have the expertise of a highly qualified
instructor. Make sure to ask for their Black Belt certificate and who
gave them their Black Belt rank.
Mistake #2: Choosing a martial arts school based on low price. Lowest
price without good instruction is a recipe for disaster. Qualified
instruction isn’t usually the cheapest option.

Mistake #3: Choosing a school based on a single telephone call.
Instead you want to tour the facility and see all that they have to offer.

Mistake #4: Choosing a school without a Money Back Offer. In my view
every school should be fully accountable for their instruction and if you
don't feel that you improved you shouldn't have to pay for it. Not all
schools offer a guarantee. Make sure to ask the school if they offer a
money back guarantee.

Mistake #5: Choosing a school without getting testimonials from their
students. Any school can say how great they are, but it matters most
what their students think about them and the results that they get from
training their.

Mistake #6: Choosing a Martial Arts school that doesn't have a certified
Black Belt Instructor. With the popularity of martial arts and mma, you
have schools popping up everywhere with unqualified instructors. This
is one of the worst ways to get started in martial arts. Make sure the
school is run by a certified Black Belt.

Mistake #7: Choosing a Martial Arts School that doesn't use the most
up to date cleaning methods. Most schools don’t even know how to
properly clean their mats and training equipment. Make sure they are
at least using the top of the line anti-bacterial and anti-fungal methods.
Most schools are too cheap to buy the really good cleaning products.

The importance of value and price
(Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.)

When you select a martial arts school, you will choose from a wide
variety of options.

If you join the cheapest martial arts school their is no question that you
will get “some” training. But will you get the expert training that you
deserve with a lot of class times to choose from?

On the other hand - If you want to learned from a qualified instructor
who will guide you to your Black Belt and give you years of qualified
instruction - Then you need to make sure you are joining the best
martial arts school. This means that you have to commit to training 2-3
times per week in skilled and qualified program.

Why you want a clean, safe school.

Most martial arts schools are just disgusting! At Travis Lutter Brazilian
Jiu-Jitsu we have our schools cleaned by qualified cleaning company to
provide you the safest and cleanest training environment. We use
state of the are cleaners to keep the mats clean and free from
disgusting germs. We pride ourselves on having a martial arts school
that doesn’t smell and look like a mess.

100% no-risk guarantee

We want you to be super-pleased -- in fact, absolutely delighted with
every class that you attend and with what you are learning. So your
membership comes with our iron-clad, risk-free guarantee. What does
this mean? Simply this: If you are not happy with the level of
instruction of classes we will work to fix your situation. And if you still
aren't pleased, you pay nothing. Not one cent. Most martial arts
schools do not guarantee their programs -- but we feel nothing is more
important than your complete and total satisfaction. We stand behind
our martial arts school and our programs 100%. If you ever have any
questions or concerns about our school or programs, please call us right

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