Statement on the 66th Anniversary of the Union Day of Burma

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					         "Statement on the 66th Anniversary of the Union Day of Burma"


We strongly condemn the military offensive by U Thein Sein’s government on the
KIO/KIA which has displaced thousands of refugees in the Kachin State and
hinder the peace process and the national reconciliation.

(2) The Panlong agreement signed by Bogyoke Aung San and ethnic leaders of
Burma in 1947 was aimed to achieve independence and to build a genuine federal
union which guarantees equal rights and self determination for all ethnic
nationalities. We believe that only the implementation of the Panlong spirit can
bring about national reconciliation and genuine federal union state.

(3) U TheinSein government’s intention to force ethnic groups to accept the 2008
constitution by terrorizing them with military force will not lead to a peace process
which has been mutually agreed upon. Even if the KIO’s headquarter Laiza is
seized by the Burmese military, they will not be able to achieve peace in Kachin

(4) KIO’s insistence on a peace process by political means is reasonable and
appropriate considering their experiences with the previous military government
during their long cease-fire agreement of 17 years.

(5) Burmese military offensives in Kachin state have revealed the true picture of
destroying national unity, peace and political stability by its own government.
That’s only shows their intention of using the violence of military conquest
persistently to wipe out the Kachin revolution forever.

(6) U Thein Sein’s government and Burmese army should stop their cunning tactic
of ceasefire offer and current ceasefire as it is a trap and a kind of manipulation to
coordinate with development tasks rather than to engage in political settlement.

(7) We urge U Thein Sein’s government to stop all military offensives on KIO and
to allow access to more than 100,000 displaced victims of wars in Kachin state for
distribution of international aids.
(8) We urge international communities and governments to review the lifting of
sanctions on Burma if U Thein Sein’s government does not abide by their promise
to solve the internal conflicts peacefully.

(9) In conclusion, one-sided process of U Thein Sein’s government cannot bring
about peace in Burma. We believe that only the Peace Proposal by the United
Nationalities Federal Council (UNFC) can bring about the true national
reconciliation, peace and genuine Federal Union State.

                                   Executive Committee JACDB, Australia

Media contact: U Maung Maung Aye (61 415883126)

JACDB includes AKO, ABSDF-Australia, NLD-LA (Australia), Mon National
Council, some MPs from MPU and individuals.