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Chapter 7 study guide

Multiple Choice
Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.

____    1. Name four line segments that have point E as an endpoint.

             a.                                               c.
             b.                                               d.

____    2. Name four rays that have point E as an endpoint.

             a.                                               c.
             b.                                               d.

             Use the figure.

____    3. Identify a segment skew to        .
           a.                     b.                          c.                  d.

____    4. Identify a segment parallel to        .
           a.                      b.                         c.                  d.

____    5. Identify a segment that intersects        .
           a.                       b.                        c.                  d.

             Classify the angle as acute, right, obtuse, or straight.

____    6.

             a. obtuse angle         b. acute angle           c. straight angle   d. right angle

____    7. Which is a straight angle?
           a.                      b.                         c.                  d.
____    8. The measure of angle A is 70.8.Find the measures of the complement and supplement of angle A.
           a. 19.2; 160.8     b. 19.2; 109.2       c. 160.8; 19.2      d. 109.2; 19.2

____    9. Find the measure of z.

                                            60 º

           a. 40°                                           b. 120   c. 60°                   d. 30°

____ 10. Which angle or angles are supplementary to EOF?
                         B        C

               A                            D


           a. AOB and DOE                                           c. COD and AOF
           b. FOB and COE                                           d. BOC and EOF

____ 11. Find the measure of m.


                                  l                     m


           a. 124                                         b. 28   c. 62                   d. 56

           Classify the triangle by its sides.
____ 12.

                    17                  16


           a. scalene triangle                                        c. equilateral triangle
           b. isosceles triangle                                      d. none of these
____ 13. Triangle LPQ has side lengths of 9, 20, and 15.
         a. isosceles triangle                           c. scalene triangle
         b. scalar triangle                              d. equilateral triangle

           Classify the triangle by its angle measures.

____ 14.                              65º

           A       41º                74º

           a. right triangle                                          c. obtuse triangle
           b. acute triangle                                          d. multiangular triangle

____ 15. Triangle ABC has angles measuring 137, 15, and 28.
         a. right triangle                             c. multiangular triangle
         b. obtuse triangle                            d. acute triangle
____ 16. Find the value of x in the triangle.                        x

                                                53º                           60º

           a. 7                   b. 293                             c. 113                d. 67

____ 17. The measures of two angles of a triangle are 147 and 17. Find the measure of the third angle.
         a. 164              b. 16                   c. 74                d. 130

____ 18.
           Find the values of x, y, and z.
                                                      51 º       60º

                                         38º                 x   y                       z

           a. x = 91; y = 51; z = 31                                 c. x = 60; y = 120; z = 31
           b. x = 89; y = 91; z = 0                                  d. x = 91; y = 89; z = 31

____ 19. A firefighter places a ladder against a building. The ladder forms a 47 with the ground. What is the measure
         of the angle between the ladder and the building?

           a. 34                  b. 43                              c. 33                 d. 133

           Identify the polygon and classify it as regular or irregular.

____ 20.

           a. quadrilateral, regular                                     c. pentagon, irregular
           b. pentagon; regular                                          d. quadrilateral, irregular
____ 21. Name a polygon with 6 sides.
         a. rhombus            b. hexagon                                c. trapezoid            d. octagon
____ 22. The plans for a home renovation include a new window. The home owner picked a window shaped like the
         one shown. Identify the polygon and classify it as regular or irregular.

           a. regular decagon                                            c. irregular octagon
           b. regular octagon                                            d. irregular decagon

           Classify the quadrilateral.

____ 23.

           a. square                b. parallelogram                     c. rhombus              d. trapezoid

            Use the circle.                              R       O


____ 25. Name all the central angles.
         a. URO, RUO, UTO, TUO                                           c. ROU, UOT, ROT
         b. RUT, UTS, TSR, SRU                                           d. ROU, UOT

____ 26. Name all the radii.
         a.                                                                  c.
         b.                                                                  d.

____ 27. Name all the diameters.
         a.                                                                  c.
         b.                                                                  d.

____ 28. Name all the chords.
         a.                                                                  c.
         b.                                                                  d.

____ 29. For circle O, name all the arcs shorter than a semicircle.



            a.       DBA, DB, DC, AC, AB
            b.       BDC, DB, DC, AC, AB, BAC
            c.       DBA, DB, DAC, AC, AB
            d.       DB, DC, AC, AB
____ 30. The circle graph represents a family’s monthly budget. If the total monthly budget is $5,000, how much is
         spent on items other than food and housing?


            a. $1,000                                b. $1,500               c. $3,500       d. $2,500
____ 31. The number of hours required in each subject of a college preparatory core curriculum is represented by the
         circle graph. What percent of these hours is in Art and Math combined?

            a. 117%                                  b. 243%                 c. 67.5%        d. 32.5%
____ 32. Grade 7 students were surveyed to determine how many hours a day they spent, on average, doing various
         activities. The results are shown in the circle graph. About how much time do seventh-graders spend at school
         and eating combined? Round answers to the nearest tenth, if necessary.

            a. 1.9 h               b. 7.9 h                c. 33 h                d. 6 h
____ 33. Students at the Edwards School conducted a survey to find out students’ birth places.

            There are 400 students in the school. Find how many students were
            a. born in city.
            b. born out of state.
            c. born in state, but not in city.
            a. a. 80 students                              c. a. 80 students
                b. 60 students                                b. 260 students
                c. 260 students                               c. 60 students
            b. a. 260 students                             d. a. 60 students
                b. 60 students                                b. 80 students
                c. 80 students                                c. 260 students

            Listed in the table is the percent of sixth grade students who chose each kind of juice at lunch time.

             Grape Juice             15%
             Orange Juice            30%
             Fruit Punch             25%
             Apple Juice             30%

____ 34. Use the table above. Find the measure of the central angle you would draw to represent apple juice in a circle
         a. 90                 b. 54                 c. 108               d. 30

____ 35. Use the information in the table below to make a circle graph.

             Grape Juice             15%
             Orange Juice            30%
             Fruit Punch             15%
             Apple Juice             40%

            a.                                             c.
           b.                                             d.

____ 36. Theo made this table to show the number of middle school students who attended the last football game. If
         this data were displayed in a circle graph, what percent of the graph would show the number of seventh
         graders who attended the game? Round your answer to the nearest whole number, if necessary.

                Grade             Number of Students
                                   Attending Game
                   6                     184
                   7                     225
                   8                     147

           a. 40%                       b. 33%            c. 26%                 d. 68%
____ 37. Find the measure of the central angle that you would draw to represent 15% in a circle graph. Round to the
         nearest degree.
         a. 54                   b. 24                   c. 27                   d. 15

____ 38. Find the missing measures in the graph.

           a. Superior: 23.6%                             c. Superior: 33.6%
              Michigan: 33.6%                                Michigan: 23.6%
           b. Superior: 43.6%                             d. Superior: 30%
              Michigan: 13.6%                                Michigan: 25%

____ 39. Find the measure of s.

                   Not drawn to scale

           a. 62                        b. 152            c. 67                  d. 147

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