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 6                                  Executive Committee Meeting Minutes
 7                                            September 2, 2003
10   Call to Order
11   Board President Dr. Freeman Rosenblum called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m.
13   Board Members present:                                  Board Staff present:
14   Freeman Rosenblum, D.D.S., President                    Marshall Shragg, Executive Director.
15   Marguerite Rheinberger, Vice President                  Julie Ann Stoterau, Administrative Assistant
16   Linda Boyum, R.D.A., Secretary
19   Others in Attendance (per sign in sheet): Teri Morin, MDAA, Natalie Kaweckyj, MDAA; Rose Stokke,
20   MDHA.
22   Review and Approval of Minutes
23   Minutes from the May 27, 2003, Executive Committee meeting were reviewed and approved with the following
24   changes:
25   Page 1, line 39, remove ‘the’ before Dentists and change Concern to ‘Concerned.’
26   Page 1, line 46, add ‘to’ in between individual and find.
27   Page 3, line 8, change Anticipate to ‘Anticipated’ and change spend to ‘spent.’
29   Minutes from the August 1, 2003, Emergency Executive Committee meeting were reviewed and approved with the
30   following changes:
31   Page 1, line 17, add ‘R.D.A., Secretary.’
33   MOTION: Ms. Rheinberger                                 SECOND: Ms. Boyum
35   RESOLVED, that the Board accepts the May 27, 2003 and August 1, 2003, meeting minutes with
36   changes.
38   VOTE: For: Unanimous                            RESULT: Motion carried.
40   Association Reports
42   MDHA
43   Rose Stokke provided information about a tentative Tele-Dentistry seminar sponsored by the American Dental
44   Hygienist Association for November 7th and 8th.
46   GL Suite
47   Marshall Shragg, Executive Director for the Board of Dentistry, reported the preliminaries should be done this
48   week and the technicians anticipate it to be completed for online renewals this fall. Everything appears to be on
49   schedule. Three boards will be using the program. Discussion ensued regarding the extent of the specific
50   capabilities of the new GL Suite program. The board staff had some concerns but after a conference call today they
51   feel more confident.
     Page 2

 2   Office Space Plan Discussion
 3   Marshall Shragg, Executive Director, had a discussion with the architect and building superintendent regarding
 4   different space that would better serve our needs. Discussion ensued regarding setup, floor plan, and the role of
 5   BMP financing the move.
 8       Ms. Rheinberger moved that we get our preferred space in the front of the building or not move.
10       MOTION: Ms. Rhienberger                      SECOND: Ms. Boyum
12       VOTE: For: Unanimous                         RESULT: Passed.
14   Fall Meeting Status Report
16   Licensure Summit
17   The Dental Assistants Association is going to make a presentation on behalf of the licensure bill and the Board is
18   assuming that the Minnesota Dental Association will make a presentation against the concept of licensure for dental
19   assistants. The Board would like the MDA to make the first presentation, the DAA to make the second presentation
20   and then allow discussion to determine consensus. Following the meeting the Board of Dentistry would make a
21   presentation to the legislature regarding the results of the summit. The legislature will receive a written report
22   regarding different associations’ and organizations’ opinions regarding licensure of Dental Assistants and a
23   recommendation from the Board. Pre-summit meeting will be on Friday, October 3, 2003, 9:00 a.m.
25   Legislative Meeting
26   Marshall Shragg, Executive Director for the Board of Dentistry, will send out a survey to determine availability and
27   preferences for a meeting with the legislature, probably in the morning.
29   Budget
30   None - Juli has been out on maternity leave. The Executive Committee discussed the budgeting and restrictions
31   that will be in place after switching to a biennium budget. Legislature authorizes the Board’s expenditures and the
32   Board is obligated through Statutes to set fees so they approximate what the expenditure needs will be. Should
33   there be unexpected or unanticipated expenses during the course of the biennium then the Board would need to go
34   to the legislative committee and ask them for authorization for additional spending. The Executive Director and
35   Board staff has been working on different ways to set up renewals to help with the transition to the biennium.
37   Top Dentist
38   Marshall Shragg brought forward some issues regarding solicitation and advertising in publications such as Top
39   Dentist and Best Dentists in America. No response has been received from Rosellen from the Attorney General’s
40   Office regarding the Executive Director’s drafted response. Using that publication’s title in personal advertising
41   would be considered fraudulent and therefore the Executive Director proposed that the Board Staff could draft a
42   request for the dentist to cease advertising that way.
44   Other
45           Council Health Boards meets on September 3.
46           Draft agenda for September 19th meeting to see if anything needs to be added or changed.
47           MDA set up a meeting on September 3, 2003, at 6:00 to look at alternatives to clinical exams.
48           Margo’s cable show – wanted to do something for the Board of Dentistry so Ron King, Joyce, &
49            Judy came for a panel session. It is running in St. Croix valley now. Since there are around 258
50            plus cable stations in the state, the Executive Committee discussed the pros and cons of supporting
51            this project. Julie will research into the local community programming cable stations interested in
     Page 3

 1            promoting this program. An open preview of the show will occur over lunch. Lunch will be
 2            provided by the Board for the Board members and staff only.
 3           Allied Education Committee was recently contacted by the University of Minnesota and they have
 4            been trying to get together a train the trainer session for Restorative Functions. The University of
 5            Minnesota would like to come before the Board on the 19th and present some proposed changes
 6            for patient requirements. Would like some time allocated for the presentation. Discussion
 7            regarding the details of patient requirements and costs associated with trainings ensued.
 8           Reviewing the Agenda for the Public Board Meeting – the MDA has another meeting already set
 9            up for the 19th. There have been some concerns because a particular dental assisting school is
10            scoring low on both the jurisprudence and registration tests. Is there anything the Board could do
11            that would be more pro-active? This issue needs to be addressed; who has accountability? It was
12            decided to discuss this issue more in the closed session. Discussed status on jurisprudence exam
13            and changing it to match new rules and laws. Discussion regarding the 2003 expenditures for
14            travel for the San Francisco conference in October. This topic will be discussed further during
15            closed session.
17   MOTION to recess to Closed Executive Session at 8:25: Ms. Boyum
19   SECOND:         Ms. Rheinberger
21   The closed Executive Committee session addressed staff performance issues, and then adjourned.
25                            Minutes Approved by the Minnesota Board of Dentistry
26                                      This 21st Day of November, 2003
28                                  ______________________________________
29                                    Freeman Rosenblum, D.D.S., President

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